Why are Blenders so Loud? – How to Make them Quiet?

You might be familiar with various kitchen utensils if you love cooking and working in the kitchen. Blenders are one of the kitchen appliances that can make your cooking quick. Without blenders, it is challenging to rapidly prepare a dinner.

But some blenders have a loud and irritating sound that can disturb others in the home. When you have to mix numerous things, it gets irritating because of the noise. Why are blenders so loud? They have been designed with different electrical parts such as blades, motors, fans, gears, bearings, etc. All these parts rotate and make noise. 

If you need to know how to reduce the sound of blenders, keep reading this article.

Why are Blenders so Loud

Why are Blenders so Loud?

Some blenders are so loud as they can distract you while cooking. It is because they are dependent on electricity. Sound waves are created by power and circulate through the air. It will result in noisy blenders.

Well, below are some major reasons why blenders are so loud:

Blades of Steel Blenders

Steel rotors are used in blenders because they are sturdy and long-lasting. They make them more reliable and durable machines. Steel blades can slice and chop anything because they are so strong. Thus, the blades of the blenders can cause noise that can be annoying. The reason for the noise can be the fast-rotating speed of the blades.

One other reason for the noise in blenders can be the misplacement of blades after assembly. They can become loose or dislodged which can cause high vibration and loudness.

Blender Motor

The blender’s rotational speed is controlled by the motor speed. The blenders can mix items quickly at a greater motor speed. Blendtec’s motor is a strong motor that you can use. Even the strongest materials can be blended with the strength that this motor delivers.

With its changeable speed dial, you can choose between low, medium, and extreme rates. What the blender mixes depend on the type of blades. For example, you should generally utilize a carbon steel blade while preparing milkshakes.

The strong motor can produce noise while blending any spice or making shakes. While blending veggies and fruits, the noise can be horrible.

High Speeds

Higher-speed blenders typically result in finer blends. Higher-speed blenders can also manage denser materials. But they can be irritating while making noise.

The speed at which a blender operates determines how much power it uses. The blender uses more energy the quicker it operates. In this way, when they will work quickly, they can produce noise.

High RPM used in Blenders

To mix well, a blender’s motor must rotate at a specified speed. RPM, or rotations per minute, is the term for speed. Higher RPMs cause the propeller to rotate more quickly, which improves mixing but makes the blender loud. This can be the major reason to make noise in the blenders.

Furthermore, noise intensity also impacts the performance of the blender. Juices and other drinks are best made in a quiet mixer.

Less Expensive/Cheap Blenders  

Some blenders are less durable and strong which makes them less expensive. They will also make more noise while blending different ingredients because they are not very robust. The low-quality parts of the blenders cannot work as the high-quality blenders work. They will not only produce noise but also damage soon after a few uses. But if you invest in a high-quality blender, it will last you for many years.

Old and Rusty Parts

You should never use a processor or mixer if it is rusted. The steel with bad quality rusts very quickly. In addition, a lot of things are grounded in blenders. Due to this, food scraps can become lodged between the blender’s holes. This will allow the steel to corrode.

Your blender will become much noisier if any one component is ruined. By drying off the blenders after every usage, you can prevent this from happening. Low-grade materials can rust more quickly than high-quality materials. Also, they will not produce as much noise as low-quality blenders.

How to make Blender Quieter?

How to make Blender Quieter

You can reduce the noise of your blender using different techniques if it makes noise. By following proper instructions, you can minimize this sound and make your blender quieter than before.

Below I am going to describe two methods that can help you to utilize your blender without additional noise.

  • Put a Towel under a Blender
  • Use a Sound Enclosure Box
  • Using both methods simultaneously

Put a Towel under a Blender

Everybody keeps extra towels or materials in their homes, right? To lessen the noise of your blender, you can place a soft napkin/towel or folded fabric under the mixer. Granite and other hard materials amplify the noise of the blender.

By acting as a soundproofing layer between the blender and the solid material, a wide towel can reduce noise. So, you must try this simple and easy method to make your kitchen and cooking comfortable.

Use a Sound Enclosure Box

Your ears can be shielded from the loudness of your blender with the help of a sound enclosure box. It serves as a shield around the blender but it does not prevent it from creating sounds.

Hardwood and sound-absorbing padding can be used to create a noise-enclosing box. To run the blender, you must always keep one edge open.

Using both methods simultaneously

To decrease the noise of your blender to a minimum level, you must use a soft towel and a noise-enclosing container simultaneously. A variety of approaches are always preferable compared to a single approach.

So, it will give you amazing results if you use both methods at the same time. The box will muffle any sounds while the wide towel will absorb them. In this way, you can reduce the noise level to a maximum level and make your blender quieter than before.

Further Tips to Muffle Blender Sound?

You can muffle the blender sound by following the methods given below:

  • You must blend in a non-echo-y room.
  • You should put your elements in the blender in the right order.
  • You must wear ear protection while blending.
  • You should buy a blender sound enclosure with the blender.
  • You should blend away from the wall.

Are there Quiet Blenders?

Are there Quiet Blenders

Yes, there quiet blender available in the market that you can use in your kitchen. They will have some amazing features that can cancel the noise and make your blender quiet.

Let’s have a look at different quiet blenders below:

Wantjoin Professional Quiet Blenders

The noise generated by this blender is muffled by its noise-canceling lid. You can mash a large number of foods in this machine because the noise is muffled. Also, this noise covering is simple to detach.

It functions as an ice breaker, milkshake maker, and ice cream manufacturer. To make this machine, high-end components, and pricey construction methods have been used by producers. To swiftly cleanse this blender, you must utilize the Quick Strong Motor in it after blending.

Optimum High-Speed Blender VAC2

The maximum high-speed blender has the benefit of expelling oxygen before mixing due to ground-breaking suction innovation. It is the best quietest blender that has a reduced noise level.

All of the nutrients present in the food are preserved because it stops oxygen from entering. In addition, it is among the greatest blenders available and is reasonably priced.

Lecon Chef Professional Quiet Blender

A cover that cancels noise is included with this machine. This is also an amazing noise-canceling blender. It works at a low level of noise so you can easily talk to people in the kitchen while blending. This foldable box is small and requires very little space in the kitchen. So, you can make excellent use of the available kitchen area.

This container is created using BPA-free material. This ensures it is safe for all types of meals. You can quickly and easily cook several foods due to the one-touch feature. Its top-notch cutters can cut through harder materials according to your preference.

Vava 500 Smoothie Blender

Here I have another very amazing blender that has been manufactured with a minimum sound level which is Vava 500. The Vava 500 is the best blender if you want to prepare delicious milkshakes and also want something affordable.

Users can easily prepare a wide range of milkshakes with it because of the optimal speed and additional options. It utilizes a smaller motor than its opponents which makes it a silent blender.

CRANDDI Best Quiet Blender

Now come to this wonderful CRANDDI Best Quiet Blender which is a high-quality blender with less noise level. This blender’s detachable noise-canceling lid keeps unwanted sounds away from bothering you.

This blender doesn’t make too much noise without the cover as well. For houses and hotels, its large-capacity container is perfect. Furthermore, 52 ounces of material can be blended at once in this professional blender.

This blender is versatile because it can be used for things other than blending. Ice cubes can be crushed with the help of this blender. Also, drinks, milkshakes, and juices can be produced with this classical blender.

Are Ninja Blenders Quiet?

Are Ninja Blenders Quiet

No, the Ninja blender is not quiet. But when you talk about other blenders, it is less noisy than many other blenders. In comparison to other models, the sound level of Ninja blenders is normal. These blenders are built with a built-in silent barrier. It is helpful to reduce the volume of the blender while mixing.

The quietest Ninja blender operates at 69 decibels. It is lower than the average blender, normal Ninja blenders, and other manufacturers that operate at 88 decibels.

The size and strength of Ninja blenders are more well-known than their quietness. But they are not excessively the loudest.

With other items, there will always be some noise issues. But it would be preferable if it didn’t awaken a sleeping child or pets. Other brands, such as Hamilton, Jamba Appliances, and KitchenAid, could beat Ninja in terms of noise level.

You must always prefer a blender according to your budget and requirements. It is because some blenders are costly and bigger. If you have a small family, you must choose a smaller size blender. But if you want to buy a blender for commercial use, a blender with a larger size will be good to choose from.

Is a Vitamix Loud?

A Quiet Vitamix blender

A Vitamix blender can blend, mix, grind, smash, and beat anything. It has all the features that you need for blending different items. It performs the same as the other high-quality blenders. One feature makes it among the best machines that are noise-canceling or quiet features.

When people ask if is Vitamix loud, the answer is no, Vitamix blenders are not loud. They work smoothly without making a lot of sounds.

Fortunately, newer Vitamix machines are becoming quieter because of the latest technology. In this way, you can prepare a breakfast milkshake without having to wake up the whole family. For those who are seeking a quiet blender, Vitamix has particularly created some silent versions.

When purchasing a blender, there are several aspects to take into account. But if finding a silent blender is your primary goal, the noise level should be the major element to consider.

One point to keep in mind is that silent blenders cost more than noisy blenders. It is because noise-reduction blenders with a cover are more costly. What Vitamix versions are silent among all?

  • Ascent 3500 Blenders
  • Professional 750 Blenders
  • The Quiet One Blender


Blenders are among the best kitchen appliances that can make your task simple and quick. But the only aspect that you won’t enjoy about them is how noisy they are when they are working.

So, this article is completely about reasons why are blenders so loud and how to minimize the irritating sound of the blenders. It is because kitchen noise can disturb you while cooking your meal.

If you found the solutions to your problems, let me know your response!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some blenders have noise-canceling features and they are a bit more costly than the standard blenders. Also, they do not perform as effectively as conventional and loud blenders. But if you don’t like the noise, you must prefer these costly blenders.

The Blendtec Blender Concealing Tapes are fantastic tools for silencing blender noise. It is available in various sizes and shades. You might purchase it from any hardware shop or online.

Yes, there are “silent blend” blenders available in the market that will allow you to use them at night. They have been manufactured with silent features that will cancel the noise of the blender and make them comfortable to use.

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