Does Blending Destroy Fiber & Nutrients? Myths Busted!

When you talk about nutrients and fibers, blending is the best way to get healthy shakes and smoothies. But many people state that blending destroys fibers and that’s why doctors don’t recommend blenders for different drinks. But does blending destroy fiber? Is it true?

Well, blending does not remove all the nutrients from the fruits but they extract a little part of them. There are soluble and insoluble fibers and nutrients in fruits & veggies. When you blend them in the blenders, they break down and do not destroy at all. Although it is preferable to eat fresh fruits and veggies, shakes can also be beneficial.

Let’s take a deep look at the different facts about blenders and their blending advantages as well as disadvantages.

Does Blending Destroy Fiber & Nutrients

Do smoothies have Fiber?

Do smoothies have Fiber

Yes, all the smoothies contain fibers. As fiber does not destroy when food is blended, smoothies still contain all of the fibers which will be present in fruits and veggies.

The beverages of fruits and vegetables are a completely different matter. Making juices of fruits removes the liquid from the flesh and skin. These are the parts of the fruits where the fiber is found. You would like to preserve that fiber for sure.

All the qualified nutritionists suggest taking smoothies over drinks when it’s feasible. Fiber is the best carbohydrate. So, increasing your intake of it can give you the following benefits:

  • It can lower cholesterol.
  • It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • It is good to keep you regular.
  • It helps to support gut health.
  • It is best to support weight loss.

Does Blending Destroy Fibers?

Does blending fruits and vegetables destroys fibers

When you blend fruits and veggies, you are tearing down insoluble fiber or effectively pre-masticating it. Blending will not remove fiber as the soluble and insoluble fiber of veggies and fruits operate with each other to slow releasing of glucose and processing.

So, it is not true that blending destroys fibers and other nutrients. Thus, blending just maintain the same level of nutrients and vitamins when you make smoothies or shakes with fruits and veggies.

Besides that, a very small part of the fibers or minerals will extract from the fruits while blending. But this reduction of ideal fiber is not so severe. Drinking a glass of fruit and vegetable smoothie is still healthful because it contains many micronutrients and minerals.

Additionally, after you put your fruit or vegetable in the blender, you will get a variety of nutrients and vitamins. So, have a blender, stop worrying, and savor that smoothie!

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients?

Some micronutrients’ viability will be increased or decreased as a result of heating. An outstanding example of a meal that gets simpler to digest and absorb when cooked is an egg.

Some minerals that are commonly lost during cooking are given below:

  1. Water Soluble Vitamin: It includes vitamin C and vitamins B 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 9, and 12.
  2. Fat Soluble Vitamins: They can be vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  3. Minerals: These minerals can be potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

So, you should prevent overheating if you would like to get the maximum benefits of the vegetables in your beverage or shakes. Your milkshakes are usually harmless because the majority of blenders don’t use any heating at all.

Also, some less powerful blenders could take a long time to mix items like frozen fruit. It raises the chances that heat from the blending machine will overtake the components.

You can take advantage of speedy, flawlessly blended smoothies while avoiding overheating those wonderful B vitamins and minerals. For this, you can employ a strong and high-quality blender.

Does Oxidation occur in blending?

Oxidation begins the moment you chop a fruit or vegetable. So, you can say that the oxidation-induced nutrient decomposition process is quite slow.

For instance, an apple chunk starts to furrow as quickly as it is sliced and this is called Oxidation. But the process of the slice’s color changing also requires a significant amount of time.

You are not required to stress about consuming your milkshake as quickly as you can. It is because oxidation will begin as soon as you mix it. Many of the micronutrients in your milkshake will be unaltered as much as you consume it within a sufficient amount of time. Also, if you preserve it in a covered and chilled jar or place, it will stay the same.

Does Blending unlock Nutrients?

Does Blending unlock Nutrients

You might have heard that mixing or blending gives full minerals and increases their solubility. You can also enhance its benefits if you will utilize well-known manufacturers of powerful blenders like Vitamix and Nutribullet!

They could help to improve the absorption of important vitamins in fruits and veggies. Moreover, there is no indication that mixing veggies and fruits “unlocks” their micronutrients.

You might be aware that cell wall components are largely maintained during blending. But some research has indicated that more intensive processing techniques, such as juicing, can increase the availability of micronutrients for digestion.

For instance, juicing some veggies will improve beta-bioavailability. But the elimination of fiber, whose availability can lessen the intake of carotene, will not be good.

In my opinion, even slight improvements in the solubility of particular micronutrients are not better to lose the beneficial properties of fiber!

Are blended drinks good for health?

Does fruit mixing eliminate the fiber? Are nutrients lost while blending? No, it is not true. The nutritive benefits of pureed fruits and vegetables are high along with complete minerals. So, you must add more fruits and veggies throughout the day to prepare shakes and smoothies.

Despite this, smoothies might not be as nutritious as their whole-food equivalents. Smoothies are consumed more quickly than entire veggies and fruits. Thus, both the speed of consumption and the act of blending might affect satisfaction.

To avoid sucking down your smoothie too soon, you must make sure to include fruit in your meals in all of its types.

How long do Nutrients last after Blending?

How long do nutrients last after blending? What components you use in your smoothie and how you store it will determine that completely. The easiest method to keep those nutritious and delicious ingredients in your smoothie is to preserve it in a refrigerator in an airtight container. You can store it if you don’t want to have it immediately.

According to some specialists, a smoothie can be chilled for up to 24 hours without significantly losing its nutritional value. So, you can take it later when you want. But to get the maximum advantages of all those fruits and vegetables, it is preferable to consume your smoothies immediately.

How can I minimize the loss of Nutrients during and after blending?

How can I minimize the loss of Nutrients during and after blending

You can do the following things if you want to save the nutritional value of your smoothies and drinks and minimize the loss of fiber:

  • You must drink the smoothie right away after mixing it in the blender.
  • If feasible, you must utilize fresh ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • If you can’t drink it right away, you should keep it in the fridge in a sealed container. Thus, you can store this prepared smoothie for 24 hours.

You should avoid doing the following things if you need a nutrient-rich smoothie after blending it:

  • You must blend and prepare your smoothies enough. But you will have to try to not over blending your smoothie. If you will blend it excessively, it will lose its original taste and texture.
  • After blending, you will have to allow your smoothies to remain at room temperature for a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be aware that the fiber from the whole fruits and veggies in smoothies will be preserved. But it can never be bad to include a small amount of additional fiber for blood glucose-balancing benefits. You can also add hemp seeds, crushed flaxseed, or chia seeds.

The vessel or jar your blender arrives with relies on the manufacturer you choose. It is because blender jars are made of a variety of materials. Based on your demands, each material has advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the blenders with plastic, glass, or steel.

No, blending does not destroy nutrients and fibers in the shakes or smoothies. But you should not try to over-blend your fruits or veggies as it can change the texture of the liquid.


Many people ask does blending destroy fiber. So, I have described all about the blenders and their nutritional values in this article. You can follow the methods and precautions given in this article to get the full nutrients from your smoothie and shakes.

You must be aware that blending will not reduce and destroy the nutrients and fibers in the smoothies. But juicing can reduce some content of fibers and nutrients.

If you have got the answers to your questions and concerns, do share your feedback with me!

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