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When you go to the market to buy a dishwasher, you will see a variety of dishwashers having different sizes as well as weights. As dishwashers are available in different sizes, they have different weights according to their size. But on average, how much does a dishwasher weigh?

A standard dishwasher has a size of 24 inches and its weight will be around 77 pounds. This range of weight varies from standard-sized dishwashers to portable countertop dishwasher sizes between 50 to 125 pounds.

You can get to know the rest of the information about the size and weight of the dishwashers by going through this article below.

How much does a Dishwasher weigh

How much does a Dishwasher weigh?

Generally, dishwashers can be divided into three main categories. These three categories are built-in dishwashers, portable dishwashers, and countertop dishwashers. To know about the weight of each dishwasher, you have to go into the detail of each dishwasher.

So, let’s find out more about the following types of dishwashers and how much weight each one carries.

1. Built-in Dishwashers

A built-in dishwasher is among the most common types of dishwasher. When people think to buy a dishwasher to put under the counter, they usually consider a built-in dishwasher.

Built-in dishwashers are fixed in place below the countertop. People generally place them close to the basin in the kitchenette or attach them to the drainage system. Built-in dishwashers are typically available in two different sizes.

The first is a common size, and the second is small. A few essential aspects about the size and weight of these two dishwashers are as follows:

  • Typically, a built-in dishwasher is 35 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. They typically weigh 35 kilograms or 77 pounds. So, standard built-in dishwashers weigh between 50 and 125 pounds.
  • Generally, a small built-in dishwasher is 24 inches deep, 18 inches broad, and 35 inches in height. A small built-in dishwasher usually weighs around 60 pounds or 27 kilograms. Thus, small dishwashers can weigh between 50 and 75 pounds.

2. Counter-Top Dishwashers

Counter-Top Dishwashers weight

To free up space for another machine, this kind of dishwasher can be put on the countertop. The name “countertop dishwasher” refers to the fact that these are compact as well as portable dishwashers. They can be put on top of the surface and close to the kitchen sink.

A faucet is used to link this kind of dishwasher to the water system. The system of the dishwasher doesn’t allow to use of the dishwasher and basin at the same time. So, this might be a difficulty in some houses.

On the other side, this type of dishwasher is compact and lightweight. It is simple to carry with you and store. Additionally, because it is so small, there are a fixed number of plates that can be cleaned at once.

Dishwashers for countertops typically weigh around 45 pounds. Also, some countertop dishwashers can weigh up to 70 pounds or as low as 30 pounds.

3. Portable Dishwashers

Portable Dishwashers weight range

Portable dishwashers quickly attach to a tap, just like countertop dishwashers. But this kind of dishwasher is installed on the floor and is usually on wheels. Due to this, you can quickly and easily place it in a cupboard or cabinet. So, it cannot be placed on the kitchen worktop or countertop.

If you are living in a rental apartment or place where no dishwasher is installed in the kitchen, you can carry this built-in dishwasher as it is a great alternative.

Portable dishwashers, as opposed to countertop models, are big and sufficient to handle an average rack of plates for washing. With an average weight of 108 pounds (49 kg), this is the biggest kind of dishwasher. But the weight varies greatly depending on the dimensions.

While bigger types of portable dishwashers can weigh up to 150 pounds, smaller units can weigh as little as 50 pounds.

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Examples of some Popular Dishwashers with Weight

After getting information about the three different types of dishwashers, it can be advantageous to look at a few samples and note their specifications. Let’s start talking about some dishwasher weight examples with different brands.

1. Whirlpool Tall Tub

This built-in washer has a top controller. It is 34.5 inches in height, 24 inches broad, and 24.5 inches thick, and its weight is around 55 pounds.

2. KitchenAid Tall Tub

This built-in dishwasher has a top controller. It is 34.5 inches tall, 23.8 inches broad, and 24.5 inches deep, and it weighs 100 pounds.

3. Whirlpool Portable

This Whirlpool dishwasher is thin and lightweight. It is 37 inches in height, 24.1 inches in width, and 26.5 inches thick. When it comes to its weight, it is 56 pounds.

4. SPT Portable

These compact dishwashers are called SPT Portable. It measures 35.6 inches in height, 17.6 inches broad, and 23.6 inches deep, and it weighs 114 pounds.

5. Whirlpool Tall Tub

This built-in dishwasher has a front controller. It measures 33.5 inches in height, 23.8 inches in width, and 24.5 inches thick, and it weighs 55 pounds.

6. Samsung Dishwasher

This built-in dishwasher includes a front interface. It is 33 inches tall, 23.7 inches in diameter, and 24.6 inches thick, and it weighs 66 pounds.

7. GE Tall Tub

This built-in dishwasher has a front panel. It is 34 inches in height, 23.8 inches broad, and 24 inches thick, and its weight is almost 65 pounds.

How to Move a Dishwasher?

How to Move a Dishwasher

It is known that based on the kind of dishwasher you have, the weight can vary greatly. So, you must ensure that moving your dishwasher is secure.

First, you may have to contact a reliable company that can assist you if you have any queries or worries regarding the safety of your dishwasher.

Below are some instructions to follow while moving your dishwasher from one place to another:

  1. Before beginning to move your dishwasher, you must be sure it is unplugged from the power supply. Although it might seem simple, many people move dishwashers without first disconnecting them from the water and electricity supply. It can be harmful and increase the chances of catching fire or electrocution.
  • If you need to take your dishwasher someplace, you must ensure it is safe inside your car before you start to drive away. The use of tie-down ropes that lock the machine into position is an excellent idea.
  • You must consider using a vehicle with a ladder if you have to transport your dishwasher to a new system. You will not be concerned about putting the dishwasher on the truck bed in that manner. This is one of the most common places that can be harmful to people.
  • You must try using a trolley rather than carrying the dishwasher from the kitchenette to the car. To easily transport the machine to the vehicle, you can mount the dishwasher on some casters.
  • You must try to use some sheets or a blanket to shield the dishwasher as you move it. This is necessary to prevent you from crashing into the walls when you leave the space.

How to Install a Dishwasher?

Below are some tips and instructions that you will have to follow while installing a dishwasher:


First of all, you will have to prepare your dishwasher by measuring the space, buying a dishwasher’s installation kit, buying required tools, checking existing connections, ensuring that the floor is plain, disconnecting the power connection, and turning off the water supply.


After that, you will have to connect the water supply to the dishwasher, connect the drain line, connect the power line, and slide the dishwasher into place.

Can I move a dishwasher alone?

A dishwasher can be lifted by one individual but it is based on the size and heaviness of the machine. If it is heavy, it could be challenging to move around. It is preferable to get help from other people if lifting the dishwasher is difficult for one individual.

Also, it is necessary to take preventative measures, such as utilizing suitable carrying/moving methods. Also, before trying to move the machine, you must make sure the route is free. Moving a dishwasher by yourself can also be risky if it is heavy and big.


The weight of a normal dishwasher is about 150 pounds. The majority of types have built-in casters so, you can move the machine on its edge and turn it backward. Your dishwasher might not have casters if it is extremely new or very old. You will require two persons to move it in such an instance.

Usually, a Maytag dishwasher weighs between 100 and 150 pounds. Based on the dishwasher’s model and dimensions, the weight can change. So, if you will buy a dishwasher with a bigger size, its weight will also change.

In general, LG dishwashers weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. The smallest LG version’s weight is only 50 pounds, while the largest one crosses the numbers at 60 pounds. In this way, they are among the lightweight dishwashers available.


If you have gone through this article from start to end, you must be clear about how much a dishwasher weighs. It is because I have briefly explained the different types of dishwashers along with their size and weight. By viewing the size of the dishwasher, you can estimate the size.

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