How Long do Bosch Dishwashers Last? – What Not To Do?

No doubt, Bosch dishwashers are among the most useful and effective ones to use in the kitchen. When you go to buy a Bosch dishwasher, you will get multiple features and types to consider. How long do Bosch dishwashers last is also an essential factor to consider? So, what is the exact answer to this?

If you will carefully use your dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it will last for almost 10 to 12 years. But it is necessary that you properly take care of your dishwasher. Multiple factors can affect the lifetime of a dishwasher.

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion about the lifespan of a dishwasher. 

how long do bosch dishwashers last

What is an average life expectancy of a Dishwasher?

Dishwashers typically last ten years but their lifespan can change based on how effectively they are operated. Assessing the door seal is a useful technique to determine whether your dishwasher requires maintenance.

It could drain air if it is fractured or damaged, which would reduce the unit’s lifespan. You must clean the filter displays and the drainage pumps as well. Thus, these components should be changed every two years since they are inclined to clog.

How long does Bosch Dishwasher Last?

In the dishwasher industry, Bosch is a famous and high-quality brand. They are not only much quieter than the typical dishwashers, but they also have NSF-certified washing operations. It can get rid of up to 99.09% of bacteria on the dishwasher’s exterior.

The dishwasher has top-notch load detectors, which direct users to the ideal allocation for effective dishwashing. Bosch dishwashers are one of the most popular brands on the market for other aspects as well.

It will be good to estimate a few more years of excellent cleaning when compared to the previous models when it relates to its longevity. Bosch dishwashers have a minimal longevity of 10 years when compared to the regular dishwasher’s average longevity.

Bosch dishwashers normally last 10 to 12 years with routine servicing. So, that is how long it will keep working before the dishwasher malfunctions. Only premium brands, like Miele, have a small chance of outrunning Bosch.

What are the different factors that can affect the Lifespan of a Dishwasher?

factors that can affect the Lifespan of a Dishwasher

The Bosch dishwasher can probably last ten years in a normal home using it five times per week. If all requirements are met, this term could go up to 12 years. The lifespan of your Bosch dishwasher will rely on a variety of things.

Let’s examine several elements that affect a Bosch dishwasher’s lifespan and how they can be managed to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Frequency of Use and Detergent Quality

A dishwasher would last approximately ten years if it will be appropriately operated. Dishes could decrease the lifespan of the dishwasher if you left them in there overnight. Thus, dishwashers’ lifespans will be shortened if dirty plates are placed in them for a long. It will also affect the detergents to wash the dishes properly.

This is necessary to consider the quality of the detergent to let the dishwasher properly clean the plates. The dishwasher won’t remove the fat from the plates if you wash them with soap. The plates become encrusted with oil and making it impossible for the dishwasher to wash them. In this way, grease cannot be removed from plates with soap.

Work-load Per Cycle

The quantity of plates the dishwasher manages throughout each washing round can also shorten its lifespan over time. Besides the frequency with which you operate the dishwasher, the workload per cycle has also a major impact on the longevity of the dishwasher. 

A maximum load will cause the Bosch dishwasher to risk greater damage than a half-load or even a rinse-only mode. This is because longer and larger loads need more moving capacity and components.


Your Bosch dishwasher’s waste catcher is not the only part that requires maintenance. To ensure the components of the dishwasher run smoothly, it must be carefully maintained. Your supply of water will contain gunk formations if it is hard water, which allows the formation of bacteria as a result.

For this, you must employ a descale to prevent that. You can start the washing cycle at its maximum temperature for the first 30 minutes, then place the items in the dishwasher and let the process finish. You will have to repeat the process to remove the residual after you’re done.

You can use a moist towel or mild soap to cleanse the exterior doors and lock to avoid corrosion growth and grease accumulation. Then the Bosch Stainless Steel Conditioner can be used to maintain the dishwasher’s visual attractiveness.


A dishwasher is overloaded when it has too many dishes in it. If you are not cautious while using your dishwasher, this could cause injury to you as well as damage to the appliance.

When you load the washer or dryer with too many dishes, overloading might happen. Additionally, it may take place if you clean dishes manually. When washing dishes by hand, water spills can strike the floor and spread around the kitchen.

Cleanliness of the Filters

Although the dishwasher’s producers advise throwing away food remnants before washing plates, oils and debris can still find their way into the food filter. If the filter is not cleaned properly, it will fill with debris and stops letting water flow.

At the bottom of the lower rack is a mesh filter which you can access by lifting the rack. To open the filters, you can turn the sprayer arm out first and then anticlockwise.

Then you will have to take out the entire structure, which includes the mesh plate and the filter. To detach the filter, you will have to pull on the bottom of it.

After that, you will have to set the filter back together by replacing each element. Based on how you use the product, it is advised that you carry out the above-mentioned operation every three to six months. This is the first step in maximizing a Bosch dishwasher’s lifespan.

Quality of the Brand

The quality of the product is the last element that will impact how long your dishwasher will last. The dishwasher will not last very long if the components of the dishwasher are made by low-quality manufacturers and unreliable sources. But if you will prefer the good-quality items and components of the dishwasher, it will last a bit longer.

When should I replace my Bosch Dishwasher?

The clear indicators of a faulty system will require you to change your Bosch dishwasher when they become too visible. These indicators are given below:

  • When you see that your dishwasher can’t finish a washing process without quickly turning it off, there might be some issues. So, you will have to replace your dishwasher.
  • A dishwasher utilizes hot water to wash dirty dishes, which is a disaster for bacteria. If your plates don’t come out clean, there will be a clogged filter or a broken heat source. For this, you must think about changing your dishwasher.
  • You must think about how old your system is. Is it older than a Bosch dishwasher’s expected lifespan? This will help you decide whether or not you have to change your dishwasher.
  • Rust on the machine’s surface won’t reduce its effectiveness and performance. But if it happens internally, you need to find a replacement right away. This raises serious concerns about possible water leakage or contamination of your utensils.
  • While the door is not closing, it might be a sign of a broken door latch. The door will eventually deform from heat and pressure, making it difficult to close and turn on the machine.

Note: Most Dishwashers beep after intervals if there is a Door issue.

Is Bosch Dishwasher Worth the Money?

You are aware that machines like dishwashers are essential in every home. Although dishwashers are useful to wash dishes, they also require washing and cleaning.

Other issues including mold development, stink, corrosion, and cracking can result from a dirty dishwasher. So, investing in a high-quality dishwasher always seems to be preferable. But how do you pick the best one?

Here are some recommendations for the top dishwashers for homes.

Verify the warranty duration:

The majority of manufacturers give their items a short guarantee. Typically, this lasts from one to five years. You must ensure the manufacturer provides a warranty that includes both services and parts expenses.

Seek out models with a top shelf: 

Top racks make it easier to put heavier objects like cutlery, dishes, cups, and bowls into the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Dishwashers have a ten to twelve-year lifespan if maintained properly. It depends on how frequently you clean plates each week. After every mealtime, it’s a good idea to wash the dishes. The dishwasher would last longer if you only wash your dishes once a day. 

Dishwashers from Bosch are renowned for their durability. But it is essential to remember that Bosch dishwashers are not made to last a lifetime. However, they can last for years if they are properly cleaned. On average, a Bosch dishwashing machine lasts 10 to 15 years.

All Bosch dishwasher versions have a single stainless-steel structure. They have a difference in noise level in the 300 series from 48 dBA to 44 dBA. However, their cleaning capacity and performance are also the same. The lifespan of both dishwashers depends upon their usage.


Now that you might be clear that how long does the Bosch dishwasher last. You can increase the lifespan of your dishwasher if you will operate this with precautions and instructions given by the user guide.

However, if you will ignore the instructions, it will greatly impact the performance as well as the lifespan of the dishwasher. So, it is all up to you how you use your dishwasher and maintain it for longer.

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