Are Air Fryers Safe for Birds Or Not? [Pet Owners Should Know]

Undoubtedly, air fryers have become more common in houses throughout the world due to their benefits. They enable you to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily without needing a lot of time in cooking. It also minimizes the use of a conventional deep fryer.

Recently, there have been some questions raised about whether these gadgets are suitable for birds. Are air fryers safe for birds? Short answer is No, birds are increasingly being killed due to dangerous air fryer chemicals. An air fryer with a Teflon or PTFE surface could harm a bird. It is because birds are more sensitive to these gases.

Let’s move toward the detailed information about the air fryer’s effects on birds!

Are Air Fryers Safe for Birds

Do air fryers kill birds?

If an air fryer has a Teflon or PTFE layer, it can prove to be toxic and also dangerous to birds. So, you can say air fryers are unsafe for birds!

The Teflon and PTFE covering can emit chemicals that are hazardous to your pet birds. It is because of the extremely high temperatures that are employed in air fryers to cook meals.

Cooking temperatures in air fryers range from 325°F (163°C) to 400°F (204°C). The substances that the PTFE covering releases at this heat are normally assumed to be persistent and harmless for people.

The PTFE begins to degrade at a ratio that releases hazardous gases. It happens only when the temperature rises to 570°F (299°C). These gases are too dangerous for human inhalation as well as for the nervous system.

Moreover, minimal amounts of PTFE emissions, even at reduced temperatures, are dangerous for birds.

If you are using an air fryer with a Teflon or PTFE covering, it is extremely important to keep it away from your pet birds. Your birds’ well-being will suffer severely if they are exposed to any poisonous materials or thermal factors. So, it can have a toxic reaction, particularly in birds.

Although many PTFE air fryers claim to be ecologically friendly, they are not.

If you live in an area where there are birds, you can purchase air fryers from a few well-known companies that don’t contain Teflon coverings.

Are Air fryers not safe for all kinds of Birds?

Yes, Teflon/PTFE-coated air fryers are not appropriate for all types of birds. It is because these chemicals release some dangerous gases.

If you have birds as pets, you must ensure that they are kept away from the air fryer and your cooking area. These birds can be pigeons, parakeets, ravens, ferrets, gerbils, cardinals, and other types of birds.

If you choose to purchase an air fryer, you will have to consider looking for one without a Teflon or PTFE coated basket. These air fryers without Teflon coating will be suitable and safe for your birds.

Also, you must keep in mind that the air frying machine should not produce any fumes while it is running. While utilizing an air fryer, these two components will help in lowering the danger of killing your bird.

Besides all, you must read the instructions handbook completely before utilizing the equipment. It will help you understand how to use it properly.

What are the best Air Fryers for birds?

What are the best Air Fryers for birds

You must search for air fryers that don’t contain PTFE or Teflon. Other non-stick coating solutions, such as ceramic coating, are also available and suitable for birds.

If you want additional information about potential safety issues with particular models, you should get in touch with customer care experts by email or telephone. Before utilizing such items, you must ensure that you thoroughly read the user handbook.

If you are uncertain about the air fryer models to purchase, the following air fryers are available and safe for birds:

What should I do with my birds while using an air fryer?

What to do if you keep pet birds at home and also need to utilize an air fryer? Don’t panic! There are air fryers available on the market without PTFE or Teflon coverings. These types of air fryers have the advantage to use near pet birds and animals without any risks.

You will have to replace your Teflon-coated air fryer with the new air fryer oven that are the easiest way to save your birds. They are commonly built of steel material and/or metals because they are based on conventional ovens. In this way, just a minimal amount of PTFE or Teflon covering will be needed in the manufacturing.

The largest air fryer ovens include the Ninja Foodi which is the best option to replace your old air fryer. You will also have one more option as MaxiMatic EAF-05SS Air Fryer which is completely safe for birds and other animals.


Are air fryers safe for birds? I have written this article to answer this question. So, air fryers release some gases that are not suitable for birds.

Some air fryers have a PTFE or Teflon coating. When exposed to high temperatures in an air fryer, these layers will release gasses. Birds are much more sensitive and could be injured even in a small proportion of gases. But humans are safe from these gases. 

Have you found what you were looking for? Let me know your experience!


A Teflon fryer is not beneficial to your wellness if you have any medical problems. Teflon toxicosis is highly harmful. Teflon contains harmful toxins, which have the potential to develop into disease over time. They can be harmful to both humans and pets’ nervous systems.

The answer is no! Although air fryers are harmful to birds, they are safe for other animals and pets. Birds will face difficulty while staying near an air fryer but other small animals won’t have any problems.

Ninja is well-known as an air fryer company that is famous for its core ideas and safety concerns. They proudly claim that their products are created with an aluminum bucket covered in porcelain without the use of PFOA or PTFE.

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