Are Air Fryers Loud? What Is Their Sound Range?

Do you want to buy an air fryer but are concerned about the noise it makes? In short, some air fryers are extremely loud, resembling a vacuum pump. They can produce a noise similar to a dishwasher or washing machine. Others emit a low, steady buzz. It is because they use a fast fan to circulate air to cook the food.

Air fryers can be loud depending on the brand and variety of air fryers. It isn’t the loudest kitchen gadget, but it can be among the noisier cooking items.

So, are air fryers loud or not? What is the right answer? You can learn about how air fryers work and what their sound range is by looking at the elements given below. So, here we go!

How do air fryers work?

To cook fried meals, air fryers circulate heated air around them and a heating element operates similarly. On the other hand, air fryers have a smaller footprint and use less power.

You can also use air fryers to prepare a smaller quantity of food than an oven. Air fryers usually include an automated shut-off option, so, they can be left isolated while frying. They also include a timer that allows you to set it and leave it.

In other words, an air fryer is a fantastic alternative if you are searching for a convenient way to prepare your food without oil!

How do air fryers work?

Are air fryers supposed to be noisy?

Yes, an air fryer can make a lot of noise. As air fryers use a fan to pump hot air to cook meals, so this can be the reason. The sound produced by an air fryer is determined by the manufacturer and type of the air fryer.

Also, you can determine this by checking the construction quality and material used in it. An average air fryer produces roughly 65 decibels, according to experts. This is slightly noisier than a microwave’s 55 decibels. It is important to note that this is an average number.

Additionally, there are also some quietest air fryers on the market that make a very low level of sound. Thus, the air fryers vary in their operating noise levels even within a model, there is a range of sound levels.

Are air fryers supposed to be noisy?

Why is an air fryer so loud?

You can be familiar with the use of a rice cooker or a crockpot cooker. All these cooking machines make a lot of noise and you’ll notice the difference and ask why the air fryer is so distinct.

So, there are a few reasons why an air fryer makes noise:

  • Fan Operation
  • Design
  • Food Residue
  • Loose Parts

You have to keep in mind that the sound level of an air fryer can be different depending on the reliability and quantity of food in the basket.

 Fan Operation  

An air fryer cooks a meal with the internal fan by adjusting the heat level around the basket of the air fryer. Without this spinning air from the machine’s heat exchanger systems, an air fryer would not operate.

To preserve the hot air moving around the food while keeping the parts within the fryer cool, the fan must operate at an extraordinary speed. In this way, it is fair to expect some sound from a well-functioning air fryer fan.


If you purchase an air fryer without considering the noise element, you will shock when you use the item. It is because you weren’t expecting it to produce the sound it does. What you should know is the sound emission varies depending on the air fryer’s construction quality.

The noise production of air fryers varies depending on the brand and type. Some brands’ models can be louder or quieter than others. So, you can check the model before purchasing an air fryer.

 Food Residue  

Food particles and oil deposits can block a smooth-running machine. And food particles or dirt can generate a buzzing noise within the air fryer.

Manufacturers suggest that every kitchen gadget must be cleaned before and after usage, whether it’s an air fryer for cooking delicious chips or a coffee maker for preparing coffee.

Food particles inside the fryer could affect its proper functioning and efficiency. Also, it can be the cause of sounds other than the regular operating sounds.

 Loose Parts  

When the air fryer or any gadget is in use, unsecured or loose parts will make a lot of noise. This is not something you’d expect from a new machine unless it was damaged during delivery or has a technical flaw. You can expect a loud sound in which situation you should contact the producer or supplier.

In any item, if you hear an unwanted sound, it could be due to the loose components in the internal parts. Unless the device is under guarantee, it will be fine for a replacement. So, if the machine is making a lot of noise, you should turn it off and call the manufacturing company.

How loud are air fryers?

Air fryers are among the most widely used kitchen gadgets nowadays. You can use them to prepare a range of dishes and they are a quick and healthier option for deep frying.

Well, how noisy are air fryers? The noise level of most air fryers is between 50 and 75 dB, which is about the same as a freezer working sound. Although some types are quieter or noisier than others, air fryers are silent machines.

In short, an air fryer is an excellent alternative if you are seeking a quiet frying device. So, if you are worried about the sound levels of your air fryer, you must always test it before you purchase.

How loud are air fryers?

Are all air fryers loud?

No, not all air fryers make a lot of noise. Some air fryers are made to be silent, while others are made to be loud.

If you’re concerned about noise, you can search for an air fryer that has a low noise level. You can also read feedback to discover what other people think or say about a machine’s sound levels.

Below are some air fryers with their sound levels in decibels:

  • Philips Air Fryer: 52-61 dB
  • T-fal Air Fryer: 50-60 dB
  • Black & Decker Air Fryer: 54 dB
  • Cuisinart Air Fryer: 59 dB
  • Ninja Air Fryer: 65 dB
  • Power AirFryer: 68 dB
  • Gourmia Air Fryer: 72 dB

Decibel meter apps:

You can check decibels with your phone using a few free decibel meter apps. These applications all detect sound levels using your phone’s speaker, so they would be accurate. You just have to make sure they’re correctly calibrated before collecting readings.

Here are a few of my favorite apps:

  • Sound-Meter (iOS, Android)
  • Decibel X (iOS, Android)
  • Audio Toolkit (iOS, Android)
  • Noise Hunter (Android)
  • Noise Meter (Android)

How can I make my air fryer quieter?

There are a few things you can do to keep your air fryer quieter. One option is to use a decibel measurement app on your phone to see if the sound generated from the air fryer is excessive.

If that’s the case, you will need to think about moving the air fryer to a separate room. Also, you can prefer to use insulating elements to surround it. To lessen the level of sound produced by the air fryer, you must use a lower temperature or preheat it for a shorter time.

Additionally, you can keep your air fryer quieter by doing the following:

 Fix loose parts  

If your air fryer has any loose parts, they will produce vibration and enhance the overall loudness. So, you must check the air fryer’s any loose screws or nuts and tighten them as required.

 Consult with technician  

If your air fryer is still making noise after you have tried to repair it yourself, you must have to check it with an expert.

 Properly clean the fryer  

The sound in the air fryer can occur due to the dirty air fryer. So, make sure you cleanse it as per the manufacturer’s instructions regularly. Also, before and after every use. You must clean it with a damp towel and give oil to the grids as well.

 Buy a new Air Fryer  

It will be necessary to update your air fryer if it is old or damaged. You have to search for an air fryer that has been designed with quietness in mind. It will give you peace of mind and comfort while working.

How can I make my air fryer quieter?

Should you buy an air fryer or not?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you are deciding whether or not to purchase an air fryer. Air fryers are the widely used items on the market, and they come with several significant advantages and disadvantages.

Air fryers can be a healthier option for deep frying. They use hot air to cook meals rather than oil or fat. This implies that there will be less fat absorbed by your food and your food will be healthy.

Furthermore, air fryers are incredibly quick and easy to use. They heat up rapidly and prepare meals in a few minutes. This makes them ideal for hectic days when you don’t have much time to prepare a meal.

On the other hand, air fryers have some drawbacks. They can be costly, with prices ranging from $1000 to $1000. Also, cleaning them can be challenging because the frying basket is small and difficult to access.

Should you not buy an air fryer?

So, should you invest in an air fryer?

It is entirely dependent on your requirements and preferences. An air fryer could be an incredible deal if you are searching for a healthier alternative. They are helpful to fry oil-free meals or if you ever need a quick and simple way to prepare meals.

If you are on a tight budget or don’t need to cope with the trouble of cleaning small equipment, you must stick to standard cooking techniques.


The quietest air fryer that I’ll recommend to you is GoWISE GW22731 and it is among the best items. It has been designed with all the quiet features and easy to clean methods as well as simple to operate features.

No, air fryers require generally less amount of electricity. Thus, ovens, deep-fryers, and microwaves are all different from each other. When you talk about the average amount of electricity then 1500 watts is normally used by air fryers.

Air fryers can be costly, big, difficult to store, loud, and have a small cooking capability. In the end, air fryers are popular for years, but they are only worth buying if they are a better match for you. So, if you have a large family, an air fryer can help to cook multiple dishes at once.

You can use a nozzle or a brush to utilize as little oil as feasible when frying in an air fryer. If the oil isn’t leaking off the meal, a teaspoon or 2-3 tablespoons of oil should suffice. When you use too much oil, it drips from the meal and goes near the air fryer motor.

No, air fryers are very small machines and will not heat your kitchen as compared to the ovens. It is a good alternative to fried foods, especially on hot summer days.


Are air fryers loud? This is all I have explained in this article. Thus, an air fryer’s sound level is determined by the brand and type. Also, you can check it by the elements used in its construction.

These machines’ strong fans produce a specific level of loudness. It is also possible that the sound coming from the air fryer is caused by damage or a fault.

So, you must take care to cleanse it regularly. It will also be important to maintain any problematic parts from causing the gadget to malfunction.

Stay tuned till next!

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