How Long Do Air Fryers Last? [Personal Experience]

There are many types of cooking equipment that have made cooking simpler and easier than before. An air fryer is among all the latest items that are become popular in kitchens to cook healthy and delicious food. It is manufactured to cook meals that use hot air instead of oil.

The question is, how long do air fryers last? It relies on multiple factors. Well, the reliability of the air fryers determines how long they will last. By using it properly and cleaning it regularly, you can enhance the lifespan of an air fryer.

If the item and color are not affected, you can use it for up to two years. For further details, keep up with me!

How Long Should an Air Fryer Last

How Long Should an Air Fryer Last?

It can be challenging to find the finest air fryer for you as there are so many products available in the market. Each air fryer has advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are deciding to purchase an air fryer, you must look for the factors given below;

Components and Manufacturing

The composition of an air fryer determines how long it will last. Its lifespan depends upon how it is made and structured. That is the reason; you must check the manufacturing quality and material used while you go to purchase an air fryer.

When you talk about manufacturing, it is necessary to consider it because it plays an important role in determining reliability. Although many online and offline companies sell air fryers, the best budget is found at online stores.

Thus, air fryers come in a variety of dimensions and qualities. The maintenance and product safety will depend on the store or place where you purchase it from. If the manufacturing company is trusted then it will offer good-quality items and meet the customer demands.

As technology is increasing, companies are manufacturing modern air fryers with a lot of features. They employ environmentally friendly production methods. The old version of air fryers uses analog dials but now digital air fryers are also introduced.

It is preferable to use air fryers from well-known manufacturers, like Ninja, Philips, Cosori & Tefal, etc. They provide excellent service standards and their warranties give customers more comfort and reliability.

Does Budget Affect the Lifespan of an Air Fryer?

There is no doubt that money has a significant impact on the quality and lifespan of your air fryer. But a high price is not always a sign of superior quality. If your budget allows it, you should invest in high-end air fryers from renowned brands.

When you purchase an item online, the situations are different. Along with the price, you will only consider the reviews while shopping online.

People who have already purchased the item can discuss more confidently their experiences utilizing it. When making a purchase, you can also communicate with the seller about the requirements you need.

The air fryer typically has a lifespan of 1.5 to 2 years. It will last longer if you handle it carefully and clean it properly. The duration that it will endure is indicated by several things. One additional factor is essential to consider which the proper method of use is.

How to Increase the Life of an Air Fryer?

How to Increase the Life of an Air Fryer?

There are some daily life-use techniques and hacks that can surely help your air fryer last longer. If you follow all these guidelines, then you could enhance the reliability and lifespan of the air fryer.

Regular Cleaning

Any equipment you use needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain it for longer. In terms of an air fryer, it is preferable to clean it immediately after each use. Cleaning is recommended after each usage so that you will get rid of any dirt or food residue.

Food leftovers can cause your appliance to become damaged. Due to the mess and oil on the air fryer, longevity will be severely impacted.

So, you can enhance the food’s flavor while cooking faster with an air fryer. It could be dangerous to your health if you use it for longer than is advised.

Fan Cleaning

The air fryer has an internal fan that helps to disperse the hot air. You will require specific tools to open the air fryer to accurately and properly clean it. So, if you use this trick, your results will be miraculous.

It is vital to thoroughly clean the fan because it could become dirty. You will have to open your air fryer gently by taking care to avoid damaging any other components. The air fryer’s lifespan can be reduced by the fan’s filth and dirt, which could lead to overheating. In this way, it will burn your meal.

Drying the Air Fryer after Cleaning

Many manufacturer companies suggest that you must not skip the drying stage after cleaning it. You should dry the interiors and exteriors after cleaning.

If water is left in the air fryer, it will surely rust because of an air reaction. Rusting will prove to be your air fryer’s worst enemy. That is the reason; you must perform this stage with utmost care and attention.

Preventions to avoid Rusting

By thoroughly drying your item after cleaning, you can prevent rusting. You must be cautious to use a soft material during the cleaning process. The air fryer’s surface will ultimately damage if you clean it with rough brushes or hard surface materials.

Also, it begins to rust if the coating is taken off. This rusting is bad for your health as well as reduces the life of your air fryer. This is because when the coating is removed, the food will interact chemically with the air fryer. This could create significant health hazards.

So that you must avoid damaging the surface with metal utensils and gently clean the surface.

How You Can Increase the Life of Your Rusted Air Fryer?

How You Can Increase the Life of Your Rusted Air Fryer

You don’t need to worry if your air fryer rusted due to careless use or improper cleaning. However, there are methods you can use to enhance its performance and usage time. For this, you will have a lot of options at your fingertips to follow.

  • Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

Chemicals will perform amazingly and optimally in this case. So, using baking soda along with vinegar and a detergent is the preferable method.

It is ideal if hydrogen peroxide is available. If it’s not available, you can use vinegar. You will have to combine both items and clean the rusted area of the air fryer. By doing this, you will be able to renew it and use it for some more time to accurately cook your food.

  • Proper Ventilation

If you want to extend the life of your air fryer, proper ventilation is crucial. The power generated by the heat used by the air fryer to cook food must be dispersed into the surroundings.

For this reason, it should be positioned in such a way that the heat can flow from it easily. Thus, the air fryer might easily burn out if the heat is not released. Due to this reason, the appliance could heat up and malfunction.

Even if you don’t notice this issue, it could gradually damage the performance of the air fryer. In this way, it will prevent your air fryer from reaching its full lifespan.

  • Take care of Air Fryer Basket

All of the air fryer’s parts require regular maintenance, but the basket needs additional attention because it has no alternatives. In this case, I suggest using the air fryer’s attachments and accessories.

You should keep your hands away from an air fryer’s major components. There is a danger that the food will become contaminated with chemicals if you set the food in the basket directly. The chemicals do not mix if the quality is too high, but the food will adhere to the surface.

You could peel off the coating from the air fryer’s basket to clean the surface. Due to this, your health will suffer and an air fryer’s lifespan will decrease. So, to prolong the life of an air fryer’s basket, you need to take care of it.

Don’t overload an Air Fryer

What not to do to increase lifespan

Each electrical device or machine has a specific capacity. They are not capable of working above their capacity, and doing so can damage the machine.

There are some tips for using air fryers for a long period.

  • You must avoid using an air fryer nonstop for an extended period. Due to heavy usage, it will lose a lot of its efficiency.
  • You must not overfill an air fryer’s basket. The quality of the work will be reduced due to the heavy load and it won’t last long.

When Do You Need a New Air Fryer?

The condition of an air fryer will determine how long it can cook your meals. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, you will immediately require another air fryer.

  • If the air fryer’s heating element and fan are not working properly, you will have to replace them. It is because the appliance can burn if there is no cooling.
  • After that, you will notice that the non-stick coating of the air fryer will peel off. Also, this situation cannot be ignored.
  • Additionally, you must change your appliance if your air fryer won’t turn on or if you see smoke coming from it. Do not attempt to fix your air fryer in any of these situations as these are irreparable losses.


After reading the whole article, you must have concluded that how long an air fryer last depends mainly on how you use it. You can go through the guide and can follow the instructions to fix the issue.

You must be well aware of the specific and informed way of using the air fryer. This will help you in achieving the best output from your kitchen appliances such as air fryers. Also, you must replace your air fryer if it starts working properly.

If you have found your required information, must share your feedback!


You can cook up to two to four servings in the air fryer as it depends upon the number and size of the basket inside the air fryer. It is better not to overcrowd the basket if you want to get a properly cooked meal.

Before cleaning the air fryer, you must read the manual. Take out the removable parts and clean them thoroughly with a soft cloth. Don’t scratch or use any hard surface for clearing as it will remove the non-stick coating of the air fryer.

You must turn off your air fryer and clean it. Especially you should clean the area near the heating element. The smoke can collect due to the accumulation of food residue.

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