Are Sublimation Tumblers Dishwasher Safe? – Easy Guide

If you have experienced sublimation tumblers, you might be aware that they are the best things to give as a gift to your friends or close ones. And if you are using them at your home, you must confuse about whether are sublimation tumblers dishwasher safe or not.

On the other hand, dishwashers have become very common to use nowadays. It is because it is very easy for people to utilize a dishwasher as their preferred method of washing. They are the finest option due to their comfort, ease, and energy efficiency. So, yes sublimation tumblers are dishwasher safe but you will have to follow some precautions.

So, let’s have a discussion about it in detail!

Are Sublimation Tumblers Dishwasher Safe

Can sublimation tumblers go in the dishwasher?

Yes, sublimation cups or tumblers can be cleaned in the washer. But you must be cautious with the water’s heat level and washing time. You must utilize the dishwasher’s lower thermal option, and be careful not to keep the cup in the washer for an extended period.

Due to the following two factors, there is the risk of damaging the mug and reducing its durability over time:

If the water is excessively hot, the graphics on the tumbler or structure on the cup can dissolve.

Also, any discoloration that is left behind after washing the mug in the dishwasher for a longer period will be challenging to get out.

Besides that, your sublimation cup should be hand washed if you would like it to last as long as possible. This will guarantee that the mug’s base and pattern are not affected.

Are sublimation mugs dishwasher-safe?

Are sublimation mugs dishwasher-safe

Is the sublimation dishwasher safe? A sublimation tumbler can be cleaned in the dishwasher as it is safe if you will take care of safety precautions. The majority of sublimation mugs are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. This material has been approved for use in both microwaves and the oven.

Heat waves can occur on the tumbler cover if the tumbler is washed in a dishwasher with the cover on. Also, you must wash it at the average dishwashing setting.

You should keep checking the tumbler cover before cleaning it because these hot places might break with time. So, you must be aware that stainless steel is a heat-resistant material, and sublimation tumblers are composed of this material.

How to clean a Sublimation Cup in the Dishwasher?

Following are some easy steps to clean the sublimation tumblers in the dishwasher:

  • You must utilize gentle dishwashing soap, and don’t wash the cup through the dishwasher for too long.
  • The mug should be thoroughly cleaned on the inside, outside, and grip.
  • You must ensure the cloth is not overly saturated before you wipe the cup.
  • You can utilize the cup again when it has been cleaned and rinsed.
  • The cup can be thoroughly cleaned with a light cleaning agent if the pattern or print on it is particularly dirty.
  • You must be cautious not to add too much liquid to the cleaning solution when rinsing the cup.

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How to clean the sublimation tumbler with hand wash?

If you don’t follow proper instructions, sublimation tumblers can be harmed if placed in a dishwasher. It is preferable to follow all safety instructions to clean them accurately without harming them.

If you want to use the hand-wash method, you must follow the given instructions:

  • It is advised to hand wash the tumbler in a lukewarm washing liquid. 
  • You must choose to use a gentle cloth to softly cleanse the tumbler.
  • To avoid the tumbler’s glass shattering or damaging, you must dry it with a cloth rather than leave it air dry.

Why is my sublimation print faded after washing?

Why is my sublimation print faded after washing

Below are some reasons why your sublimation print faded after washing:

1. Incorrect Substance

Your sublimation printing could fade for several reasons. The first reason for fading your sublimation tumbler is utilizing the incorrect base.

Polypropylene materials with a minimum 60% polyester composition will perform well for sublimation. Your cup will have more chance to degrade after washing if it contains less polyester.

2. Excessive Heat

Your sublimation graphics can also fade if you expose them to too much temperature. To avoid any parts from being too hot and allowing the colors to fade, heat should be applied carefully and uniformly.

3. Insufficient Pressure

Not applying adequate pressure while pushing sublimation prints onto the substrates is another reason for faded sublimation graphics. To assure that the colors transmit thoroughly onto the material, you must apply sufficient pressure. Insufficient pressure will cause the colors to leak and fade with time.

4. Wrong Washing Technique

Your sublimated clothing’s wash directions should be performed correctly to prevent the prints from fading. To stop the colors from spilling or fading, you must always clean your clothes inside ice cold water and leave them to dry. You must ensure that you have dried them properly under the open air.

5. Bad Quality Dyes

Last but not least, choosing inferior colors for your sublimation prints can result in fading them over time. You should utilize fading-resistant, and premium dyes to assure your prints last after multiple time of washings.

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How to Prevent Sublimation Tumblers from Fading?

If you will follow the proper instructions and precautions, you can avoid fading your sublimation tumblers prints. Let’s discuss what are the factors to consider to avoid fading sublimation prints:

  • You must utilize high-quality materials as they will allow your sublimation prints to endure for a longer period.
  • You must store your prints accurately as it will prevent fading them. For this, you must choose a place that will be dry and cool.
  • You can frame your prints if you want to prevent fading. It is the finest choice to avoid them from fading over time. In this way, it will protect them from ultraviolet rays. For framing, you should prefer acid-free mating.
  • You must try to avoid putting your sublimation prints into excessive heat or moisture. If you will do so, there will be chances of fading your prints. 
  • You must place or hand your sublimation prints in the shaded area and avoid putting them under direct sunlight. It will reduce the chances of fading your sublimation prints.

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Do I have a need to seal the Sublimation Tumblers?

Tumblers used for sublimation are not required to be sealed. It is not essential to seal them due to multiple reasons. They don’t require sealing because they are heat-resistant and are constructed of polyethylene and alloy steels.

Furthermore, to avoid any cracking appearing on the cover, it is preferable to hand wash sublimation tumblers. This guarantees that printing won’t be ruined and that water won’t break a sublimation tumbler when it is placed on its side.

To avoid any harm to the tumbler, you should always ensure the seal before cleaning it with warm water and soap. It is the only reason; you will have to seal the sublimation tumblers.


So, I am sure that you are not going to ask again if sublimation tumblers are dishwasher-safe or not. It is because I have briefly explained all about dishwashers and sublimation tumblers in this article. You can follow the instructions and get your desired outcomes.

If anything is still missing, you can ask or share feedback!


Yes, you can wash sublimation tumblers in the dishwasher using the appropriate instructions. You should avoid using too much pressure and excessive heat on the tumblers. It is because this can damage the tumblers.

Generally, sublimation tumblers are made of stainless steel material which is a robust and durable material. This ensures that sublimation tumblers cannot break or scratch easily.

No, normal paper cannot be utilized for sublimation printing. Alternatively, special paper has been made for this use as it contains a covering that makes it easier for the ink to transmit to the material.

There are numerous reasons why your sublimation prints look blurry. It can be caused by the kind of cloth you are using, your printers’ presets, or the ink’s consistency. It is important to get expert advice if you are unsure about the cause of your blurred printing.

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