Can you Whip Egg Whites in a Blender? Yes Or No?

If you don’t have the right tools, beating egg whites can be the most unpleasant task. But you can make everything simpler with a good-quality blender. So, can you whip egg whites in a blender?

Although it is possible to whisk egg whites in a blender, this approach is not preferable. When the blade motions are not properly controlled, blenders tend to overwhip the egg whites. In this way, an unpleasant consistency will develop from overwhipping the egg whites.

So, how can you beat eggs in a blender and what are the precautions you have to follow? Let’s discuss this in detail!

 Can you Whip Egg Whites in a Blender

Can you beat Egg Whites in a Blender?

Yes, you can use a blender to whip egg whites. But if you overbeat egg whites, they become coarse and floppy. In this way, it would not be good to use them in your meal because they might not provide the ideal consistency. If they get to this point, it’s preferable to waste them.

Even many professionals in the market utilize blenders as they are quicker and easier to utilize. Thus, using blenders is not suggested for egg whites, particularly when utilizing little quantities of egg whites.

Egg whites contain 90% water and 10% proteins. The abdomen’s structure of a protein in the egg disintegrates as it is beaten. These broken protein fragments group to generate an enlarged form. This will be a perfect complement to your baked products.

How to Beat Egg Whites in a Blender?

How to Beat Egg Whites in a Blender

It is very simple and easy to blend egg white in a blender. For this, you will have to follow the simple steps given below:

  • First of all, you will have to put the egg whites you removed from the egg into your blender. You have to make sure your blender is clean and dry before putting eggs in it.
  • After that, you will have to adjust the rotors to the slowest speed and switch them on. Before mixing sugar or sour cream, you should let the mixture settle and run the blender for a few minutes.
  • Once the delicate crest appears, you will have to add the appropriate components and let the rotors spin a little longer. You will have to blend it until the hard crest forms. But you won’t have to blend it for more than six minutes.
  • Once the egg whites have gotten a firm shape, you must stop the blender instantly and utilize the egg whites. They are now ready to use in your dish!

What type of Blenders can I use for beating Egg Whites?

Due to their elegant design, blenders can easily beat egg whites without the use of additional tools and effort. For this, it is essential to have the right blender with simple and necessary features. What are the right blenders for beating egg whites? Below I am going to tell you some highly preferable blender companies.

1. Immersion Blender

Undoubtedly, the structure of an immersion blender is similar to that of a portable mixer/blender. Thus, immersion blender models are more customizable in terms of their capabilities than standard blenders. They have some added features and specs.

With immersion blenders, you can rotate between two distinct settings to beat egg whites. The egg whites appear to be over-whipped to some point. So, you must pay close attention while beating egg whites in a blender if you want to get a precise outcome.

Immersion Blender

2. Nutri-bullet Blenders

It is not advised to use this kitchen appliance for the first time. It is because these blenders are fast and use to blend hard materials.

On the other hand, if you utilize egg whites regularly, you must prevent overwhipping or splashing them. You must use the slowest setting on your blender.

Nutri-bullet Blenders

To get that silky and fluffy consistency for crepes, mousse, and pastries, you will need to beat egg whites. You will get this consistency when whipping egg whites by adding airflow to the egg whites.

What will happen when you beat Egg Whites in a Blender?

When you whisk egg whites, they will go through various stages. These are the four major phases:

  • Soft peaks
  • Firm peaks
  • Stiff peaks
  • Overbeaten
Various stages of egg white during whipping

Firstly, you must choose the level of softness at which you need your egg whites.

When beating egg whites, firm tops are typically what you need for baked products. But if you will handle a blender improperly, you could overbeat the egg whites without even noticing it!

For a dish like an egg white omelet, you would need to use overbeaten egg whites. But if you are baking a cake or pastries, you should make sure they have the right thickness and firmness.

Beating egg whites by hand using a whisk and an electrical stand mixer or a portable whisker are the two most commonly used techniques. But if you only have a blender, you can also still utilize it with some precautions. 

Can I make Egg Whites Fluffy in a Blender?

Egg whites will become smooth and frothy when whisked by hand or with an electric mixer. You can use any type of hand mixer or whisker as there are different types available in the market. Using a hand or electric mixer, you can get the firm and supple crest of the egg white after beating.

Thus, if you beat your whites in a blender, the whites will lose all of their air. In this way, this will make the top of the egg whites rigid and dry. They are not good to use in baked products or other dishes.

Compared to beaten egg whites, blended egg whites won’t become accurately smooth and frothy.

Furthermore, you must be aware that if you utilize a blender rather than a beater or stand mixer to prepare a treat like a mousse, the final product won’t be attractive and accurate. In other words, blenders are not preferable to beat egg whites.

How much time is required to Blend Egg Whites by hand?

How much time is required to Blend Egg Whites by hand

The quantities of egg whites, the desired peaks, and your power will all influence how long it will require you to beat your egg whites manually. If you are good at beating, you will require a few minutes.

Besides that, the procedure shouldn’t take longer than one to two minutes if you’re looking for frothy tops. Also, you can beat a bit longer to get firm consistency according to your dish.

Furthermore, based on how fast you mix, it could take 10 to 12 minutes to reach smooth and firm tops. Also, it could take longer than this. You would need a lot of time to reach such peaks for your dishes.

Can I use a Mixer to Beat Egg Whites?

Yes, you can utilize a mixer to beat egg white that is the quick response to this question. Egg whites are very tough to beat by hand. So, a mixer can speed up and improve the effectiveness of the beating process.

You will have to carefully split your eggs into the mixing bowl of your machine. Then you will whisk the batter at great speed until bubbles start to form.

To ensure that everything going smoothly, you will have to pause after every few minutes. Also, you must keep wiping the bowl’s edges if the mixture is slightly spilling out.

You will have to keep blending the material until the egg whites have reached firm peaks. After that, you can extract them from the mixer and use them where you want. You can use and mix this batter into any other recipes or put them on top of desserts.

Therefore, using a mixer to beat egg whites is a simple and efficient technique to get excellent outcomes every time. It will give you the smoothness and consistency that you need.


After removing them from the fridge, you will have to set the eggs at room temperature. It is not preferable to directly use the egg whites for beating after removing them from the fridge. It is because cold eggs won’t beat accurately.

When you will overbeat the egg whites, they will become dry and grainy. This type of consistency is not good to use in your dishes. While beating in the blender, you must avoid overbeating your egg whites.


Can you whip egg whites in a blender? In this article, I have briefly explained how you can whip egg whites using different blending machines. A blender can be used to beat egg whites but it is not a good technique for the desired results.

A hand blender or mixer can be a good choice to beat egg whites to get the desired consistency and texture. For this, you will also have to take care of some instructions.

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