Can you Shred Chicken in a Blender? Yes, In a few easy Steps!

A blender has become one of the most essential kitchen appliances in all households. It can be used for different tasks such as blending, mixing, pureeing, and chopping. But can you shred chicken in a blender? So, yes, you can utilize your blender for shredding chicken.

Shredded chicken can be used in so many different meals but also it is a time-consuming task to do. That is the reason, you can shred chicken in your blender to fasten the process of shredding whether you are preparing dinner or lunch for your family.

How you can shred chicken in the blender and what are the requirements for this? Let’s explore the answers to these questions.

Can you Shred Chicken in a Blender?

Chicken that has been minced can be added to stews and other recipes. It is simple to prepare and ideal for various food choices. But you should be aware that mechanically shredding chicken requires time. That’s why you will like to prefer other methods to speed up the process.

Besides grinding your spices and other items, you can also utilize your blender to shred chicken. It’s amazing to know because blenders are very compact and reliable to carry anywhere you want to go as well.

So, you can easily and quickly shred chicken in your blender whenever you need it. For this, it is essential to know how you can shred chicken in the blender without making a mistake.

How to Shred Chicken in a Blender?

It is easy to chop chicken in a blender without much effort. The chicken will be prepared and then settled before adding into the mixer.

Let’s go over all of these processes separately so that you get to know every process to avoid any confusion.

Step 1: Cooking / Boiling

First of all, the chicken must be cooked properly. It can be unsafe to shred raw meat as it can make your shredded mixture overcooked. So, to prevent this, you must always fully prepare your meat before chopping it. The chicken can be roasted, boiled, or steam-cooked as per your choice.

The most popular way for preparing chicken for slicing is boiling. It is because it not only makes the meat juicy and delicious but also makes it very easy to slice.

For extra flavor after shredding the chicken, you can add flavors before putting the chicken. You can utilize some salt, pepper, and even some garlic.

How to set the temperature of the chicken?

You must see if the chicken is completely done after cooking it for around 20 minutes. To do this, you should check the bigger chunks of the sliced chicken and check if the center is completely white.

Bigger chunks of chicken will require more time to prepare completely than chicken breast and thighs. They will boil for around 20 minutes.

To check the prepared chicken’s temperature level, you can also utilize a digital thermometer. You must take it out of the flame whenever it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or 75 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Settling

After that, you should give some time to the chicken to settle. When shredding the meat after heating, this process will enable all of those liquids to drop and disperse all across the meat. This will create a much more delicious and rich texture and flavor for the meal.

You must make sure to wrap it in aluminum or plastic wrapping. Then you will have to place it on the tabletop to settle until it arrives at room temperature. You must wait until it reaches the ambient temperature because it will affect the taste and doneness of the meat.

Step 3: Separation

Although it is not necessary, it’s an excellent idea to check your chicken for any leftover bones before slicing it. As it is simpler to do, you can also separate the bones before boiling them.

You should carefully check each slice of cooked chicken for any little bones. Also, you can use forceps or tongs to extract them. This will prevent someone from eating these tiny bits by mistake and causing harm.

Furthermore, you can integrate chicken bones but you shouldn’t mix crushed bones with your chicken meat. It can cause small wounds due to the bones shards. Not only that but also it will give your prepared dish a chalky texture.

Step 4: Shredding

In this step, the cooked chicken meat must be added to your machine and blended until it forms shreds. The perfect blender for this is a high-powered blender like a Vitamix.

Based on the size of your blender, you might need to complete this procedure in small rounds. To avoid mistakenly combining the chicken breasts and thighs into one combination, you can shred them individually. If you will blend them together, you will not get the desired outcomes.

How can I store Shredded Chicken?

The next step is to correctly preserve your chicken after you have done shredding it. In this way, it will not lose its flavor and tenderness. You can store your minced chicken in the freezer for up to three days if you place it in a sealed jar.

You can store the frozen chicken in your freezer for up to four months. Additionally, you must check the pack because many items seem to have the same look after storing. It is common in the case of large quantities of food.

Thus, freezer sacks are not always the best choice. It is because if they will be kept inside the freezer for an extended period, they might result in freezer damage. So, it is preferable to utilize lidded reusable packaging.

Where can I use Shredded Chicken?

You can use shredded chicken in different dishes as given below:

  • Shredded Chicken Tacos
  • Dill Chicken Salad
  • Barbeque Chicken Nachos
  • Soups and Stews 
  • Salads


Chicken shredding can be hard work that necessitates a lot of time to prepare your dish. Due to this, you might ask if can you shred chicken in a blender. Yes, and I have explained all about it in this article.

Shredding chicken in a blender can speed up the process and save a lot of your time. You only have to follow the instructions that I have mentioned above. Also, you can store this shredded chicken in the refrigerator for later use.

Have you got the answer to your question? Let me know your remarks!


Besides a blender, you can also utilize a food processor and stand mixer to shred chicken. They are also very simple and easy to shred chicken without additional requirements. Compared to shredding with hands, they can quickly shred chicken.

Although there are multiple options to shred chicken, blenders can be the best choice. It is because they are among the easiest methods to shred chicken as they need very little space in your kitchen. Also, they can quicken the process of shredding as compared to other methods.

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