Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning – Things to Check

When you blend something in your ninja blender you feel a bad smell like burning. But are you sure that your blender smells like burning or is it some other smell? Your blender might smell bad because it is not cleaned properly.

Before you go through the articles must decide whether the blender smells burning or just bad due to uncleaned blades, jug, and other parts of the blender.

If a burning smell is a conclusion now you must be thinking why does your Ninja blender smell like burning? How can you get rid of it? In Short: There are many reasons for the burning smell of blender.

One of these reasons is the malfunctioning of the blender motor and other parts of the blender. Sometimes due to the overworked motor of the blender burn-out and smells like burning.

Some other reasons may cause this burning smell that we are going to discuss in this article. So, without any further ado let’s jump straight into the details.

Why Does Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning?

Why Does Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning

Like many others, you are also worried about the burning smell of your blender. Your blender smell like burning due to certain reasons. Here we are going to discuss these reasons and the solution to fix the problem that causes a burning smell.

1. Excessive Use of Hard Materials for Blending

When you use a blender to blend hard materials like ice and nuts often it causes a burning smell from the blender. While blending hard materials your blender blades and motor effects the most. This leads the blender to smell burning.

Most of the time this problem is faced by people who frequently use blenders to make smoothies. These people use the blender almost daily. Due to excessive use, the blender blades or motor effect badly and start smelling.

2. Worn-out Carbon Brushes and Damaged Motor

A damaged motor can be a reason if your blender smell burning. Too much use of a blender can damage the carbon brushes inside the motor and the motor can smell burning. When you continuously blend the hard material like ice it exerts pressure on the motor and increases the stress.

An increase in stress on the motor leads to warming and damage to the motor. Due to this damaged motor when you try to blend something you feel a burning smell.

3. Damaged Blades:

Other than a damaged motor, damaged blades may be a reason why your blender smell burning. Due to overload on the blades of the blender and extensive use of blender blades, these can be cracked or broken. These broken blades can cause the blender to smell burning. With the broken blades sometimes the O ring gasket of the blender break and all liquid goes to the base of the blender. Liquid into the base damages the interior of the base and leads the blender to smell bad.

4. Damaged Couplers can Cause Burning

Any damaged part of an electric device can cause a burning smell. Likewise, when any part of the blender is damaged it may smell like burning. Couplers can also be damaged by the high pressure of the material and cause problems just like blender blades and motors. So, damaged couplers might be considered as a reason for the burning smell from the blender.

5. Use of Invalid Blades:

Not using suitable blades for a specific material can cause a burning smell from the blender. For instance, you are blending a hard material like ice and using dough blades for it. Hard ice will easily damage the dough blades and ice can’t be blended. So, because of this ice, your blender will start smelling burning.

6. Insufficient Use of Liquid for Blending

Blending always requires a lot of liquid (water) to start blending. When you are not using enough liquid for blending the thick consistency of the other material like any fruit, nuts, or ice, thick material will exert pressure on the blender parts.

Sometimes due to the thick material blender does not start. The pressure of the thick material will damage the blender parts like the coupler, blades, O ring gasket, and motor due to high friction. Ultimately, because of the damaged parts blender will smell burning.

7. Overheating of Blender

Many of us often forget a lot of important things we have to do because of our busy life. Similarly, we forget to turn off the ninja blender so often. When the blender runs for too long it starts overheating. Due to overheating the parts of the blender become damaged and cause a burning smell. Overheating is also produced when you blend a very hard material.

8. Do not Cool Down the Blender after Use

When we use any blender again and again without waiting for even a few minutes it will damage the blender parts. Using a blender often continuously overheats the blender and will easily lead to producing a burning smell.

Whenever you use a blender do not use it continuously for too long and allow the blender to set for some time. After using the blender allow it to cool down for at least 10-15 min it will keep your blender safe from the burning smell.

9. Unplug the Blender Immediately after Use

Whenever you use the blender unplug the blender just after you use it. This is the right way to

Cool down a blender after use. If you don’t unplug the blender it may cause damage to your blender due to electricity and can start to smell like burning. Always try to allow the blender to cool down for a least 10min but after unplugging the blender. Unplugging will help you to save your blender feel a burning smell.

10. Your Blender is not Cleaned Properly

A dirty blender cannot easily smell like burning but yes if your blender is not cleaned properly for a long time it can smell bad. If your blender is not cleaned for a long time metal parts of the blender can rust. Due to rusting when you use the blender, your blender might smell burning. Therefore, clean your blender properly before you use it.

Why is My Ninja Blender Smoking?

If your ninja blender is smoking and you are wondering why my ninja blender is smoking? Here we will discuss 3 main reasons for your smoking blender.

Why is My Ninja Blender Smoking?

1. The Blender Gasket is Cracked

O ring gasket is an essential part of the blenders as other parts. If the gasket of your blender breaks at some point all the liquid will go into the base part and contact the motor and carbon brushes. Here heat will produce and cause the ninja blender to smoke.

Solution: Simply change the broken gaskets with the new ones provide by ninja blenders. You need not be an expert for this, it is easy to replace.

2. Broken Blade Bearings

These are the high-speed running parts of the blenders that bear all the vibration while blending. They can be cracked by the high pressure of the thick material and the unbearable vibration of the blender. These bearings can be worn out with time and produce smoking.

Solution: The solution to this problem is the replacement of the blender blades. Just replace the blender blades and your blender will stop smoking.

3. Overloaded Motors

When you try to blend something hard in your blender and the thick consistency of the material in the blender exerts pressure on the blender jug.

Due to high pressure and friction between the jug and the material heat is produced. The motor of the blender becomes overloaded due to overwork and starts smoking after heating up. So, overloaded motors lead to blender smoking.

Solution: Do not overload the motor. If it happens and the blender smokes just stop the blender and let it cool for some time.

How Do I Fix my Blender From the Smoking or Burning Smell?

To fix any problem, you need to know the actual cause. Before you fix the blender determine the reason why is your blender smoking or smelling. How you fix it entirely depends on the reason behind the smoking or smelling of the blender.

There might be a problem you can solve on your own by simply replacing some damaged blender parts. But unluckily, if there are some issues that you cannot resolve on your own you will require an expert to deal with the blender.

My Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber smell coming out of motor

Now you know many reasons why your ninja blender smells like burning or why your ninja blender smokes. As we have explained all the reasons and solutions, we are going to let you know what you should do. So you can save your blender from smoking or smelling next time.

1. Add enough liquid before blending

Blenders always need any kind of liquid to run the blending easily. So, make sure whenever you are going to blend any food or material use a good amount of any liquid before starting. If there is not enough amount of liquid your blender will heat up. Overheating can damage the motor of the blender.

Note: Some sort of liquid is compulsory to use for blending even if you are blending ice.

2. Ninja blender not working right away

Sometimes your ninja blender does not work right away. It might take 5-6 minutes for the whole process from turning on to blending and then turning off. But, if the blender starts burning while blending and stop. Wait for it to start and work again.

3. Allow your ninja blender warm-up

This is a thing that will help you to get a good ninja blender experience. Warm up your ninja blender for some time before you start blending something. Warming up your blender for at least 30 seconds will reduce the chances of burning and damaging the blender parts.

4. Choose the right blade for a particular material to blend.

Selecting the right blades for the right material is very essential to prevent your blender from burning. For instance: if you are blending ice do not use dough blades for it. Ice is hard to blend so due to dough blades, damage and a burning smell can be caused. Always use metal blades for blending.

5. Use the right amount of food

Using the right amount of food is extremely important. If you put a large amount of food into the blender it will not work properly. The extra amount of food will create an extreme level of friction and cause burning and smell. Other than this, the blender will not able to blend and mix the food efficiently. Therefore, make sure you are using an exact amount ( not too little or not too much) of food.

6. Remove the damaged blade

If you couldn’t clean the blender blades and now these are not able to work. Do not use the blender with the same blades. Remove the damaged blades and replace them with new ones. Replace the problematic blender blades before they cause some permanent damage to the ninja blender.

7. Do not overfill your blender jug

If you put too much food in the blender jug, the blender wouldn’t be able to blend the food properly. When the blender will try to blend this overfilled material it will fail to work. Blenders can stop working and make trouble for the motor. Due to overload and pressure, the motor may burn out and smell like burning. So, never overfill the blender to blend something.

8. Blend carefully

Alongside the ice, dough and liquid are good to blend in ninja blenders. Rubber, stringy, and veggies should not be blended in the ninja blends. Do not blend the content that does not give the right consistency after blending. Avoid using too-hard ingredients to blend into the blender. This may crack the blender parts and cause burning.

9. Shake your ninja blenders while blending

Even your ninja blender comes with a powerful motor. You should shake or move your blender all along blending. Shaking and moving will help all the ingredients to mix fast and well. In this way, your blender motor will last for a long time. Therefore, shaking the blender while blending is always recommended.

10. Avoid using your Ninja blender for too long continuously

If you are thinking to turn on your blender for a long time by setting it at low. You are just burning your blender on your own. Even if you are using the blender at low your blender motor can easily burn out. Your blender can start burning and smell like burning. So, avoid using the blender for too long.


No, Ninja blender does not smoke normally. They smoke due to some damaged part of the blender. It might be a motor, blender blades, and an O ring gasket. But the most common is the burning of carbon brushed inside the motor of the blender.

Your blender can smell due to many reasons. But the most common is the burning of blender carbon brushes present inside the blender motor. These carbon brushes are used to transfer electricity to the armature present inside the motor.

It depends on your experience and how to use the blender. 2-3 years can be expected easily. But still, it depends on how you use your blender and what you do if any of the blender parts are not working. Whether you immediately repair it or just keep waiting to see an entirely damaged blender.

First, decide whether it is a nasty smell or a burning smell. If it is a nasty smell, clean your blender properly with some lemon, soup, and soda. But, if it is a burning smell you might need to repair your blender. Because this smell can be due to the damaged parts of the blender.

Yes, ninja blenders are proven effective, especially for smoothies. These blenders are with stunning lift-out blades that are easy to remove and clean. These blenders can last for at least 2-3 years and more if we keep these blenders carefully.

Yes, you can make ice cream in ninja blenders. Ninja blenders are designed to make smoothies and ninja blenders can easily blend the ice. So, you can make ice cream with ninja blenders.


Are you worried about why your ninja blender smells burning? Don’t worry many people ask this question, the answer is simple: It might be due to some damaged parts of the blender.

The most common is the motor of the ninja blender. Blender damage and smell like burning due to overheating of the carbon brushes inside the motor. This smell is not just because of the burning motor but also due to the malfunctioning of blender blades and O ring gaskets.

There are many other reasons which are why Ninja blenders smell like burning. Sometimes you can repair your blender by replacing damaged parts. But, sometimes you need an expert to repair your Ninja blender.

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