Can you Put Metal in an Air Fryer? What About Steel?

Do you need to prepare something wonderful in your wonderful air fryer but are unsure whether you can use metal bowls in it? The quick answer is yes, but there are several considerations you should take to avoid any issues.

When you will have to bake or fry something, a metal bowl in the basket can prevent creating filth and mess all around. You can cook and bake any food in an air fryer using a metal bowl safely. Not only that but also stainless-steel, cast-iron, and aluminum dishes are safe to use in an air fryer.

So, can you put metal in an air fryer? Let’s find out the detailed answer to this question in this article.

Can you Put Metal in an Air Fryer safely?

Is it Safe to put Metal in an Air Fryer?

Many people think that microwaves and air fryers are the same and work in the same manner. It is a misunderstanding. Air fryers and microwaves have similarities but they are not the same in many terms.

But same as the convective ovens, you can use metal pans in an air fryer to place food in it. The heated air from an air fryer’s compressor will spread evenly all across the food. It will help to prepare your meal from all sides. With an air fryer, you can obtain wonderfully crunchy meals without using a lot of butter and oil. It will make the air fryer a healthy option as well

Thus, you should confirm that a metal baking dish/pan is oven-safe when putting it within your air fryer. Also, it is preferable to check that your metal pan has not used any plastic material or coating.

When you will use heat-proof pans, they will work amazingly without any harm and risk. In this way, when you put your pan out of the basket, it won’t suffer from thermal effects. These effects can occur due to rapid temperature change.

What is not suitable to use in the Air Fryers?

Below are some items that you should not use in an Air fryer:

  • Plastic Elements
  • Drawings
  • Stainless-Steel Bowls

Drawbacks of using a metal pan in an Air Fryer

Drawbacks of using a metal pan in an Air Fryer

The only drawback of utilizing a metal pan or dish in an air fryer is that if you use a big metal dish, it can prevent airflow from circulating. The bigger pan will not allow hot air to flow evenly all around the food.

In this way, it will result in less crunchy meals. Also, it will increase the cooking time. After the long duration, you will not get your desired outcomes using a metal pan or tray in an air fryer.

The only solution for this is that you must simply select a thin metal component from your air fryer basket. It will ensure that hot air will flow accurately all across the air fryer and cook the meal properly. In this way, you can get the crispy and crunchy texture of the meal that you would expect.

Can you utilize Steel in an Air fryer?

Yes, it is safe to use steel pans or dishes in an air fryer to cook crunchy meals. You can easily place the steel pan in the air fryer’s basket and cook your favorite meal. But you will have to choose the steel pan’s size that will be smaller than the air fryer’s size.

Moreover, before using any steel pan, you must ensure the steel you are using for your air fryer is suitable for the stove and microwaves. This indicates that it can endure a high level of heat. Is metal oven safe? The answer is yes. You can use it in microwaves as well as in air fryers without any harm.

Also, before using your air fryer and pan to prepare meals, you should ensure that you read the instructions to ensure that it is safe to do so.

What you should not put in an air fryer?

You should never use an air fryer for one particular element. You must always try to avoid using a moist base or mixture in an air fryer. Without the grease or oil, the mixture will flutter all across the air fryer.

In this way, it will not make food crunchy and crispy. The meal will become gritty, and the bottom of the air fryer will cover in a mess of scorched dough. So, this will cause a huge problem for you.

Below are the things to prevent using an air fryer:

  • You must avoid using cheese in an air fryer basket as it can produce massive waste in the basket.
  • If you want your hamburger’s texture light, the center should be cooked well before the outside has turned brown.
  • You should not use greens as they are messy and spill all over the area in the air fryer.


Yes, it is safe to use both aluminum and metal in the air fryer. They are safe and heat-resistant to endure the high temperatures of the air fryer. But they should not contain plastic coating.  

Yes, it is safe to use metal baking tin or dish in an air fryer but it must be oven-safe. Before going to pick any dish for your air fryer, you must ensure it is labeled as oven-safe metal.

Yes, and you must keep in mind it is only created to operate in some specific temperatures. You can utilize this metal thermostat in the air fryer if you read the directions and instructions carefully in the user guide.


Do you want to cook aluminum foil-wrapped potatoes and fried chicken in an air fryer basket? Can you put metal in an air fryer for this? Yes, it is safe to use metal and aluminum pans and plates in an air fryer for different meals.

As you can use metal in the air fryers but you will have to stick to some instructions. Otherwise, it can cause trouble and problem for you. Before buying a metal pan for the air fryer, you must ensure it is an oven-safe item.  

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