Can an Air Fryer Explode or Catch Fire? Prevention Tips!

Besides the efficiency and reliability of air fryers, you cannot ignore the possible safety hazards that they can bring. But if you will have a complete understanding of any machine, it will make it easy to use the machine safely without any risk.

Many people are concerned about the kitchen appliances such as air fryers. They commonly ask can an air fryer explode or catch fire. No, they are risk-free and secure to use in the kitchen. And if you are using your air fryer safely according to the instructions, it won’t explode or catch fire.

Also, there are some other factors that you will have to consider about air fryers. Let’s discuss them.

Can an Air Fryer Explode or Catch Fire

Can Air Fryers Catch Fire?

An air fryer is a machine that cooks’ food by blowing hot air around it. Due to their advantages in terms of health and convenience of usage, while frying food, air fryers are gaining popularity. They are completely safe and secure to use, but there can be some dangers if you will not use them properly and accurately.

Overloaded air fryers are one of the major dangers to Teflon surfaces. The second danger occurs when you add too much oil to your air fryer. Due to both these reasons, an air fryer can burst into flames or can explode.

One thing to keep in mind is that when air fryers are overfilled, there occur more chances of exploding. Besides that, you should always disconnect a machine such as an air fryer, while not using it. It will be helpful to prepare for storage. Also, this will aid in preventing any dangerous blasts or air fryers from blowing up.

Why is it Necessary to Clean Your Air Fryer?

Additionally, you must remember to regularly cleanse your air fryer. A lot of problems can arise if you don’t clean your air fryer after using it. This will make your food unhealthy as well as ruin the taste of your favorite meal.

Furthermore, before utilizing your air fryer, you must be cautious to clearly understand the power usage that an air fryer needs. It is because if you will use excessive power for your air fryer it will damage the quality of your food and arise some risks. If you take care of it, this will prevent a lot of problems to occur.

What are the Air Fryer Fire Hazards?

What are the Air Fryer Fire Hazards

Below I am going to describe some possible risks and fire hazards that an air fryer can arise:

1: Risk of Electrical Failure

When you will use damaged plug sockets or out-of-date machines, there will arise more risks of power problems. The machine’s wires, sockets, or even the valves that charge the appliances can occur problems that lead to burns and blasts.

The cable of the majority of air fryers does not include a surface connector. This is problematic as there is a higher possibility of an explosive fire occurring. It can occur with a two-prong electronic circuit to a socket.

If you have detected any problems with a damaged cable that could release flames and lighting, it is preferable to avoid using your air fryer.

What are the Signs of an Electrical Failure?

  • You can notice an electrical malfunction in the early stage of the air fryer usage. This could happen due to the plastic and metal objects with new air fryers. Due to this, you could feel some bad odors.
  • Also, while using an air fryer, you can detect continuous circuit breaking. This can be problematic as well.
  • It is essential to keep an eye on any form of deterioration in the buttons and outlets where your air fryer is powered.

2: Overheating Can Cause Fire

Overheating Can Cause Fire

When there is an unexpected defect in the wiring or the product’s construction, overheating can happen. Usually, heat is produced by every electronic machine while operating and it is called electrical heat.

Overheating occurs due to every product’s inefficient conductive parts. This implies that a part of the current that is used to power the air fryer can accidentally convert to heating. Due to this, the air fryer heats up and starts increasing heat over time.

Overheating occurs in the air fryer’s electrical chipping element which is the air fryer’s main part. Here, the producers arranged a series of actions. In this way, you only need to click one button to turn off the air fryer.

In almost every electrical gadget, there is a microchip. It aids in controlling how much electricity is required to operate an air fryer.

If you are searching for what kinds of indications you should check out to avoid electrical overheating, below are some:

What are the Indications of the Air Fryer’s Overheating?

You can observe smoke coming out from the air fryer or the cable. This is an indication of overheating.

  • If the cables are worn or twisted, they will cause overheating of an air fryer.
  • In the socket, you can see some corrosion and discoloration that can be dangerous.
  • You should not use an air fryer that is hot or warmer to the contact than normal. This can arise the risk of overheating and fire.

3: Improper Maintenance

Improper maintenance is among the major reasons for air fryer explosions or fire risks. There can also be some manufacturer defects that can cause an air fryer explosion. Thus, some people claim that air fryers can catch fire due to improper cleaning.

There is a closed container in an air fryer where the heat source and fan are located. They are helpful to provide heat to the food and cook it evenly. When you will cook food, there will be food particles left behind in the air fryer.

They will convert into grease and the air fryer begins to accumulate this material. The grease or oil then starts to pose a fire danger. Fire and explosion can occur due to this reason.

When you will cook a meal on burnt or leftover food particles, they will change the taste of your food. Also, it will become dangerous for the user and machine.

So, if you will not consider this issue, it will make your air fryer dangerous and arise the risk of fire and explosion. In the end, you will see the air fryer catching-on fire.

How to Prevent the Risk?

To avoid this issue, you must clean the container of the air fryer where food is placed. You must pull out the container and clean it accurately. To clean the air fryer, you can also read out the user manual as well as our article where you will get detailed information about air fryer cleaning.

What To Do if Air Fryer Catches Fire?

What To Do if Air Fryer Catches Fire

It is necessary to ensure the safety of a costly machine and your home from unexpected explosions. If you will not take care of your air fryer and use it roughly, it will arise some risks and dangers.

Here are some actions you should take if you notice that your air fryer is producing excessive smoke and your food is burning. You must follow the instructions carefully to avoid any type of risk:

1. Clean your Air Fryer after using it

It is essential to clean your air fryer because the filth and debris that will collect on your air fryer’s basket will cause risks. Thus, you cannot neglect the cleaning process of your air fryer due to this reason.

If you use your air fryer once a week, you must clean it after one month. But if you use your air fryer daily, you will have to clean it twice a week. For cleaning, you must follow the instructions given by the user guide.

Besides cleaning, you must consider the type of food you are preparing in the air fryer. High-fat meals will eventually cause this material to accumulate in your air fryer more quickly.

What You Should Not Put in an Air Fryer?

The list of items you shouldn’t place in your air fryer is provided below.

  • You must avoid filling your air fryer with too much liquid.
  • Don’t fill your fryer with a lot of oil or butter. You can add just a little quantity of oil if necessary. It is because this is not a deep fryer that requires a lot of oil.
  • You should prevent using too many spices as they can brown more quickly than the meal. Once you have done cooking, you can add a little more seasoning.
  • Watery or liquid dishes shouldn’t be cooked in an air fryer.

2. Unplug your air fryer after using it

Sometimes air fryers cause fire risks and explosions due to the continuous power supply. When you have cooked your meal in the air fryer, you must switch it off. Otherwise, it will arise many dangers and risks. To prevent all types of risks, it is preferable to check the power source and unplug your air fryer.

Before leaving home, you must double-check the air fryer’s switch.

Power off all the supplies if you are not using your machine.

Store your air fryer in a clean and dry place after letting it cool.

3. Consider Voltage Requirements

Consider Voltage Requirements

It is highly preferable to find out how much power your air fryer needs. The power level will change according to the type of machine and electrical device. So, you must check it according to the type and size of your machine.

Modern electronic devices and machines feature a component known as a control board. It regulates the electricity or power input in a power connection. You can use your appliance carefully as it will control how much current flows through it.

In other circumstances, a defective regulator might harm your machine. If it will produce more heat than required, it will cause fire and explosion.

You must keep in mind you are aware of the warning signs of key hazards while using an air fryer. It will help you prevent any type of risk and danger.

4. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

As you know every air fryer has designed with a user guide that will help to operate an air fryer accurately. So, you must read out the user guide before starting to operate it to cook food.

The user guide will have complete instructions about power usage, temperature setting for various meals, methods of preventing smoke and fire, and other risks. fire and other risks. In this way, it will help you prevent all types of dangers including fire and explosions.

5. Prevent Overloading Air Fryer Basket

It is highly recommended to avoid overfilling your air fryer with foodstuff. Before starting cooking a meal in the air fryer, you must consider the cooking space of the air fryer. It will let you know how much food you can cook in the air fryer.

If you will overload your air fryer, it can cause different types of risks. So, it is good to determine the storage capacity of an air fryer before putting the meal on it.

Is It Safe to Leave an Air Fryer Unattended?

Is It Safe to Leave an Air Fryer Unattended?

No, you cannot leave your air fryer alone particularly while preparing food at high temperatures. It is not preferable to keep an air fryer alone for more than 30 minutes.

If you keep an air fryer alone, it can burst into flames, burn your meal, and release odd burning odors. You must ensure that the air fryer is operating at a medium temp and that nothing explosive is placed near it if you want to go away from the air fryer.

Although efficient and secure, air fryers still require your attention. If there are hot items near the air fryer, it can cause fires or harm nearby items. It is because they become hot while frying food.

You must adjust the thermostat to a low setting and remove any wires or electronic parts from near the air fryer. It will be helpful to avoid any serious hazards. Also, you must provide it some ventilation that will be a smart idea to avoid any types of fire dangers.

In this way, you can prevent your air fryer from fire and explosions by following safety precautions and making your home and kitchen safe.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If you will not use your air fryer carefully, there are chances of catching fire or exploding. While cooking any food, you must stay near your machine to monitor food.

As every air fryer has a complete user guide, you can follow the instructions given in the user manual. The risk of fire and exploding your air fryer will minimize if you use your air fryer according to instructions.

You must prevent utilizing an excessive amount of water in an air fryer. Additionally, you need to prevent frying in a large amount of oil. Also, a lot of spices should not be added to your dish until it has been taken out.


When going to purchase any machine from the market, safety will be your priority to consider. When it is about air fryers, you might ask can an air fryer explode? So, in this article, I have provided all the details about air fryers and their safety hazards.

If used properly, air fryers are trustworthy and safe household machines that don’t explode or catch fire. The risks of your air fryer bursting or causing fires will become minimal if you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What are your opinions about it? Let me know that in the feedback!

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