10 Best Blenders With Glass Jars in 2024 (Are They Worth it?)

Blenders are an essential tool for any kitchen, and with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you are looking for a blender that is not only powerful but also durable and easy to clean, then a blender with a glass jar might be the perfect option for you.

Glass jars are made from a high-quality material that is durable and can withstand high temperatures, making them a great choice for making smoothies, soups, and other delicious drinks.

Unlike plastic jars, glass jars do not absorb any odors or colors, and they do not scratch easily, which ensures that your blender will last for many years to come.

In this article, we will review the 10 best blenders with glass jars that we have selected after 50 hours of testing on 35 different blenders currently available in the market, and help you choose the best one.

Best Blenders With Glass Jars
Best Blenders with Glass JarsJar CapacityMotor Power
Oster Pro 1200 Plus24 oz.1,200W
Hamilton Beach 58148A40 oz700W
BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush48 oz.700W
Oster Reverse BVCB07-Z48 oz.600W
DASH Quest51 oz.600W
COMFEE Variable Speed48 oz.500W
IMUSA GAU-80313B42 oz.350W
Anthter CY-305R40 oz.950W
Haden 75029 Heritage56 oz.550W

Our Recommendations for Best Blenders with Glass Jars

Oster Pro 1200 BlenderOster Pro 1200 Blender
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Hamilton Beach 58148AHamilton Beach 58148A
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Oster Reverse BVCB07-ZOster Reverse BVCB07-Z
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Dash quest countertop blenderDash quest countertop blender
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COMFEE variable speed blenderCOMFEE variable speed blender
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Anthter CY-305RAnthter CY-305R
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Haden 75029 HeritageHaden 75029 Heritage
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10 Best Blenders With Glass Jars Reviews 2024

1. Oster Pro 1200 Blender – Best Smart

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar - Best Smart Brushed Nickel Blender

Expecting everything to turn into plain smoothies using a strong blender, be it stuffed with thick and solid ice with the hard fruits cut into pieces and some seeds making their way into the jar?

Okay, that’s not a problem when you own Oster Pro 1200 Plus! A smart brushed nickel blender that is by far the sturdiest component withstanding all the hits and abuses.

It contains a lot of button-only smart programs making your blending tasks easier than ever — three separate programs to turn your favorites into Smoothies, Salsa, and Milkshakes and three speeds from Low, Medium, and High.

Lastly, the Pulse button to run the blender as long as you want and release it will stop it the next moment. Let’s say you are blending the yogurt and, of course, there is no setting for that. So, playing up with Pulse is the only option.

And its dual-direction blade is the real hidden gem, providing you the opportunity to cruise everything in plain smooth form without needing to check and re-check the results.

Want to test the power of this beast’s motor? The whooping 1200W motor blends everything in minor pieces but when you stuff the whole jar with thick ice, the motor’s power would not dwell down below 900W and is set to crush down the ice cubes in plain where you may pour it on top of the smoothies and milkshakes you had made with the same Oster Pro 1200 Plus!

Make 6-cups of anything. Guests just knocked on the door and you have to serve them on an almost-emergency basis? Do not panic because of its 6-cups and 24 Oz. capacity is the pure tension-reliever.

Let’s add everything into it, make a good serving and let the residue be there, its dishwasher-safe boro class glass jar is capable of coming clean as well as not emitting a bad odor after thorough cleanup.

 Final Thoughts 

The price should not be a matter of worry. So, do not skip picking Oster Pro 1200 Plus to beat some good competition.

Making green smoothie in Oster pro
  • Brushed nickel
  • Whooping 1,200W power motor
  • Heavily popular around the world
  • A bit high in price

Check Latest Price on Amazon

2. Hamilton Beach 58148A With Glass Jar- Multi-Function Blender

Hamilton Beach 58148A -Best Multi-Function glass jar Blender

Do not look at its power, look at its upholding functions, and capacity-wise, this Hamilton Beach 58148A is the clear-cut winner!

When you glance at its price, voila! That’s a jackpot that you aced because of the unbelievable factor as it possesses a series of functions to play with.

The ice saber blades are the good enemy of crushing not only the ice cubes into micro-pieces but seeing almost everything going into lean particles which is the perfect blend of sipping the heavenly-smooth juices and smoothies.

However, there is a problem that awaits you — the underpowered 700W motor with its peak power cannot just blend things in mere seconds. The more smooth you want, the better is to add some quantity of water on top of the extracts squeezed out of the fruits and other ingredients.

Running the blender without adding a few quartzes of water may cause the motor to burn out. So, do not just make up your mind to sacrifice this affordable blender just because of the reason it does not cause much.

12-functions operate with buttons, and every single button is pre-set with three functions, so press it one time, it will select the top mentioned function, push the button twice and thrice and it will select the second and third options.

Its glass jar owning over 40 Oz capacity can serve almost 6 to 8 glasses of whatever you make. And we believe that is more than enough for the single round of blending what your guests love.

Thankfully, everything comes as detachable, so stuff them into a dishwasher and forget about rubbing and cleaning the sticky residues.

 Final Thoughts 

A mixture of functionalities against the cheap price, we recommend purchasing Hamilton Beach 58148A.

Hamilton Beach glass jar, control and other parts
  • One of the best multi-functional blender
  • Stainless build and the blades
  • Good 40 oz. glass jar to serve the whole batch of guests in one go
  • Highly affordable
  • Mason jar can also be attached.
  • Just comes with a 2-feet long wire

Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush – Large Capacity

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush - Best 6-Cup Capacity Blender

When you can get the most-functionalized blender against the super-affordable price, then why opt for an expensive one? And when it comes from the top-reputed brand, that is the delicious cherry on top for all of us!

This only gets 4-settings and no more than that, but the surprising features are its build and the blade worth detailing to let the customers know its real value.

Its 4 straight-tipped blades are made with stainless steel QuadPro technology which swivels at a greater speed and the higher vortex helps to take the ingredients downward to ensure the best blending performance. Anything added in the middle and see it turning into unseen particles (the lean pieces) and now you will find it rolling on your tongue.

Talking about the glass jar and its absolute capacity, it takes about 6-cups capacity into its 48 oz. container. So, a single blend serves six guests in a row, and is that the same number of guests that you get in one slot?

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush glass pitcher

But wait, do you know the name of this bigger-capacity blender? No, you do not. Well, it is BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush, the well-known name in the kitchenware industry known for introducing high-end products to ease your kitchen worries.

And the same has been taken care of; allowing you to enjoy instant juices and smoothies with added convenience.

Although its 700W motor is quite low, what do you expect from the blender dedicated to your home kitchen? So, it is a beast for the array of ingredients without worrying about adding the hard-peeled components.

 Final Thoughts 

A reputed brand in the world, we do not see any evidence of skipping to purchase BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush.

  • 12-functions
  • Highly affordable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Go only 700W motor power

Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. Oster Reverse BVCB07-Z – Best BPA-Free Glass Jar Blender

Oster Reverse BVCB07-Z - Best BPA-Free among Glass Jars Blender

There are a lot of reasons to dislike glass. They are kinda heavyweight, scratch-prone, and look old-fashioned, of course.

But here is a thing to catch, despite its long use, it is still here rolling around the world. That is because it has a strong build until and unless you do not trip it and see it thrashing into pieces.

When it breaks, it breaks but it does not break itself any easier. So, that is one heck of a good side to praise and the next one is BPA-a a free rating.

The BPA-free glass states it is off from the chemical mixtures, and the containers and other utensils have to be BPA-free due to the reason they directly meet with the food items. That has to be safe and free from any sort of chemicals, gladly Oster Reverse BVCB07-Z got the BPA-free glass jar.

And talking about the glass jar, it has plenty of space to blend 6-cups in one go! Yup, pretty enormous to serve six tummies!

Whether you want to make quick-frozen drinks (juices and smoothies) or just want to slice the food to make a good salsa, pick from ‘Frozen Foods’ and ‘Food Chops’ as they come with the pre-programmed functions. Just press any of those two buttons and relax!

And if you want to play master like us, take charge of functions and operate with five manual speeds. Once you have your stuff ready, push the ‘Stop’ button, and that’s it.

 Final Thoughts 

Crush everything from one side and another to give you the never-tasted smooth results!

  • Interesting design
  • Reversing drive system
  • 10-years warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Pricey!

Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. DASH Quest Countertop Blender – Easy To Use

DASH Quest Countertop Blender - Best Easy-to-Use Smoothie Blender with Glass Jar

Within this digital and smart world, it seems kinda impossible to land on the products that come with the easy-to-use panel.

But yeah! DASH has no dull appearance. That got the marvelous design worth praising every bit of its make, but what’s more surprising is it has the dial-based panel having three speeds (1 for High, 2 for Low, and P for Pulse) and ‘0’ to stop — so, how convenient it is to use, nope?

Though it is rated as the smoother blender that does not limit DASH to just producing smoothies all day long. You can have shakes, and nuts while crushing the nuts and slicing fruits to add into healthy-eatable salsa.

With the starting power of 1,000W and the constant running power of 600W might take some time to blend things up but that is worth the wait. The lean 600W motorized power is capable of running longer than projection.

And when you have 51 oz. of a glass container, that easily takes on 6 to 8 big glasses to serve the larger batches conversing you the time, energy, and power.

The slower our motor moves, it helps to best retain all the nutrition and fibers which is the perfect blend to sip the healthy shakes.

However it takes a lot of time to blend things which is common with a 600W motor, but we cannot measure how hot it has turned up. To deal with the situation and when the temperatures get too high, the blender will turn off automatically to converse it from burning the coil.

All in all, you are pretty safe to use this old-school DASH quest blender that looks classic on your countertop!

 Final Thoughts 

Super convenient to use, thanks to its rotating dial, just add what you want and press the button!

  • Classic build
  • Bigger glass jar accommodating enough capacity
  • Stainless steel blade
  • High price

Check Latest Price on Amazon

6. COMFEE Variable Speed Glass Jar Blender – Multi Purpose

COMFEE Smoothie Blender - Best Multi-Purpose Blender with Glass Jar

Blenders have enormous varieties that can easily take you down from the looks. If you often go to this to buy anything, that would be the reason for getting bit by the bad options.

Similarly, that should not be the only way around buying electrical appliances. And when you are on a shopping spree to vivify your kitchen, do not let the look triumph over the performance.

Some folks do not even bother to look at the specs part, they just fall in love due to their visible appearance

A perfect multi-purpose blender for home use, its 500W of power is more than enough to handle various blending tasks.

The BPA-free glass jar is, of course, health-friendly. But that may register some deep scratches if you happen to extensively use this 48 oz. glass jar. Not the mild-peeled fruits would be a tribulation. The problematic ones are always the hard-peeled fruits, crunchy sugar, and many other ingredients that may take a moment to absorb within.

That was all about the BPA-free glass, this got the sturdiest build with the base made of ABS and the overall housing with premium-level stainless steel. And the blade incorporated with food-grade stainless steel gives you the freedom to splash and blend your favorite shakes and smoothies at any time.

And the silicone feet keep it in place be it any sort of surface. Once you get to stick onto the surface, that is not gonna slip it and move.

It just got three buttons there but we still rate it as the best multi-purpose blender due to just one reason — its speed dial! Whether you have selected Ice Crush or Smoothie, you can simply raise its speed from low to high end by adjusting the dial knob. So, not one particular speed but you get multiple ones.

 Final Thoughts 

Although it has a low-end motor, we do not see it as its ultimate drawback! Go on blending your favorites without stopping!

  • Affordable blender
  • Easier to clean
  • Good fit for the multipurpose usage
  • Low-end motor power

Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. BLACK+DECKER BL1210RG – Best Affordable Glass Jar Blender

BLACK+DECKER BL1210RG - Best Affordable Glass Jar Blender

Anything coming from BLACK+DECKER and affordable; that’s almost impossible to be certain?

And the reason behind this exclamation is clear, the branded stuff is (almost) always expensive.

Alright, let us prove this misconception wrong. This BLACK+DECKER BL1210RG is not just affordable but a highly-affordable blender available in the market.

But do not turndown yourself by knowing the underrated motor power. a 700W motor is good for home use but if you are expecting to experience it on the commercial level, do not think about it, please!

Despite this issue (which is normal), its multi-functional system is able to crush down everything; from shakes, iced drinks, crumbs, purees, smoothies, and what more can you expect from a blender?

The BPA-free glass jar with enough capacity of 6-cups is able to withstand the abuse during the operation. But that is not just an ordinary curved glass jar, the finely-molded glass ensures outstanding performance by retaining the constant flow and is easy to clean.

Not only is the jar easy to clean but the good thing is, all the blender components are dishwasher-safe including the jar, blade, and lid. Just add them to the dishwasher and forget the rest.

 Final Thoughts 

Vibrant red with over 10 speeds; what stops you from adding this BLACK+DECKER BL1210RG in your home kitchen?

  • Good 10-speed settings
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Highly precision blade
  • Cannot really take on the hardest ingredients like garlic and such

Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. IMUSA GAU-80313B – 10 Speed Blender

IMUSA GAU-80313B - Best 10-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

That may sound kinda funny to have a blender of this price owning the high-standardized features you commonly look for from the expensive and smart blenders? IMUSA GAU-80313B is going to prove it wrong.

Back in the time, blenders were really filled with functionalities. The recent technology boom has eventually overturned the scenario by making everything quite handy and seamless.

Still, the old-looking blenders had the series of the same function that the modernized ones have but the usage part was quite different — all based on the buttons to push and select the functionality.

So, IMUSA GAU-80313B possesses manual-operated functions with buttons. Do not feel at home using such blenders, you can still learn to operate it but only requires a bit of practice and you would be good to go! 10-functions, 10 different foods other drinkable stuff

The sharp 4-tip blades are a good companion for slicing down the fruits and greens, crushing them, grinding them to make a good salad, and chopping them down to go into your dinner.

Made in the U.S.A. and for the U.S. kitchen, it takes 120V to seamlessly operate all around the U.S., so do not try to plug into the power posts that lack support for the 120V voltage system.

 Final Thoughts 

For home use, we cannot really expect to always use high-priced blenders even if you have a budget. Running with such a concept in mind, IMUSA GAU 080313 B is right for you!

See our article plastic vs glass blender for an in-depth comparison.

  • One of the heavily affordable blenders
  • Power cord storage compartment on the backside
  • Marked measuring units to make sure how much of the stuff you have added
  • Plastic build

Check Latest Price on Amazon

9. Anthter CY-305R – Best Professional Blender with Glass Jar

Anthter CY-305R- Best 950W Professional Blender with Glass Jar

Happy to list the professional-grade blender that is really gonna help you in the business.

But the business cannot be only about selling milkshakes or such. You can still find its need to be having in your office, giving the employees to enjoy smoothies and juices whenever they want at work.

That is the unique idea of making the blender part of the workstation, nope?

Anthter, the stainless steel build makes it withstand all the shocks and abuses the blenders can generally experience when you know, used by all the office employees.

Apart from its sturdy build and intriguing design, its powerful 950W motor can take on all the hits, prone to running for long periods and still not emitting any bad odor.

Apart from the powerful motor, it’s 50 oz. glass jar and 24 oz. smoothie cup makes it a popular choice among fitness conscious people.

Minding its expensive price tag? Worry not! This 4-speed variable blender comes at a very affordable price of around 50 dollars.

The powerful motor swivels at a higher pace but would not kill the nutrients and vitamins, giving you the delicious stuff preserving every healthy ingredient intact.

When there are so many folks engaged in using the blender all day long, stability and glued-like firmness are two major aspects to ensure safety. Rest assured, Anthter has it covered as well — the shockproof footpad avoids tripping ensuring you to freely utilize it.

 Final Thoughts 

The ultimate choice for professional use; Anthter is ready to wow the daily users!

  • Operates at high speed to easily crush ice
  • 6-tip blades
  • Removable parts
  • A lot heavy to hold

Check Latest Price on Amazon

10. Haden 75029 Heritage – Best for Quick Blending

Haden 75029 Heritage - Best Blender for Quick Blending

There are some blending tasks that we want to complete in no time. And when it comes to quick blending to serve the thirsty tummies, the situation could further worsen.

Sorry to state if you often run into the same situation but that would primarily be happening due to the fact you got an unreliable blender in your kitchen.

It is not about owning the bigger motor, we need a smaller one. With Haden 75029 Heritage, we have it! The mere 550W motor is pretty okay to deal with the quick blending tasks.

But not affixing this blender can only blend things up for you. This low-end motor can seriously crush the ice cubes without adding the water. And then how come the hard-peeled fruits and veggies can go spared from its alloy steel blades?

Again, that is not just any ordinary alloy steel-made blade. That holds the whole story behind it. Its 4-tip food-grade alloy steel blades swiveling a 550W motor can fuse the food down in moments while possessing the nutrients to the maximum level.

The mere 550W motor has the copper coil wrapped around it and housed within metal keeping it running cool and not shorting anytime soon. Now that you can use the blender simultaneously and forget about stopping between the operations.

And the good thing about being a low-end 550W motor (yeah, the good thing!)It has a capacity of 56 oz. would never impact the speed and time of blending and that is why it rates as the best blender with quick blending.

Do not skip them — get the power and value against quickly completing the blending task for your friends and family.

 Final Thoughts 

Simple to use but owning the multi-functionalities ensuring the quick blend is the feature worth praising from Haden 75029 Heritage!

  • Best of quick blending
  • 56 oz. glass jar
  • Anti-slip footbed
  • 5 Speed Control & Pulse
  • Priced a bit high

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Exclusive Buying Guide to Make You Confident to Choose the Best Blenders with Glass Jars

If it is your first time, or you have gone through frequent shopping of blenders in the past; you should stay updated to make certain of not losing the charm.

There is always the best practice to follow before hitting the market. First, learn what the product is all about before trying your hands.

So, what makes the best blenders to pick; we will cover everything with deep details to make you able to pick a good one for yourself, depending on the level of usage.

 Power of Motor  

The blending power is mainly judged by the motor’s wattage power. The higher it is, the better it performs.

But it also depends on the consequences as to where the blender would be used.

If you are to use it for commercial purposes (juice bars or in the office to serve the employees), you ultimately need a high-powered one, for example, a motor crossing a 1000W barrier.

And then if that is to sit in your home kitchen and do not frequently use it; that is alright to skim on this part and you can opt for the low-end motor (below 1000 W’s mark.)

 Copper Winding  

All the motors run with the kind of winding around it which circulates the current making it rotate the longer you want.

If that takes in the copper winding, you may easily last the minutes-long operation with no intermittent stops to cool it down.

 Exhaust System  

All the electrical appliances have an exhaust system to drive past the hot air. Ultimately, this got the same with the blender but the exhaust system is really visible. That is rather placed inside with grooved curves allowing the air to escape.

So, make sure not to place it on a piece of cloth or anything that obstructs its exhaust system. Doing so may cause overheating where the blender may burn its motor and all other components.

 Number of Functions  

This is proven science; the more functions the better.

The higher functions give us plenty of options to play with the speed plus selecting the different pre-programmed functions to make the broad ranges of eatables and drinkables using the blender based on the period.

Most home-stayers do not know much about operating the blender manually, so those pre-programmed functions are a kinda savior for them.

When you have such a blender in a home kitchen, no one would rush towards you asking about how to operate the blender, or just help them make what they want, whenever they want.

 Glass Jar and Capacity  

Since we have only listed the blenders having the glass jars, you know how durable they are unless you do not break them for no reason.

They are prone to scratches but are good to withstand even the harder fruits and greens. So, bear some scratches as long as it is serving the purpose. And the glass jars can easily last a decade if used properly.

But look at what the glass jar is all about; BPA-free ones are pretty good to handle. When you have them and that is proven to be BPA-free, sit relaxed and enjoy the healthy and non toxic smoothies and juices out of the blender.

Then what sort of capacity do they promise to deliver? Most of them would fall between 40 oz to 51 oz. which is good to serve 6 to 8 empty tummies in one go.

 Drive System  

There are many blenders that go in a one-way direction. But there are a few available in the market that ensure moving in the reversal form as well.

If the budget permits and you really need one, go with the reversal driver system which ultimately helps to chop and blend things down from top to bottom.


What’s good about the blades? Well, all of them are made of stainless steel and that’s true!

The issue is how many tips they got and how long they are, that part can certainly save you the energy and time to blend the stuff. Make sure the manufacturer offers their blade-producing vortex to lead all the ingredients downward and cruise into smooth blends.

And the blades are capable of crushing ice and other frozen sorbets into a lean and smooth form for sure.

 Smart or Buttons  

And that solely depends on your own preferences. The button-ones look to be old-schooled, so when you are up for remodeling the kitchen and plan to add all the smart kitchen appliances, go with the smart blender that is touch-based.

The button ones take your energy to press down the buttons every time.


Almost all the blenders come with the option of taking down everything — from blades, jar, lid, and more making the cleanup process quite simplified and easy.


Yes, they are if you minus the weight part.

The glass blenders have the capacity to withstand impacts caused by the blending ingredients and such. No vibration felt, nothing much. And they are mainly produced with thick BPA-free glass materials to ensure it lives beyond the claims.

So, if they do not break, then the glass can live for years.

Define hotness at first. When it is too hot, of course, that can explode the glass quite easily. So, we advise you not to take this risk.

Yes, they are, but not the bottom of the blender is. You can take the blades, glass jar, lid, and all other removable components.


Come right to the conclusion, we have not only brought up over 10 best blenders with glass jars but they got some best information in the form of buying guide as well as the dedicated FAQs section.

Blenders are the perfect home-based solution to get the quick make of juices and smoothies.

The uneven and unmeasured starvation is best dealt with by the blenders. So we have a mixture of home and commercial-grade blenders to help you on a greater level.

Enjoy the juices and stay healthy forever!

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