Air Fryer Sets off Smoke Alarm? Possible Reasons & Solutions

It might be annoying when the smoke detector continues going off while using an air fryer. Some people have experienced this, which can force them to think about what’s happening. When an air fryer is operating, it won’t emit smoke. You might question then why the air fryer sets off smoke alarm.

The most common reason for an air fryer to trigger a smoke detector is that the smoke alarm isn’t working properly. It is because the battery is low. You must change the battery or smoke detectors to resolve the problem. The majority of older smoke alarms have this problem.

Here’s an explanation of how to prevent your home’s smoke detector from activating by an air fryer.

Air Fryer Sets off Smoke Alarm Possible Reasons & Solutions

Do air fryers smoke?

It is a common question to ask, do air fryers smoke? Although air fryers can smoke, but if they are operated properly, they shouldn’t smoke. Too much extra oil or fat can be splashing onto the heat source if your air fryer starts to smoke.

That is the reason, you must not overload your air fryer with a lot of foodstuffs. It will decrease the chances of an air fryer’s smoke alarm. Also, it will allow your air fryer to work properly and accurately without any issues.

Also, if your air fryer is smoking, there could be chances of a connection problem that you must resolve before starting the air fryer.

Why is my Air Fryer smoking?

Why is my Air Fryer smoking

Your air fryer shouldn’t set off the smoke detector while working accurately. Also, when an air fryer is being used properly it shouldn’t produce sufficient smoke to set off the detector. It might be problematic when your air fryer sets off the smoke alarm.

If the smoke detector triggers, there is usually too much butter, oil, or food debris in the air fryer that would be striking the heat source. Oil or other materials can ignite if they are left sitting on the heat source. As a result, some smoke from the air fryer can be released which will activate your smoke alarm.

More foodstuff can contact the heat source and scorch or smoke if there is too much foodstuff in the basket of air fryers or on the pans. This is the reason; you must avoid overfilling your air fryer with food items. 

Additionally, your smoke alarm can be more apt to malfunction if it is placed too near your air fryer. That’s why you must place it at some distance from the air fryer.

How can I prevent my air fryer from Smoking?

How can I prevent my air fryer from Smoking

After going through the major causes of your air fryer smoking, let’s move on to what you could do to stop it from smoking.

1. Use the Right Types of Oils

You must be aware that different oils have different impacts on air fryers. Also, different oils have different smoking points. Some oils have the lowest smoke point as compared to others.

You must pick oils with a greater smoking point. It is because air fryers make meals at an elevated temp. These include hemp seed oil, tahini, avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil. All these oils have different and high smoking levels that will work best for your air fryer and air-fried meals.

2. Keep Your Air Fryer Clean

You must use precautions and accuracy when using and maintaining an air fryer. You must be careful just as you do when calculating or translating milliliters to quarts. It indicates that it requires additional care and attention.

Your air fryer can begin to smoke if there is any oil or foodstuff debris on the heat source. It is crucial to clean your air fryer after each usage to avoid the buildup of this material. This will allow your air fryer to work properly without any blunders.

You must be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your item. In this way, you can preserve your machine for a long.

3. Add a Little Water or Bread to the Base of the Air Fryer

Bread can collect oil and fat while also preventing it from splashing. On the other hand, a small amount of water in the base can also assist in the capture of oil and prevent it from spilling into the heat source. You must think about utilizing one of these methods, particularly if you are preparing something greasy or oily.

This will allow your air fryer to avoid smoke or burning the foodstuff. It is among the good options to prevent smoking in the air fryer.

4. Don’t Overfill the Basket

It is crucial to leave an adequate area around the things you are preparing in your air fryer. The air needs to circulate around the food items in the air fryer. When you will leave enough space, it will help the air to move evenly.

Your meal won’t cook evenly if you stack too much stuff into the baskets and do not leave enough room between items. Also, meals could burn and begin to smoke. That is the reason, you must avoid overfilling your air fryer with food items.

5. Cook Foods for the Appropriate Amount of Time

Food can burn in an air fryer if you keep it inside for too long. It is because air fryers make meals rapidly. You must remember that you will have to modify the cooking timings for dishes that are typically baked in the microwave. It is because they will probably cook quickly in the air fryer.

So, you must keep changing the timing of the air fryer according to the consistency and type of food that you will have to cook in the air fryer. This will prevent smoking and burning your meal. 

6. Choose an Appropriate Location for Your Air Fryer

You should not put an air fryer straight up against a wall or directly under a cupboard. These are not the right positions to place an air fryer. The appliance should have space on all the sides. It will enable ventilation and prevent malfunctions.

Additionally, you must ensure that you keep your air fryer away from your smoke detector. In this way, a small amount of smoke won’t trigger a smoking alert.

Using an air fryer can assist you in preparing healthy food, but if it is burning, you would feel reluctant or uneasy while using it.

You can maintain to get the health advantages of using the air fryer by following the above instructions. It will help to prevent it from burning without having to cope with the discomfort of a smoking appliance.

Can an Air Fryer Set off the Smoke Alarm?

To have concerns regarding your air fryer is entirely natural. If you are using an air fryer, you can experience different issues. Can an air fryer trigger the smoke detector? Also, you can ask why an air fryer sets off the smoke detector.

Everyone has known about the advantages to use an air fryer for your health. So, if your smoke alarm is going off because of your air fryer, you could regret your choice. Right? Even it is possible for an air fryer to activate a smoke detector. But if you are operating it properly, it shouldn’t be doing so.

There can be a risk that your air fryer will trigger the smoke detector while you are preparing your meal. Alarm can rise if you make some of the more typical air fryer errors.

Do you have concerns about your air fryer activating the smoke alarm? Let’s discuss them in detail.

How to stop the Air Fryer from Setting Off the Smoke Alarm?

How to stop the Air Fryer from Setting Off the Smoke Alarm

You can stop your air fryer’s setting off the smoke alarm by following the steps given below;

Change the Alarm’s Batteries

If your air fryer is setting off the smoke alarm, you must determine the source of the alarm’s activation. It is commonly considered that the air fryer is burning. This indicates that it is the reason for the air fryer’s smoke alarm. But it is not the actual case.

Yes, the alarm is triggered off by the air fryer, but the smoke alarm’s condition and cell life are the reasons for this issue. A smoke alarm gets more sensitive to environmental conditions as it gets older.

For this, you will have to connect the air fryer to the electrical outlet and let it produce a small amount of smoke. This will help the smoke alarm work accurately as before. You will need to repair the smoke alarm’s full unit or swap out the battery to resolve this problem. In this way, there will be fewer chances of the air fryer’s annoying smoking alarm.

Relocate the Air Fryer

You must recognize how the air fryer is affecting the smoke detector; if it goes off after utilizing the air fryer, you can fix this issue by changing the place of the air fryer.

 Although this isn’t a long-term fix, you can use it while you are replacing the smoking alarm’s cell. Relocating the air fryer’s current location within the home is the main objective here. It won’t cause the smoke alarm to sound if you place it aside from it.

You must remember that this is only a temporary fix. You do not have to depend on it. Thus, you should still replace the smoke alarm’s power supply right away to fix this issue permanently.

Use a Surge Protector

There is always the danger of overloading the power connection when you attach the air fryer. This overload can heat up the wires and can cause smoke leading to a fire. The smoke detector might also go off as a result of this. Even if it doesn’t occur commonly, it is something to be aware of.

Your purpose is to employ a circuit breaker to ensure that the air fryer operates properly without endangering the connection. By doing this, you also ensure that the air fryer won’t set off the smoke detector.

If you would like everything to go as intended, it is crucial to consider this. In this way, you will decrease the chances of the air fryer’s smoking alarm being activated.

Sort out the Electrical Faults

If you notice bluish smoke pouring out of the Air fryer, it signifies there is a technical problem with the air fryer. An air fryer is a mechanical system that is powered by electricity. Air fryers that are old and of poor quality significantly increase the chances of this issue.

With use, a defective air fryer heats up. Smoke coming from the air fryer is a common symptom of overheating.

Modern air fryers can endure a long time, but the older models are more apt to break down and emit smoke. Don’t replace any internal parts and simply turn the air fryer off. For maintenance, it is preferable to get in touch with customer support.

Instead of spending money on maintenance for an old air fryer, you should think about changing it to a new one. You would also receive a manufacturer’s warranty with the new air fryers.

Why is my Ninja Air Fryer Smoking?

Why is my Ninja Air Fryer Smoking

Your Ninja air fryer can be emitting smoke for several reasons. It can include extra lubricant from fatty food, food fragments, or remnants in the air fryer. When additional oil splatters on the air fryer’s parts, particularly the heat source, it contributes to appliance smoking.

You cannot prepare meals with excessive fat or prepare them in bunches. It is because your air fryer emits smoke whenever you are preparing unhealthy like fatty food or doing so in groups. So, that is the major reason, you must avoid using excessive oil to let your air fryer work smoothly without smoking and burning.

Why is there steam coming out of my air fryer?

Although an air fryer cannot be used as a steamer, you can see steam escaping from your air fryer. You shouldn’t be concerned if an air fryer is releasing steam because this is not a major issue. The drying water inside the air fryer produces steam. Because of the high temperatures, steaming from the air fryer is kinda normal.

Extra moisture can convert to steam as the dish you are preparing heats up. Ventilation systems that are built inside air fryers enable this vapor to leave the air fryer securely and safely.

Some people mistakenly consider the white smoke to be steam. White smoke will smell like smoke. On the other hand, steam would smell similar to the things you are preparing.

Your air fryer is smoking because the foodstuff is frying inside, if white smoke, not steam, is flowing out of it. Using an oil with a high emission point or not leaving the sufficient area between your items in the pan are two possibilities for this issue. You can avoid this issue by preventing excessive oil and leaving enough space in the air fryer.


This article is completely about the air fryers’ smoking alarms. When the battery starts losing power, the alarm becomes much more sensitive to any change, and this issue occurs.

Many people are shocked when an air fryer sets off the smoke alarm. There is no need to fear as you can simply replace the smoke alarm’s battery. In this way, you can take care of the issue.

So, what you are going to do with your air fryer’s smoke alarm?


The excellent thing is that air fryers don’t emit carbon monoxide. As air fryers are electric devices, they do not emit carbon monoxide. It could be a mistake if your carbon monoxide alarm goes off when you are operating your air fryer. 

You should assess the connection, see if it’s on or off, the thermostat, and other small things if your air fryer isn’t working properly or the heat source stops operating. You must talk with the producer if the problem continues.

Once you know how to do it, maintaining the air fryer is simple. Also, it gets much simpler when you maintain it regularly or after frying. You must ensure they aren’t in a location where kids could easily access them.

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