Where to Put Air Fryer in Kitchen? Try These Ideas!

An air fryer is a modest, lightweight kitchen appliance that utilizes hot air to prepare meals without or with very little oil. Many people neglect the safety measures while preparing a meal in the kitchen using an air fryer.

On the other hand, some people use their air fryers without first checking the manufacturer’s instructions. It is a common thing that any kitchen appliance should be easy to access for your ease. So it is very essential to know where to put an air fryer in a kitchen.

In this article, I’ll talk about the installation of the air fryer in the kitchen. So, pull up your socks and come with me!

Where to Put Air Fryer in Kitchen?

Where Can I Put My Air Fryer in The Kitchen? 

All air fryers of small or large size will require some kitchen workspace. So, where can I put my air fryer in the kitchen? The solution to this question can be determined by the following aspects:

  • The size of your kitchen
  • The accessibility of your kitchen
  • The surface’s composition and condition
  • Usage of machine
  • Other machines in your kitchen

In light of this, the following factors will help you decide where to place your air fryer in your kitchen:

  • On the Counter-Top 
  • On the Kitchen Island 
  • Under the Cabinets 
  • In a Cupboard 
  • In a Pantry 
  • In a Storage Room

Can you put an Air Fryer on Stovetop?

Can you put an Air Fryer on Stovetop?

The answer is no! Any cooking appliance whether it is off or on should never be placed on a stove. It also includes an air fryer.

The issue with this is that you or anyone else could mistakenly switch on the burner and destroy your air fryer. This would lead the air fryer to destroy.

As an outcome, it will make the kitchen smell like burnt plastic, fill the room with smoke, or even start a fire.

Due to this, you will also have to purchase a new air fryer which will affect your budget. It will depend upon the brand and type of air fryer that you will purchase. So, it is highly prohibited to place your air fryer on the stovetop.

What is the Best Place to Put an Air Fryer in The Kitchen?

An air fryer is a powerful standard oven that utilizes hot air to prepare meals. It has a high-temperature capacity of more than 450°F. Also, a typical air fryer weighs more than 10 pounds and is larger than a cooker.

That’s why the installation of an air fryer is important. You should pick a solid, heat-resistant area that is at least 5 inches away from a wall.

Below are the instructions to follow for the air fryer placement in a kitchen!

  • Select a Stable Place 
  • Put Air Fryer on a Heat Resistant Surface 
  • Use Heat Resistant Mat under your Air Fryer 
  • Give 5 inches of Space from your Wall 
  • Keep Away from Children 

Select a Stable Place

It is crucial to place your air fryer on a solid surface, such as a table or stove counter. But it is necessary to choose a fixed place for all of the stuff. Cooking with an air fryer is easier when you are doing it on a sturdy platform.

Another crucial tip is to place your air fryer as close as possible to the electrical board plugs. In this way, the air fryer cord will be quickly accessible. If not, you must use an electrical cord.

Put Air Fryer on a Heat Resistant Surface

For your air fryer, you must pick a heat-resistant base and avoid placing anything dangerous below. An air fryer is a type of conventional oven with the latest and modern features and specs. It can generate a lot of heat while processing.

So, a suitable heat-resistant coating can simply handle the air fryer’s intense temperature level.

Use Heat Resistant Mat under your Air Fryer

Extreme heat can reach the tabletop and can easily damage it. You can resolve this issue by using a heat-resistant mat. A heat-resistant pad can protect your tabletop from the extreme heat of an air fryer while it is frying.

Are you aware that a granite surface can be cracked by an air fryer? Yes, it is accurate. But the strong heat from the air fryer won’t damage your worktop due to a silicone mat. It is an excellent heat barrier.

Give 5 inches of Space from your Wall

The air fryer includes two fans: one for venting and the other for heated airflow in the air fryer.

This fan circulates excess moisture in the air out of your air fryer. This way, it will maintain the temperature of the air fryer inside to avoid overheating.

All air fryers have a venting fan on the top that is directed towards the walls. If you restrict the venting by placing your air fryer then the airflow procedure will disrupt. Due to this, the air fryer’s capacity and efficiency will decrease.

Keep Away from Children

An air fryer is not a toy for children. These electrically powered machines generate a lot of heat for frying. Therefore, make sure your air fryer is out of reach of little children at all times.

When they are alone, children attempt to eat French fries and sadly, have tragic accidents. Yes, many air fryers are simple for children to use, but your child should be at least 12 years old.

Always take a look at your children at all times. Not only that but also keep the air fryer out of reach of the children. It is essential for the safety of your children.

Can I put the Air Fryer on the Counter Top?

Can I put the Air Fryer on the Counter Top?

Recently, air fryers have become incredibly common due to their safe cooking methods and simplicity of use. Once you become familiar with the features and functions of an air fryer, you can use it to prepare a variety of meals.

Can I put the air fryer on the countertop? Yes, you can put the air fryer on the countertop. You must position your air fryer on the heat-resistant ground that doesn’t have a danger issue.

If the air fryer countertop is your prime focus, ensure that it is secure and robust. You should check to see if your kitchen counter can withstand the temperature of the air fryer or not. It is because there are different kinds of counters.

There are some durability and safety issues with every machine with home chefs should be aware of. E.g., suppose you need to cook anything in the air fryer at high heat for 3–4 hours. If you don’t take care of the air fryer’s base and the items around it, it could be dangerous to keep it for longer.

There are different types of countertops to consider;

  • Granite Countertops
  • Laminate Countertops
  • Concrete Countertops
  • Quartz Countertops


Air fryers are the best innovations in this era for a healthy meal without fat. So, in this article, I have briefly explained where to put the air fryer in a kitchen. It is very essential to know the proper placement and installation of the air fryer in the kitchen.

It will provide you with enough assistance while cooking a meal in the kitchen. So, by reading this guide thoroughly, you will get to know the exact installation of the air fryer.

It would be a pleasure for me if you share your suggestions and remarks!


Anything that provides a sturdy platform for your air fryers can be used below an air fryer. It should be heat-resistant, such as silicone mats, cutting boards, or a chunk of granite. Also, your air fryer will work perfectly with a silicone pad.

Yes, you can safely use Parchment paper in your air fryer to prevent waste dirt and food contamination. But that should be pierced. The pre-cut paper is called parchment which is made of hardwood and food fibers.

For simple frying in your air fryer, you can use silicone muffin tins, tiny silicone bread pans, silicone cookware, etc. The PTFE-like substance and BPA are not present in the legally authorized silicone material.

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