Can you Bring a Blender on a Plane? – What TSA Says?

While going on traveling, sometimes you would like to pack some of your favorite things to carry with you. Some home appliances such as blenders are not available in the hotels or accommodations where you will stay. So, you would like to bring a blender on your trip. But can you bring a blender on a plane?

If carry-on baggage will fit in the overhead compartments and the blender’s rotors have been pulled off, it is permitted to bring a blender on a plane. If the rotors are left in the blender, they must be packed carefully in your checked luggage.

What are the rules and restrictions that you will have to follow while carrying a blender on a plane? Let’s have a deep look at them.

Can you Bring a Blender on a Plane

Can you Bring a Blender on a Plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a blender on an airplane in both your carry-on luggage and your checked luggage by following the TSA rules in the U.S. But if you take a blender on board in your hang bag rather than in your checked bag, the TSA has some specific rules for you to follow.

You must be cautious to study the airport- or airline-specific rules and restrictions. They will let you know what you can and cannot carry in your baggage before traveling to a non-TSA terminal.

What are the TSA regulations on Blenders?

What are the TSA regulations on Blenders

While going on the plane, blenders are commonly permitted in checked-in luggage. You must stick to a few strict guidelines if you have to bring a blender in your handbag.

It is entirely secure and safe to take thru customs with you if the blender’s rotors are taken out. If you don’t take out the rotors, the blender must be packed in your checked baggage. Also, it must be handled with the same care as any other harmful equipment.

If you have delicate items in hand luggage, you must encase or properly cover them to protect luggage employees from potential harm. It is essential for the safety of employees who are handling your luggage at the airport.

What about the sharp objects?

Any item that will be classified as a weapon must abide by strict guidelines. You must check whether it is permitted to carry on an airplane or not. Things like needles, box cutters, razors, chutes, and sharp blades are forbidden in hand luggage.

Knitting needles and shaving cartridges are some goods that fall within the exceptions to this regulation. But this is up to the choice of the TSA intelligence operative on the shift. Cutting tools must also be handled carefully. You must check whether they fall within space limitations or not.

Can I carry small kitchen appliances on a Plane?

You can carry the items or equipment in your carry-on or packed bag if it meets all rules and regulations concerning sharp items and gadgets. They must be permitted by the airline rules to carry in the plane.

Thus, it is permitted to bring tiny kitchen tools onto airplanes. These items include stew pots, blenders, camping burners, saucepans, and cookware.

The only thing to take into account is that these products must go in overhead storage. And it should be based on the airline you like to travel with. It is because there are a lot of options that you can choose from.

When you cannot carry a Blender on a Plane?

When you cannot carry a Blender on a Plane

No matter how strictly you have followed all the TSA rules and regulations, you can be stopped from bringing a blender with you. Although it is allowed to bring a blender with you on a plane, a TSA agent can have an objection to it. The final decision will be made by the TSA agent.

You cannot bring a blender on a plane due to the following reasons:

If the blades are not Removed from the Blender:

This only applies to carry-on baggage. According to the TSA information, blenders are permitted on airplanes. But the rotor of any blenders in carry-on baggage must be pulled out.

If the Blades are not Wrapped Properly:

If you have not removed the blades of the blender, you must wrap the blades accurately. For safety purposes, all cutting tools must be covered and fastened within checked luggage. Blender blades are included in this.

If the Agent doesn’t allow for it:

You must stick to adhere to the instructions given by the TSA agent. If he/she is not allowing the blenders to carry on the plane, you cannot carry them. TSA agent will tell the final decision about the blender at the airport.

Some Tips and Precautions:

It is important to keep in mind that the TSA regulations are universal and standardized for all. But you should also confirm with the regional airport to see if it has any restrictions on what you can take in your handbag or checked baggage.

If you are flying through a TSA-secured airport, the security personnel will guide you on what you can and cannot carry onto the airplane. The rules and restrictions regulating what you can carry will also change if you are traveling in an airline that is outside the U. S.

Additionally, it is preferable to bring portable and small blenders for travel because they are simpler to carry. In this way, you won’t have any issues while carrying them in your handbag or checked luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What items are not allowed to carry on a plane?

Commonly, weapons and dangerous items are not permitted to bring in a plane. It can be replicas, antiques, toys, illegal drugs, any kind of fuel, flammable objects, paint thinner, chlorine, other chemicals, and bleach.  

Can I take a water bottle on the plane?

Yes, water bottles are allowed to carry on a plane. For this, you will have to follow the 3-1-1 rule as you cannot bring the full water bottle. Thus, empty water bottles are permitted without any issues.


Can you bring a blender on a plane was the main topic of this article. I have given my best to describe the rules to carry a blender on the plane. It is necessary to follow all the restrictions of the specific airline if you want to take the blender with you on a plane.

Well, it will be a good option to remove the blades of the blenders before carrying them in your luggage. This will avoid any type of danger or risk.

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