Why Is My Air Fryer Non Stick Coating Peeling Off?

Peeling off the air fryer’s non-stick basket is a typical issue that almost all chefs face. It is not possible to pinpoint the precise timing of the flaking. Thus, it can begin after a few months of regular use or long later. But you must be aware that it can happen with most air fryers.

The excellent thing is that you can maintain the health of your air fryer by taking some precautions. The main causes of air fryer flaking and corrosion are sharp items, elevated heat, and poor coverings. To prevent oil accumulation in your air fryer, which can increase flaking, you must stay away from using metal cutlery.

Let’s discuss in detail about air fryer’s non-stick basket coating peeling.

Why is My Air Fryer Non-Stick Coating Started Peeling Off?

Why is My Air Fryer Non-Stick Coating Started Peeling Off?

If the non-stick covering material in your air fryer is flaking, there will be several causes. It could happen due to poor quality and rough cleansing. Preparing a meal at the incorrect temperatures can also be a reason. Another cause of air fryer coating peeling is the wrong setting of your air fryer bucket.

Below are some of the major causes of air fryer basket flaking:

  • Rough cleaning
  • Higher Temperature Levels
  • Cheap Item Quality

Rough cleaning

You must take extra precautions when cleaning down your air fryer. It can be any other non-stick material as well. You must keep in mind that you are not using metal brushes to cleanse the area.

Instead, you must use warm water and a soft cloth to quickly clean up any residues.

Higher Temperature Levels

Nonstick coating can flake off when food has been cooked at a higher temperature. Thus, frying at the right temperature helps to extend the life of the fryer. So, you must maintain the right temperature of your air fryer according to the food type.

Cheap Item Quality

This is typically the main reason for air fryer flaking. Even if you use a moderate cleaning solution or prepare meals at the right temperature, low-quality components can quickly wear out. So, it is essential to get a high-quality air fryer to avoid flaking.

What Should You Do to Avoid the Flaking of an Air Fryer?

You must use the following precautions to avoid peeling off an air fryer:

  • The Teflon covering on the air fryer’s basket can damage if you wipe it with metal brushes. So, avoid using metal brushes and sheets.
  • When preparing food, you must be cautious to adjust the thermometer properly.
  • You must utilize air fryer frying charts and temperature instructions as a guideline.

How to Remove Peeling from the Air Fryer?

How to Remove Peeling from the Air Fryer

Baking soda helps remove corrosion on your air fryer if it is not very old. But you must keep in mind that you cannot utilize the air fryer with iron or any other scratchy material!

Below is the finest method to remove peeling with baking soda solution from your air fryer:

  • First of all, you will have to mix baking soda and liquid to produce a dense solution.
  • Then you will spread this paste to the areas that are corroded and let it set there for 20 minutes.
  • After removing the solution, you will have to rinse your air fryer as normal.
  • To finish the procedure, you will wipe and clean the air fryer with a dry cloth.


The purpose of writing this article is to let you know about all the causes and reasons for air fryer non-stick coating peeling. You can get through this article and find all the possible solutions to this issue.

You must wipe and maintain your air fryers after each usage. Additionally, you should regularly season the air fryer bucket with cooking oil. It will help to enhance its performance and you will enjoy the outcomes.

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Teflon is a unique substance that is used to produce non-stick coverings for air fryers. You must check if the non-stick layer is made with FDA-approved materials. If so, you shouldn’t be concerned if the coating begins to flake. Otherwise, you should worry about it.

You must consider utilizing parchment paper if the coating on your air fryer begins to flake off. With this paper, Teflon would not get into your meal. You can change or send it back if it is still under warranty.

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