Can You Broil In An Air Fryer? How To Use Broil Function?

Air fryers are the latest kitchen appliances that are preferable for frying food without using oil. Now many people are asking whether they can use an air fryer for broiling or not. Are you also asking about setting your air fryer on the grill mode and the results of it?

The answer is yes! You can use your air fryer for broiling. To broil in an air fryer, you will have to extend the frying period of the fryer. It is a great method to enhance the flavors of your meal while producing the ideal crunchy surface.

In this article, you will get all the necessary information about broiling and how to broil in an air fryer.

What does it mean to Broil Food?

What does it mean to Broil Food

Broiling is the frying procedure in which high radiant heat is applied for a short period. Broiling is the best idea for low-fat grilling as well as preparing meals efficiently.

To guarantee that the meat is fully cooked, it is recommended to broil the small slices of meat. With the air fryer, you can broil meat, chicken, veggies, and shellfish.

Thus, there are two different methods of broiling and both are different from each other.

  • Oven Broiling
  • Pan Broiling

Oven broiling includes broiling the dish in an oven that has been preset to that power.

The other method is known as pan broiling, and it requires intense temperatures on the burner.

Both provide significantly different results, particularly pan broiling. It is usually closer to sauteing than broiling. Because broiling generates a lot of heat, it’s essential to carry out the process in an environment with a fine ventilation system.

Can you Broil in an Air Fryer?

Can you Broil in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can broil in an air fryer as your fryer is the best option for broiling. Without turning on your microwave or oven, air fryers can provide you with that delicious broiled flavor that you will enjoy.

It will operate flawlessly if you have a suitable air fryer with high direct heat & flexible functionality (such as grill or broil options) and attachments. Also, you will get more accurate results if the heating element is located at the top or bottom rather than sideways.

As air fryers are convective ovens, they circulate more heat throughout the meal. It will offer you the delicious crunchy flavor of the dish. Thus, the air fryer can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes, including fries, chicken wings, and even desserts.

The air fryer’s ability to cook meals to precise crispiness is what most people adore. Also, the air fryers provide more ease while cooking your desired meals.

How to Broil in an Air Fryer?

How to Broil in an Air Fryer

In comparison to other ovens, air fryers prepare delicious food at high degrees with little to no oil. Professionals love air fryers because they are efficient frying tools.

For broiling in the air fryer, you have to follow the steps given below;

  • First of all, you will have to ready and season the dish you need to cook. In this way, your meal will cook internally.
  • After that, you will set the air fryer to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit and place the food in the pan.
  • Then you will have to place the meal and pan inside the air fryer.
  • The air fryer’s heating level should be adjusted to broil or a higher heat setting.
  • Now adjust and set the time on the timer! Because you’re frying on an extreme level, you have to give it enough time.
  • You have to stay updated on the frying process. During this, you have to keep checking the color changing of the meal.
  • From the sides, the food area will start to cook.
  • After removing the meal from the fryer, give it 20 minutes to settle.

That’s it! Have a great dinner!

What Temperature is Broil in an Air Fryer?

The greatest heating level that air fryers can provide you, ranges between 475 and 510 degrees. It is the best level to broil any dish in the air fryer. There is a switch on your air fryer that you can press to broil your meal.

The heating level of the meal depends on the temperature that you preset on your air fryer for broiling. According to the temperature, your meal will cook.

Standard temperatures for air fryers range from 475 to 510 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the heat level that your air fryer will try to reach when it is in broil settings.

An air fryer’s highest heating level prepares food rapidly and accurately. But it can also reach temps that are extremely dangerous to catch fire. That’s why you must keep an eye on your meal while it is broiling in the air fryer.

The main purpose of broiling a meal in the air fryer is to get a crunchy and crispy surface. So, if you do not want to overcook your meal, you will have to stay there near the fryer.

Also, you can set a timer to a proper duration and manage it accordingly. When utilizing an air fryer for frying, you should follow the precautions given in the operating manual of the air fryer.

Air Fryer Broil vs Broil

Air Fryer Broil vs Broil

The major distinction between air broil and traditional broil is that the first uses circulating heat while the second uses direct radiant heat from the heating element. However, both methods require high heat to broil the food.

Another difference is that air broiling is quicker as air fryers do not need much time to preheat. Also, air fryers take up less space. Air broil is perfect for those who are job-holders or office workers and have no time to cook meals at home.

Compared to air frying, air broiling is a little distinct. It resembles roasting or grilling meat and veggies.

By using the broiling technique, you can prepare your meal from top to down. Also, it will preserve the rich and delicious bottom. This technique is also preferable to produce juicy burgers that are seared on the outside. Additionally, you can use it to get crispy-crust sandwiches.

There is another advantage of broiling meat in an air fryer as you will not have to turn over the meat in the fryer.

All you will have to do is put the food products in the air fryer oven’s pan or platter. Then you will have to choose the circulation path up or down based on your requirements. That’s all!

Air frying employs uniform heating from all edges of the meal and broiling uses direct heat radiation from above. In both situations, you will have to turn the meal to cook it evenly and accurately.

When to use Broil Setting on an Air Fryer?

You can use the air fryer for multiple tasks at once as it is a very versatile kitchen utensil. An air fryer’s broil option is ideal for charring and browning meals. Here the question is when to use broil settings on an air fryer.

So, below are some pointers that will help you to know when to use broil settings on an air fryer;

  • If you need to have browned food then your air fryer will help you due to the high temperatures on broil mode.
  • When you will have to broil a lot of meals at the same time, the air fryer will allow you to cook enough food. It is because it has enough capacity.
  • If you desire to prepare food rapidly, your air fryer’s broil option will start cooking rapidly. It is because the air fryer uses intense temperatures to cook food quickly.
  • If you need uniformly cooked food, an air fryer is the best option while setting on broil mode. 

Is toasting the same as Broiling?

Is toasting the same as Broiling

Toasting is the process of preparing meals in a toaster oven, such as bread or a cut of meat. It involves toasting slices of bread, pretzels, or other pastries on both ends in a skillet. For toasting, you will cook on medium-low heat. With this technique, the food fries and sears uniformly on all surfaces.

On the other side, broiling is the process of cooking food in an oven at a high temperature. Air frying and broiling both use temperature to prepare food. But there are several significant distinctions between both methods.

The key distinction is that air frying provides more accurate temperature regulation. Also, it will reduce the chances of burning or scorching your meal. In addition, the dishes that are air-fried have less fat than meals that are normally fried.

Overall, high heat is used in both toasting and broiling to prepare meals. The major distinction between these two methods is the type of heat used. For broiling, you will need direct heat from the top. And for toasting, you will require indirect heat from both the top and the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Conventional broils prepare food from the surface only. While air broiling can prepare the food evenly by cooking the edges of the meat. So, you should use an air fryer for more even results and ample cooking surface.

Compared to frying in oil, air frying is much more nutritious. Air fryers are preferable to cut calories by 70% to 80% while having lesser fat than conventional frying methods. So, an air fryer is a more healthy option than others.

In an air fryer, broiling very is easy. You simply have to extend the frying time and move the meat nearer to the heat supply. This helps the exterior of your meal to broil while giving more delicious results.


After getting this blog post, you won’t ask, can you broil in an air fryer. It is because I have clearly explained how you can broil in the air fryer using easy techniques and features. So, don’t miss any point and become a professional chef.

Broiling the meat using an air fryer will allow you to get a delicious taste and texture of the meat. More than that, an air fryer is the best appliance that will give you easy cooking within a short time.

If you have any queries, drop them in the comment section!

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