Do Air Fryers Turn Off Automatically? – Auto Shut Down Reasons

Besides excessive weight, an air fryer is a wonderful method to prepare meals. But some people are concerned that they will not shut off automatically and could start a fire. It is essential to understand that air fryers automatically turn off so you can use them with assurance.

You must be concerned about leaving your air fryer on and starting a fire. Do air fryers turn off automatically? Thus, it all relies on the design and features of the air fryers. When the meal is prepared, some air fryers switch themselves off instantly, while others do not.

Below is the complete description of the air fryer’s shut-off features. Let’s get them!

Do Air Fryers Turn Off Automatically?

Do Air Fryers Turn Off Automatically?

There are many varieties of sizes and styles of air fryers. Some air fryers have additional features that let you cook, broil, or roast in place of frying. The Power Air Fryer XL or a NuWave air fryer are the two most common kinds.

The majority of air fryers have a tray you can take out to view the meal and a container you can use to place food items in. The food is cooked rapidly and accurately by the air fryer’s compressor as it moves heated air around the foodstuff.

Some air fryers are manufactured with an automatic shut-off feature that will allow the air fryer to stop when finished. With this feature, the air fryer stops working when the meal will cook.

For this, air fryers have the feature of a timer. Before starting cooking, you will have to set the time for cooking. Once the meal is cooked, the timer will indicate to get your cooked meal.

How Does the Safety Feature Work?

Also, some air fryers have safety features. If there is a malfunction with the air fryer, you can hit a protection switch on some air fryers. When the air fryer gets this indication, it will stop working and shut off automatically. It will prevent any kind of danger.

What are the Air Fryers That Shut Off Automatically?

Below are the names of some air fryers that have the timer feature and can shut off automatically once the meal has been cooked.

  • Airfryer XXL by Philips
  • GoWise USA 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL
  • PowerXL Vortex 7-Quart Air Fryer
  • Copper Chef Airfryer

Also, read our guide for smart wifi air fryers with app control and many more features.

Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Turning Off While Working?

Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Turning Off While Working?

Your air fryer can keep turning off due to many factors. Below I am going to describe a few of the reasons why your air fryer keeps turning off while preparing a meal:

  1. There could be an electricity Issue.
  2. Your air fryer needs to reset once.
  3. The power cable could be damaged.
  4. The air fryer’s draw or lid can cause a problem.
  5. It could need to leave unplugged for the whole night.


This article is all about to do air fryers turn off automatically. You must read the product specifications before purchasing if you’re searching for an air fryer that will shut off automatically. It can be simple to notice because many producers do not contain this detail in the product description.

Even air fryers without an automated shut-off feature will include a timer function. It will switch the appliance off after a set period. This isn’t the same thing as an automatic shut option.

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This is not a big deal with air fryers because you can adjust the timing as needed until the food is cooked to the desired crispiness. You should be careful that not all devices function precisely and accurately.

If you are going for other tasks, you can keep it working alone. But you cannot ignore it completely because it is equipment and is turned on. It is essential to keep an eye on the machine while it is working.

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