How to use Air Fryer Rack? & Why You Need It?

An air fryer is particularly effective at preparing meals evenly and perfectly. The quickest way to get started cooking is using an air fryer. You can fry any item evenly and flawlessly with this little, portable gadget. When utilizing an air fryer, shelves or racks are very important.

Have you also purchased an air fryer rack but don’t know how to use that rack with your air fryer? Thus, an air fryer rack is the most important component of your kitchen. So, you must be familiar with using the air fryer rack.

I am going to assist you with how to use an air fryer rack. So, let’s examine the air fryer rack’s usage!

How to use Air Fryer Rack

How can I use an air fryer rack?

When utilizing the air fryer rack, there are a few factors to remember. So, below are the simple instructions that you can follow;

  • Cleaning
  • Correct Placement
  • Food Arrangement

Before placing the racks in the air fryer, you first have to clean them. For cleaning, you will require water and mild dishwasher soap. After that, you can use a fresh piece of fabric to clean and dry the water.

 Correct Placement  

When the racks have been dried, you can place them inside the air fryer. You will require lifted support facing down for inserting them inside the fryer.

 Food Arrangement  

To air fry your meal, you will have to evenly place your meal on the shelf and drop the basket inside. To cook the required meal, you will have to properly handle the appropriate control knobs.

If the tray has a double level for an air fryer, set it up as described above and place the foodstuff nicely in each set.
When the meal has been cooked, you can draw back the basket and serve your meal to your family. Before cleaning the rack, let it dry and cool.

If the racks are not included with your air fryer, you can consider the racks to purchase separately. The shelves are now sold separately.

All you have to do is choose the rack’s proper size based on the available area in your air fryer. It is essential to take the available space into account. It is because, if you can’t adjust the shelf inside the air fryer, the shelf will be of no use.

Why do you need racks for the air fryers?

The basket that contains the food within an air fryer normally comes with the machine. The problem is that you can’t add much meal to it at once. Uneven frying will occur from putting many items in the basket. Due to this, some items will burn, and others won’t prepare correctly.

So, what is the answer if you want to cook a large quantity of food in the air fryer at once? You can think about preparing them in smaller amounts. This is not a practical approach as it will take a lot of time.

A large quantity of the meal can be cooked by stacking food on these racks. Within the air fryer, you can arrange them easily. This ensures that all of the food receives a sufficient amount of heat for proper and even cooking.

You can effortlessly prepare wonderful kebabs in the machine because some of the trays come with skewers.

Why do you need racks for the air fryers

How can you use an air fryer rack in the Oven?

You can utilize the oven’s air fryer mode for items that need deep frying. First, you have to oil your meat before placing it inside the oven.

You can put single pieces of chicken or beef on the plate after spraying oil on it. In the oven’s settings menu, there is an air fryer option. You can adjust the temperature you want to fry it and give it a quick warmup.

You will have to set the skillet on the oven’s rack after it has heated up. Once the food has reached the required temperature, switch off the power. Before delivering your meal, move the tray from the oven’s shelf and let it set to cool.

How can you use your rack in the Oven?

What I can cook in an air fryer with a rack?

There are many items that you can cook in an air fryer. Some of the items that you can cook in an air fryer are given below;

 Chicken Patties  

For a crunchy and tasty flavor, chicken patties can be the ideal food to prepare in the air fryer. Because there is less space inside the air fryer, you might have to wait a while for the frying to finish.

For this, the better alternative is the air fryer rack. Using the racks, you can cook a large number of items at once.

 Burger and Steaks  

Other dishes that you can conveniently fry on air fryer racks include burgers and steaks. Do you have a party at your home? You have to simply use the racks to prepare as many items as you need at once.

In addition to burgers and steaks, you can also cook BBQs, kebabs, and similar dishes.


To get out the greatest flavor in the vegetables, would you like to fry them? You can easily accomplish it by using an air fryer rack. Employing the racks will allow you to prepare them in huge quantities.

Also, you would like to try vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, and others.

 Main Courses  

Many air fryer racks are excellent for a family of two, but most are not large enough to cook food for large families. On each surface of a double-layered air fryer pan, you can place a cup-sized piece of chicken or a leg or wings. In this way, you can quickly have your delicious steak or chicken wing.

 Leftover Foods  

You can reheat your remaining food using the air fryer and its trays. In case you didn’t know, the air fryers have amazing warming capabilities for this.

Burgers, chicken patties, pizza, and practically anything else can be reheated on it. The racks will enable you to quickly and efficiently reheat all of them at once.

What I cannot cook in the air fryer?

There are some foods that you shouldn’t even try to fry in an air fryer. Batter-fried foods, leafy greens, entire roasts, cheese, and uncooked grains are a few of these. All these items are not good to cook in the air fryer.

Even without the trays, these products cannot be cooked in an air fryer. They won’t cook correctly and leave a lot of messy, difficult-to-clean residue in your air fryer.

What I cannot cook in the air fryer

Where does the rack go in the air fryer?

An air fryer’s rack serves as a retaining plate for meals while it is cooking. The tray makes it easy to organize the food. Also, if you are preparing two separate dishes, you can stack another tray on top of the first one before switching on the air fryer.

In an air fryer, the rack will have two sets of “holders.” If your air fryer does not have enough racks, you can get some from a nearby shop or build your own. Both will be fantastic and helpful to you.

Where does the rack go in the air fryer

What is the drawback of using an air fryer rack?

The air fryer racks come with a little inconvenience. Due to blockage by the outer surface, the hot air cannot effectively contact all the food items in the air fryer. In this way, some items you arrange in a rack through a tray on the air fryer will not cook evenly.

You can easily fix this problem by simply switching the positions of the racks. The foodstuff on the various racks will be able to cook correctly as a result of this.


Although air fryers already distribute heat throughout your meal, an elevated frying rack is necessary for larger foods, including chicken drumsticks. It will make your meal crispier and crunchier without excessive oil.

A rack that some air fryers include allows you to put an additional layer of foodstuff above the baskets. So, rather than cooking just 2 parts of salmon, you can prepare any other meal as well.

By including racks onto the air fryer appliance, you can quickly increase its storage and capacity. Up to three or four times more space can be added in this way. This implies that you can prepare more meals in less time and with less effort.


The air fryer is a new invention and it is providing conventional methods of frying food. As compared to the other utensils, the air fryer requires the least amount of time to cook food. Most air fryers come with a food bucket, but some of them also come with racks.

So, the question is how to use the air fryer rack. In this article, I have clearly explained all the best methods and instructions on the usage of the air fryer rack.

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