Can You Put A Plate In An Air Fryer? What About Paper Plates?

Air fryers have become one of the essential kitchen appliances to cook healthy meals. And people prefer to use various trays and dishes in an air fryer for convenience. But can you put a plate in an air fryer? Is it safe to use a plate in an air fryer?  

The answer to this question is yes. But for this, you will have to follow some instructions and ensure that your plate is oven-safe. You can use ceramics, cast-iron, and aluminum plates in an air fryer safely. Also, you will have temo take care that your plate is not blocking air circulation.

What else do you need to know about it? For this, let’s jump into this article.

Can I use a plate in an Air Fryer?

Can I use a plate in an Air Fryer

Yes, you can safely utilize plates in an air fryer. Many people will be surprised by this because they believe that just like microwaves, plates cannot be placed in air fryers. But it is a misconception.

Plates are safe to put in microwaves as well as in air fryers only if they are ceramic, cast-iron, or metal plates. They are certified as microwave-safe after testing. Due to this, they are air fryer safe as well. You should never use your air fryer to cook anything on a plate if it cannot be cooked in an oven.

A plate must be tested to ensure that it can resist the temperature of an oven. After that, you can certify it as oven friendly. The majority of manufacturers test the plates at temperatures of up to 500 degrees. It will help them to ensure that their dishes are oven-safe,

Moreover, you should only use oven-safe dishes in your air fryer because normal plates can be melted. And they can be affected by high heat, which could also harm your air fryer.

So, if it is completely oven-friendly, you can utilize the plate in your air fryer.

What can be the drawbacks of using a Plate in an Air Fryer?  

Placing a plate inside an air fryer can obstruct air circulation. The process of convective air circulation has been used in air fryers to prepare meals. Cooked food results will be different if the circulation is blocked.

Due to this, you will not get the desired crisp and crunchiness that you will be expecting. So, you will need to be careful where you place a plate when using air fryers. It should not be placed on the valves where air circulation occurs. 

Otherwise, it can block the valves in your air fryer. It will end up enhancing the food preparation time and reducing the excellence of your food.

Furthermore, the dish or plate can fracture or split if it is too large to fit in the air fryer’s bucket. As a result, the meal will become stuck to the pieces of the plate. This way, the meal will become dangerous to eat. Due to this, you will have to waste or throw your entire food.

Can you put a Paper Plate in an Air Fryer?

Can you put a Paper Plate in an Air Fryer

Paper plates are not suitable or appropriate to utilize for air frying. Not only for air fryers, but they are also not good for any type of food preparation.

Below are the reasons why paper plates are not suitable to utilize in an air fryer:

  • Paper plates are so small and light that they have the capability of blocking the inner parts of your machine.
  • If the complete plate will displace from its position by the hot and rotating air in an air fryer, it will waste all of your meal.
  • The compressed air of an air fryer cannot manage a paper plate because it is so thin and light.
  • Moreover, paper is highly combustible and paper plates can catch fire rapidly. I am sure, you would not like to damage your machine with these kinds of trials.
  • Paper plates tend to hydrate liquids like beverages and water from the meals they carry. Even if your meal is not ruined or burned, it will feel tasteless or mushy.

Is it Safe to use Plastic Plates in an Air Fryer?

Is it safe to use plastic plates in an Air Fryer

The answer to this question is no. Air fryers aren’t compatible with any plastic utensils! The problem with plastic is simple to understand. Because plastic cannot endure the high heat of air fryers, it cannot be used in the air fryers.

Utilizing this type of cooking crockery in air fryers can result in a big waste and mess. It is because the extreme heat in these appliances is higher than the melting temperature of the plastic.

It will spoil your food if you place plastic in the air fryer. Not only that but also melted plastic will permanently damage your machine.

The most essential factor is that air fryers’ high heat can cause the plastic to break and emit toxic pollutants. It will make your meal full of chemicals. In this way, utilizing plastic in air fryers could be dangerous for small kids, the old, and pregnant ladies.

In the end, you will find it challenging to wipe up these plastic spills. They will get lodged and make the air conditioning system useless.

Can you put a Glass Plate in an Air fryer?

Can you put a Glass Plate in an Air fryer

In your air fryer, a glass plate is fine to use. Before using your glass plate in your air fryer, you must make sure it is oven friendly. It is because glass plates can be extremely harmful when placed at intense temperatures.

But there are some extra safety measures that you must follow if you choose to utilize a glass plate in your air fryer.

Safety Measures:

  • It is essential to make sure the glass is heat-proof before using it in an air fryer. Otherwise, the glass can break and injure someone.
  • When placing the glass dish into the air fryer, it mustn’t be cool. When the hot air from the air fryer comes in contact with the glassware, if it is cool, the plate can get thermal damage and crack.
  • You must ensure your glass bowl is hot or at ambient temperature before placing it in the air fryer. Otherwise, it could be hazardous to you and your air fryer.
  • Additionally, you must make sure that the glass plate has the proper size for the air fryer. If you use a large glass plate, it can obstruct air circulation and stop meals from frying properly. If the glass is too tiny, it can get stuck on the heat source if it falls on the basket’s slots.
  • When using an air fryer, you must stay away from foil and iron pans. It is because foil can burn under high temperatures.

So, you can effectively and safely fry with a glass plate in an air fryer by following the above-given guidelines.

What to do if glass plate breaks in the air fryer?

You will have to switch off the air fryer and disconnect it from the socket if your glass shatters inside of it. Then you will have to pull the bucket and any glass shards out from the air fryer with extreme caution.

You must avoid trying to fix the shattered glass by yourself. Injuries can happen from this and can harm you. Instead, you should contact the manufacturing company and order the new product as well as its replacement parts.

If you will use the air fryer by following the precautions, you can prevent this type of risk and trouble.

Can I use Ceramic Plate in an Air Fryer?

Can I use Ceramic Plate in an Air Fryer

Usage of ceramic plates in an air fryer to cook different meals is a great choice. They are known as the most durable and ecologically-safe plates. The only drawback of ceramic plate is that it has less reliability and they cannot endure for long.

Although ceramic is a substance that can withstand extremely high temperatures, you must be cautious while using them. If these ceramic plates are covered in a breakable substance, you should not use them.

Additionally, you must keep in mind that certain ceramic plates have a non-stick surface. When using an air fryer, these coatings must also be taken into account.

Most ceramic substances have melting points over 2000 degrees Celsius, or 3632 degrees Fahrenheit. That is among the severe temperatures.

Ceramics are mostly made of clay, and they are made in a furnace at very extreme temperatures. After completion, they are covered in a non-stick, and heat-resistant coating. The Slopes can endure temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius, or 2372 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, for air fryers, ceramic plates are a great alternative. If you take proper care of them, these sleek, waterproof, sturdy plates can endure a very long period.

What will happen if I use Styrofoam Plates in an Air Fryer?

It is highly forbidden to utilize Styrofoam in an air fryer due to multiple reasons. This substance can easily melt and dissolve between 212-464 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, it is not heat-resistant to endure the high temperatures of the air fryer.

So, styrofoam shouldn’t be placed within an air fryer as it can emit or release dangerous chemicals into the meal. This will make your meal harmful and unhealthy to eat.

If you want to use any type of material in your air fryer, you must test it before placing it in an air fryer. All oven-safe plates and dishes are safe to use as I have stated before.

What are the Things that you should Avoid using in an Air Fryer?

You must not use some foods and items to place in the air fryers. Some foods are not safe to use in air fryers and some materials are not compatible with air fryers.

Before using, you must test and check the items that you are going to utilize in the air fryers. It will avoid any types of dangers and save your machine from damage.

Below are some things that you should avoid cooking in an air fryer:

  1. Fresh Cheese
  2. Water
  3. Sauces
  4. Paper Towels

Fresh Cheese:

You might be aware that the cheese can rapidly scorch and dissolve under high temperatures. Similarly, the cheese will melt within the air fryer due to the intense temperature. In this way, it will result in a straggly waste. So, it is not preferable to use fresh cheese within the air fryer.

Instead of fresh cheese, you can utilize mozzarella sticks. With the use of your air fryer and some instructions, you can prepare tasty mozzarella sticks at home!


In simple words, water is bad for air fryers. Even though air fryers are versatile kitchen appliances, they lack a boiling option. So, any food preparation method that requires the use of water is inappropriate for air fryers. This cooking method can be boiling and steaming.

Your air fryer can be harmed by water easily. If you put a lot of water, the electrical elements can damage if they get into connection with the water.

Additionally, air fryers lack a water container. In this way, it is not preferable to use water or other liquid in the air fryer to avoid any type of damage.


When you talk about different types of sauces, they can be dangerous to your air fryer. So, it is not good for your air fryer to cook sauces in it. They can cause a lot of mess and make your machine damaged as well.

Paper Towels:

Paper plates shouldn’t be used in air fryers because of their high danger of burning and bursting into flames. You might be aware that paper cannot dissolve or melt. Instead, it starts to burn and emit fumes. To prevent fire dangers, you must avoid using a paper towel in the air fryers.

What can I safely put in an air fryer?

You can safely utilize the items in the air fryer given below:

  1. Parchment or Wax Paper
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Aluminum

What to consider while choosing a container for your air fryer?

What to consider while choosing a container

You must consider the factors given below before choosing a container to use in the air fryer:

  • Material and Quality
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Oven and Air Fryer Safe Containers
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

You shouldn’t put cardboard or any other type of paper in your air fryer. Under a high temperature, it will become easily pliable and adhere to your food. Instead, you can utilize cooking-safe wax paper in its place.

Yes, it is safe to use ceramic plates in an air fryer. Porcelain and ceramic plates can easily endure intense heat. But the coating on some ceramic plates can make them unsuitable for air fryers. They can become dull under high heat.

Yes, you can cook the sauce in your air fryer, but to prevent unnecessary water leakage, you will need to cover the sauce with a lid. It will avoid any type of mess in the air fryer.


Many utensils and materials are unsafe to use within an air fryer. And some materials are safe to use. It is essential to know the plate’s material before putting it in the air fryer. It will prevent any type of trouble for you.

Can you put the plate in an air fryer? If it is heat-resistant, then you can safely use it in an air fryer. This article has covered all the topics about plates that you can use in an air fryer. 

If you have any queries to ask then feel free to ask in the comment section!

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