How to Make Beetroot Juice with a Blender? – Very Easy Way

Do you know that when it is about cardiac health and disease prevention, beetroot juice offers you a variety of wonderful advantages? Yes, it is true! It is tasty, but it also contains a lot of healthy components. Fiber, which is essential for maintaining the wellness of your digestive system, is rich in beet juice.

Also, it is a great resource of minerals and nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and iron are beet juice. But how to make beetroot juice with a blender? It is very simple and easy to make juices using a good quality blender.

Below I am going to let you know how you can make beetroot juice with a blender. Let’s start talking about it!

How to Make Beetroot Juice with a Blender

What are the different types of beetroots?

Many people have questioned whether they can make beet juice from beets other than the normal red beet. So, the excellent thing is that you can prepare beetroot juice with some other kinds of beetroots.

You must be aware that not all beetroots are made equal. So, the following suggestions are good to know for beets to utilize for preparing beet juice:

Red Beets

Red beet is among the most popular type of beets that are used to make beetroot juice. It is also known as purple beet.

Golden Beets

Golden (or yellow) beets are another excellent beet for preparing juice. And because of their milder flavor, they are perfect for persons who feel the more “earthy” flavor of red beets to be too intense.

Chioggia Beets

Chioggia beets are also the finest choice to prepare juice. It has a delicious taste and flavor that you would love. They are not easily available at grocery stores but they have the distinctive candy-cane look and they are highly suitable for making beet juice.

What are the ingredients to make Beetroot Juice?

What are the ingredients to make Beetroot Juice

It is among the easiest and simplest methods to make beetroot juice in the blender. You will require the following ingredients to make delicious and nutritious juice with beetroot.

  • Beet

The root vegetable beet contains a lot of nitrates. The system transforms nitrates into nitrites, which assist to boost blood circulation. Due to increased blood circulation, many people are consuming beet juice or pills to enhance their athletic performance.

Magnesium and potassium in beets both assist in relaxing blood vessels and reducing blood pressure.

  • Water

To make the desired texture for your beet juice, you must mix water in the blender. Depending on how dense or thin you prefer your finished result to be, you will require different quantities of water. Also, it depends upon the number of beetroots.

  • Lemon

Lemon serves to balance out the earthy taste of the beets by adding a little bitterness to the juice. Lemons assist to improve the immune system and are a strong source of vitamin C.

  • Ginger

As ginger has so many beneficial properties, it is commonly used as an element in juice preparations. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it can aid in reducing discomfort and swelling.

Additionally, it’s a treatment that works for sickness and stomach aches. Your beet juice will get a spicy flavor if you add ginger to it.

How to make Beetroot Juice in a Blender?

To get the rich and healthy juice of beetroot, you will require a good-quality blender. Also, you can prefer the blender available in your kitchen. For this, you will have to follow the instructions given below:

  • Step 1:

First of all, you will have to peel and chop all the ingredients that you want to add to your juice. It includes beetroot, ginger, and lemon.

Unbelievably, this is the “trickiest” step in the process. Ginger and beets only need to be peeled and chopped. Also, you can peel the lemon or only squeeze it according to your preference.

  • Step 2:

Then you will have to add all the ingredients to the blender and start blending them. You will have to add and blend beet, lemon, fresh ginger root, and water at the same time. You will have to mix the mixture until it completely blends. You can change the blending time according to your choice.

  • Step 3:

Filter the pieces and fibers out. Carefully transfer the blender’s contents into a jar covered with several layers of muslin. After that, you will have to gather the cheesecloth’s edges and press out any fluid that is still present. Also, you can utilize a strainer to remove all the chunks and pieces if you don’t like them.

Beet juice leftovers can be kept for up to three days in the refrigerator in a sealed jar. Blending beets to make juice is a quick and simple way to have a nutritious beverage.

This recipe is excellent for a post-workout protein drink. For a delightful and energizing drink full of health advantages, you can mix lemon and ginger with your beet juice according to your choice.

What are the benefits of Beetroot Juice?

Below are the advantages of beetroot juice, let’s have a look at them:

  • It works as an anti-aging agent.
  • It is good for the treatment of acne.
  • It is used as a skin brightening formula.
  • It can work for pigmentation.


There are different types of beetroots that you can use in salads and juices because they are rich in nutrients and minerals. They include red beets, golden beets, and Chioggia beets.

Yes, beetroot juice is among the healthy choice to improve your health. Beet juice is a fantastic option if you are controlling your diet because it is low in calories and saturated fats.

You will be happy to know that beetroot has a sweet flavor that is good for health and skin. When you will use it in the juice, you would not have to add sugar to it.


Blending beets into juice is the ideal method to make a nutritious beverage to begin your day. Beet juice works as an antioxidant that can better protect your organs from harm. It can lower your chance of contracting some serious illnesses.

So, in this article, I have clearly explained how to make beetroot juice with a blender. You will require a few simple ingredients to make the delicious and healthy juice in the blender.

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