GE Dishwasher Beeps every 60 Seconds – Easy Fixes

GE dishwashers are among the most effective and reliable washers that can make your washing easier and simpler. But sometimes it starts beeping after every 30 to 60 seconds which can be annoying for anyone. What is the exact issue behind the GE dishwasher’s beeps every 60 seconds?

Well, there can be multiple reasons for the dishwasher to beep after every 60 seconds. Sometimes your dishwasher starts beeping because you didn’t latch or close the door accurately. While the power shortage can also be an issue that you will have to resolve to stop beeping your dishwasher.

So, if you want to get details about your dishwasher and issues relating to it, don’t stop reading here.  

Why is my GE dishwasher beeping every 60 seconds

Why is my GE dishwasher beeping every 60 seconds?

If you have noticed your GE dishwasher beeping after every 30 to 60 seconds, it would need to repair. If your GE dishwasher beeps after 60 seconds, the door latch probably needs to be replaced. But if it occurs during a cleaning cycle, it can indicate that the door lock is not latched accurately the way it should be.

For this, you must start giving the dishwasher door a hard press to fix this. This will force the latch back into position. If this doesn’t help you to solve your issue, the door might be blocked by something.

Additionally, there’s also a chance of detector malfunction. In either case, you can easily conclude that the door’s failure to latch is the issue.

Fixing your GE Dishwasher

A defective dishwasher can cause a lot of trouble. It is recommended that you follow a set of instructions to fix the appliance if your GE dishwasher begins to beep and you are unable to determine why. Your user’s handbook or the troubleshooting settings can have detailed instructions on how to perform this.

Below are the two options to follow to fix this issue:

  1. Check the door Latch of the Dishwasher and Fix it
  2. Reset your Dishwasher

Check the door Latch of the Dishwasher and Fix

First of all, you must make sure the door of your GE dishwasher is shut completely. When all other attempts to close the door have failed, you can switch off the dishwasher, check the door latch, and determine whether the door and microswitch are affected or not.

The door latch and microswitch could have to be changed in very rare conditions. If so, you can either replace it with a new latch yourself or have a maintenance professional perform it for you. It will cost between $20 and $100. So, you should keep the cost as well in mind.

Reset your Dishwasher

If you have never tried it before, you might be thinking about how to reset the GE dishwasher. You shouldn’t be worried about the process of resetting your dishwasher because it is very easy.

How to reset your dishwasher?

How to reset your dishwasher

Why does my GE dishwasher keep beeping? There could be an issue with your GE dishwasher if it keeps beeping. For this, you can reset the dishwasher and you would not need expert help if you will follow the instructions.

1. Press the Restart Key Two Times to Reset it

A start/reset key will be present on the front settings menu of your GE dishwasher. You will have to click this button twice to start the resetting.

If it doesn’t work, you will have to keep the key pressed. Based on the particular model, the button’s placement can change, but it is always prominently indicated. This means you will have no trouble finding this button.

2. Push the Restart Button

You can push the Start/Reset switch once more if the dishwasher is switched off. This will function in the same way as other machines’ power buttons.

If your machine won’t switch on, there might be a bigger issue going on. You should verify the power switch in your house as well as the power cable to the dishwasher.

3. Disconnect the Power Supply

You can manually restart if resetting doesn’t work fully, by cutting off the power. For instance, the key could not be operating right. You will have to locate the power cable for your dishwasher and disconnect it. Then you will have to leave it disconnected for 30 to 60 seconds.

You can then re-plug it and give it another chance. If the power cord is out of reach, you can turn off the dishwasher’s supply by using the circuit breaker in your house. Then, turn on the connection for your dishwasher or kitchenette. Before turning the power back on, you must let it idle for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. Blinking Start to Drain Water

If the start/reset key is flickering, there is nothing to worry about. The glowing icon on the majority of dishwashers indicates that the water within the GE dishwasher is draining. This happens as soon as a cycle in your dishwasher is finished.

The dishwasher will then go back to its standby mode. Essentially, flickering indicates that your dishwasher is performing an automated restart.

After the dishwasher has restarted itself, you should switch off the electricity if the start/reset switch is still blinking. Then, you can restart your machine or completely cut off its power by following the instructions above.

5. Put the Washer in Service Mode  

There is a repair option available on many GE-dishwashing machines. This option is sometimes referred to as a “diagnostic state.” Whatever the key name, the purpose remains the same.

On the majority of machines, you can activate this option by pressing the Start key for five seconds. You can press the start button and choose cycle buttons for an additional five seconds after the Power button starts blinking.

You can access it on other machines by pressing the “Cycle Select” switch. Besides that, you can get assistance from the user manual to figure out the accurate procedure.

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What are the other Cause and Fixes of Dishwasher Beeping?

Besides all solutions, you can check the following aspects to address this issue:

1. Check the Dishes in the Dishwasher

Check the Dishes in the Dishwasher

To ensure that the dishwasher operates efficiently, you should accurately organize the dishes inside the appliance. You can check the manual guide on how to arrange the dishes inside the dishwasher.

In other words, the appliance might not work if dishes are impeding the blade arms or if any water starts spouting. You must make sure both pans can freely shift back and forth. Also, you must ensure that dishes are not overloaded in the dishwasher to the full capacity. It will cause the dishwasher to beep after a few seconds.

2. Check if there is a Soap or Detergent Dispenser

An over-filled soap dispenser can also make the dishwasher sound on several GE machines. You can add soap if the dispenser is exhausted before having to resume or restart the cycle. Additionally, as many recent machines can beep when the rinsing assistance is low, you should check it as well.

3. Check whether the Water Level is Low or High

The level of water in the dishwasher can generally drop below the required level to operate. It can occur due to problems with the water lever, pumping station, or a defective floating valve. In this situation, the dishwasher will flicker and show an error message on the machine that describes the issue.

4. Power Shortage

A power fluctuation in your house can potentially be the cause of the beeping. A restart will typically work in this situation. If the restart doesn’t operate, you might have to manually reset the machine by turning off the power switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most typical cause of this problem is a malfunction with the door latch. So, your dishwasher can have a software problem that prevents it from operating correctly. In any scenario, follow the above instructions to restart the dishwasher.

Your GE dishwasher has several trouble codes that can differ based on the particular model. The trouble codes and their implications should be listed in your appliance’s manual. For instance, “Cup Open” indicates that the washing cup is still open and has not been shut.

If you utilize the dishwasher regularly, it is recommended to cleanse the filter every few days. Excess water will not discharge properly if filtration is blocked. Because of this, the dishwasher won’t begin a new washing operation until everything is clean.


Now that I have briefly described why your GE dishwasher beeps every 60 seconds. I am sure that after reading this guide you can find out the issues and their solutions with your dishwasher.

Usually, if the door of your dishwasher is not closed accurately, it will cause your GE dishwasher to beep after every 60 seconds. For this, you can fix the issue by shutting it correctly or just by replacing the door.

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