How to Clean an Air Fryer? Quick and Easy Ways

You might be aware that air fryers don’t use oil or grease to prepare meals. That’s why many people believe that they don’t need to clean after using them. That’s not true. Air fryers use a little proportion of oil to prepare crispy and crunchy meals. So, there are chances of oil accumulation in the air fryer bucket.

The air fryer will begin to smoke and smell bad because of the leftover food particles and grease. To cover up this issue, you will have to clean your air fryer to work it smoothly. So, how to clean an air fryer? This is not that difficult but a little tricky task to do.

I’m going to provide you with some quick and easy cleaning instructions for your air fryer in this article.

How to Clean an Air Fryer?

How to Clean an Air Fryer

It is not true that your air fryer does not need cleaning and maintenance. You will have to maintain your air fryer clean and neat to get the desired outcomes. All the components of the air fryer are dishwasher-safe, so you can easily and safely clean them.

You can clean your air fryer according to the instructions given in the user manual. Also, I am going to provide you with some easy and simple ways to thoroughly clean your air fryer. Let’s have a look at them:

Cleaning Air Fryer Bucket and Tray:

The frying bucket and storage tray will be difficult to clean if you let the food scraps and particles remain there for longer. You will have to clean it right after using it.

When frying is complete, you will have to disconnect the air fryer and allow it to settle. After that, you will have to remove the grease from the pulling tray and discard it.

You will have to clean the grates, bucket, and tray after air-frying foods. It is strictly advised to clean the fryer after cooking food that is covered in a thick sauce, such as barbecued legs and ribs. You will clean it when the surfaces are still a little hot. This will make it simpler to remove debris and grease.

Cleaning Air Fryer Parts using Soap and Warm Water

For cleaning air fryer parts and components, you must avoid using any type of chemicals and abrasive materials. You will have to simply combine the soap and warm water. Then you must apply this soapy water to clean the surfaces and parts of the air fryer.

If the food particles are stuck in the air fryer bucket or holes, you will have to wipe them after soaking them in heated water. To remove all types of grease and debris, you can use dishwashing soap. After cleaning, you can use a soft towel or rag to clean the parts. You must not use hard or rough cloth for this.

Using Wooden Skewer to Remove Stuck Particles

You will have to see if there are food particles jammed in the basket or grates. If there are particles, you can remove them with a wooden spear or stick. It will make the task easier for you. After removing them, you will have to dry the cleaned parts individually.

Cleaning the inner surface of the air fryer using Damp Cloth

After that, now you will have to wipe the air fryer parts. A moist rag that is immersed in lukewarm and soapy liquid, can be used to wipe the internal surface of the air fryer. For this, you will have to pull out the trays and buckets of the air fryer.

You will have to clean the heat exchanger after checking for food particles and grease. Some companies suggest that you should not use steel wire or brush to wipe the internal parts if there are food particles stuck. Instead of that, you can use a soft brush or something similar.

Wiping down the External Parts

After drying out all the parts and components of the air fryer separately, you will have to reattach them. To dry the machine after wiping the outside, you can use a sponge or cloth.

Other Ways to Clean the Grease from an Air Fryer

Ways to Clean the Grease from an Air Fryer

The oil and grease in your air fryer can be removed using a variety of methods. A conventional cleanser, a DIY washer, or an organic cleaner are all options that you can utilize.

Commercial cleaners are made to handle tough grease that leaks from difficult-to-reach places. If you decide to purchase a cleaner, you must ensure that it is composed of non-toxic materials and has a sweet aroma.

Additionally, you can create your natural cleanser. Here are some herbal cleansers you can use instead of purchasing store-bought cleaners.

  • Dish Soap
  • Banana peels
  • Zesty Lemon Curd
  • Cinnamon or Clove Oil
  • Food makes a mess
  • Kitchen paper
  • Dish towels

Dish Soap:

You can make dishwashing soap using a moderate proportion of vinegar and salt. You can use this cleaner to clean the parts with grease and oil. It will be the best cleaner to use with no damage and risk.

Banana peels

You can use one of your favorite banana dishes to remove the fat from your air fryer using banana skins. They are most effective at removing oil from ovens and electrical equipment. So, you can use banana peel as a cleaner.

Zesty Lemon Curd

Zesty lemon curd or froth is an excellent method for wiping up any mess you produce on the air fryer. You must keep in mind to use a plastic or leather spatula to clean the air fryer’s surfaces using this cleaner.

Cinnamon or Clove Oil

Both cinnamon and clove oil works well for cleaning. You can also mix them to make a mixture to clean all the parts of the air fryer. You must ensure that the combination you utilize won’t burn your hands or burst into flames in your hair.

Kitchen paper

To completely remove the cooking and frying oil from the air fryer, you can use kitchen paper during cleaning. Also, you can use a sweeping tool or brush with it to remove the dirt and mushy buildup from the parts.

Dish towels

You must invest in some top-notch dish towels and it is a smart alternative for your air fryer. They will help you to dry the air fryer after cleaning. Although they are pricey, these items will stay safe longer than you might expect.

Tips to Clean an Air Fryer:

tips to Clean  Air Fryer?

Below are some tips that you can utilize for cleaning your air fryer safely:

  • You must put the air fryer bucket or pan in lukewarm soapy water for 20 to 30 minutes if it has oil that has burnt on it. Then you can use a scrubbing brush to scrape away the softened grime.
  • There can be food items stuck inside or on the surface of your air fryer if you detect a foul smell rising from it. To create the paste for it, you will have to combine liquid and baking powder.
  • After that, you can clean the air fryers inside surface completely using a scrubbing brush or an old paintbrush.
  • You should never scrape oil or other particles from the fryer using metal tools. It can scratch or peel the Teflon finish and leave your fryer ineffective. So, it is necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid any damage.
  • You can reduce the waste and grease from collecting in an air fryer by using aluminum paper if you don’t have much time for cleaning. It will keep the oil and other debris away from your air fryer. After using the air fryer two to three times, you will need to replace this sheet.

How to Clean an Air Fryer Using Vinegar?

You can use a combination of warm water and vinegar to clean your air fryer. For this, first, you will have to switch off your air fryer and let it completely cool. After that, you will have to make the mixture of water and vinegar with a 1:1 ratio

Then you will remove the oil and grease from the air fryer using this mixture. You will gently apply this mixture to the components of the air fryer. After completely applying this mixture to the air fryer parts, you will have to use a clean and dry cloth to dry the parts of the air fryer. Before assembling, you must ensure that all the parts are completely dry and clean.

Besides that, you can also follow the instruction manual!


Have you read out this article from start to end? If yes then you won’t ask again how to clean an air fryer. It is because I have briefly explained all the instructions and methods of cleaning an air fryer without any damage.

Meals made in air fryers use a small amount of oil to make crispy and crunchy meals. So, if you want your air fryer works smoothly without any issue, you must clean it after every usage. It will also enhance the lifespan of the air fryer.

Have you learned how you can clean an air fryer?


When you talk about the good air fryer basket, it is the one that can provide you with enough crunchy meals. It must be cooked properly inside out with a brown exterior. But if you will choose a non-stick bucket, it won’t last long.

Yes, you can clean the air fryer components on the dishwasher. But you will have to avoid using any type of abrasive cleaners and solvents while cleaning your air fryer. Also, you must put the dishwasher at a moderate level.

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