Plastic vs Glass Blender Jars – Which One Will Serve You Better?

If you are going to buy a blender, you must be aware that there are two types of blenders such as plastic and glass material. Both these types of blenders are excellent to use in the kitchen but both have their merits and demerits. However, the material type of the blenders does not affect their functionality.

When it comes to plastic blenders, they are good to use but there are chances of scratches inside the jar. This will reduce the blending ability of your blender. While glass jars have no risk of scratches, they can drop and break if not handled carefully.

So, what is the best choice between plastic vs. glass blenders? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Plastic vs Glass Blender Jar

Plastic vs Glass Blender Jars - which one  is better

Blenders made of plastic and glass both have unique properties that can confuse you and make it challenging to select the best one. I am going to explain both of them to you along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Based on your requirements and choices for longevity, looks, or most importantly, safety, you will be capable of selecting the one that is best and highly suggested for you.

Let’s start a discussion about it!

Plastic Blender Jars

Plastic Blender Jars Advantages & Disadvantages

Preparing fruit smoothies and shakes is a great function of a plastic blender jar when working with light food items. Hard components, like ice, should not be used in this jar as they can damage the surface and the rotors.

It is preferable choosing a BPA-free blender if you are going to buy a plastic one because it is safer than others. Blender jars made of plastic are significantly more affordable than those made of glass.

Not only that but also glass blender jars are more pleasing to the eye and typically BPA-free. But you must be aware that plastic is not the suggested element you want if you need to present your blender to your friends as an elevated item.

  • Durability and Weight

There are more chances that if you drop the plastic blender jar from the height, it can endure and stay safe from breaking. So, if longevity is an important factor for you, plastic is generally better. Also, your preferred choice must be a plastic blender if you suffer from osteoarthritis or a similar condition.

To extend its lifetime without degrading its glossy appearance, you must keep it in good condition. Additionally, the plastic container is stronger. Besides being hard to break, they can get damaged after prolonged usage.

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  • Safety Factor

The wellness of you and your family should always come first when selecting an item for food preparation and cooking. You should never risk your health at any cost.

Everyone in the world dislikes plastic as a material for meal storage containers or boxes mostly. It is because plastic material contains BPA which is not good for health.

The excellent thing is that many plastic blender jars are available as BPA-free and feature credentials to prove it. Plastic will always have its critics no matter how BPA-free or good to use it can be. So, you must be careful when choosing plastic jars.

  • Material

There is a significant quality difference between various plastic materials. This is where things become complicated. So, this is why some people are continuing to use glass jars.

For example, inexpensive blenders commonly make use of cheap materials. Thus, with time, these plastic jars are easy to scrape, stain, and smell. Furthermore, BPA is repeatedly detected in plastic. This can be harmful and have a severe influence on people’s health.

Advantages of Plastic Jars

  • Offers additional blending capacity
  • They are lighter in weight
  • Cheaper in price
  • Hard to break
  • Simple to replace

Disadvantages of Plastic Jars

  • After prolonged usage, plastic can scratch or break.
  • Can leach chemicals
  • Easily absorb odors

Glass Blender Jars

Glass Blender Jars advantages and disadvantages

A blender with glass jar is ideal for individuals who love the beauty, the appearance of the container, and its antique charm. Depending on the model, a glass jar could look and feel more costly than the plastic one.

Essentially, glass is superior to plastic in many ways. Like its plastic equivalent, it does not deteriorate, scrape, or absorb odors from foodstuff.

However, glass is the only material that can break at any time, particularly if you have children. With glass jars, you don’t struggle with health problems, but the blenders are significantly more expensive than those made of plastic. Also, glass blenders require more attention and care to avoid dropping or breaking them.

  • Durability and Weight

Glass is a delicate material that shatters easily and with little force. Glass causes mental strain because it is easy to break than its plastic alternative. Also, your glass blender can shatter if it will be fallen from even knee height.

Additionally, because glass weighs more than plastic and is even heavier when filled with foodstuff, dropping it is simpler. Thus, with the right attention and care, the lifespan can be more than you predict, particularly if you don’t have children.

It won’t be a wise decision to purchase a plastic blender if you have children and they have accessibility to it in any way.

  • Safety Factor

When it is to glass blenders, they are free of any harmful elements, and you can utilize them without any problems. Glass can entirely overpower plastic as it is BPA-free. On the other end, if you can avoid slipping it, a glass blender jar will continue to be glossy over time. They also won’t ever become damaged, dull, or fuzzy.

Additionally, whether you discard glass or have other disposing of intentions for it, it is also environmentally good and much simpler to reuse.

  • Material

A glass jar is also less liable to degrade or stain. The components are easy to wipe and cleanse because they cannot break the glass’s surface.

Likewise, odors cannot be absorbed by glass jars. Glass resists heat and hot substances effectively. For example, a glass mixing jar can be washed in the dishwasher or with hot liquid.

Advantages of Glass Jars

  • Highly durable and healthier choice
  • Water-resistant and stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant material
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to maintain
  • Most environmentally friendly choice
  • Don’t put any chemical elements in the food
  • Won’t absorb smell and color from food items
  • Heat resistant than plastic

Disadvantages of Glass Jars

  • If you unintentionally throw your glass jar from the kitchen worktop, it could break easily.
  • A bit bulky and heavy
  • Little expensive
  • Need to handle carefully
  • Become heavy after putting food items

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Which one is a better choice: plastic or glass?

Overall, it is essential to remember that the quality of plastic plays a major role. The BPA-free variant is the better option because it is safer than the others. You can use premium variants from the Blendtec and Vitamix brands as they are good to use due to their high-quality plastic. But crushing ice and other rough materials raises the chance that plastic jars will damage.

On the other hand, the glass blender jar is good rather to its plastic counterpart in terms of stain resistance, resistance to abrasion, synthetic leakage, odor reaction, environmental protection, and health benefits to your body.

Glass and plastic blenders are equally good in their ways. So, you must decide what are your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right blender for your use is not an easy task as you will have to consider a lot of factors. When you will be looking for the best type of blender, you might confuse about the material. So, I have made this simple for you by differentiating between plastic vs. glass blenders.

Whether you want to choose a glass blender or a plastic blender, you must be known about its advantages and disadvantages. It will help you choose the right blender that will meet your needs.

If you want to share your reviews, the comment section is open for you!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

It depends upon your personal choice whether you want to choose a plastic or glass blender jar. But glass jars are environmentally friendly and good for health as compared to plastic material. Also, they will look beautiful and elegant in your kitchen. 

All the ninja blenders are plastic materials that are good to use in your kitchen as they are BPA-free jars. Only one type of Ninja blender is glass which can be utilized both for blending and cooking. 

Although it relies on your choice and preference, you must use glass jars when you will have to blend ice or hard food items. It is because glass blenders are robust to blend all types of materials. 

Compared to plastic material, glass material is better for health. you must prefer glass jars if you are health conscious and want to get risk-free results. 

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