Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked? – Causes and Easy Fixes

Among all blenders, the ninja blender is a popular and durable kitchen appliance. It has used good quality material in manufacturing that will last this blender for a long. But if the pitcher of your Ninja blender broke, you might not know what you should do, right?

Also, if you noticed your ninja blender pitcher cracked, you might think it cannot be utilized anymore and you have to buy a new one. Thus, you can replace the blender’s pitcher or check the warranty and return it to the company.

What are the reasons for cracking ninja blenders and how to avoid cracking your blender? Let’s discuss it in detail!

What are the reasons your Ninja Blender Picher Cracked

What are the reasons your Ninja Blender Picher Cracked?

Your Ninja blender’s pitcher can fracture for a plethora of reasons. But you must keep in mind that your blender is essentially useless once a fracture has appeared. You don’t need to be concerned about a leakage when there is a fracture.

Thus, the fracture will enlarge due to the continuous vibrations that are produced when the blender is used. This could be a safety issue. But why did your blender pitcher break? Let’s find it out.

1. Falling the Pitcher on the Floor

When the container is dropped to the ground, there will be chances that your ninja blender will break. People try to put out liquid too quickly, which causes their hands to slide or slip. Additionally, it can occur when hard items like ice cubes or frozen fruit are added to water in a container of the blender.

When water is poured, you should always hold your Ninja pitcher firmly in both hands to avoid it from rolling off the countertop. When pouring water, you also must be careful not to tilt the pitcher too close to you or over a basin.

2. Blending with Hard Frozen Fruits or Ice Cubes

In some instances, the fracture appears when you mix water in your pitcher with crushed ice or extremely hard frozen fruit. In this condition, the fracture can be little but could eventually get larger.

It is essential to grasp your pitcher properly with both hands for the main cause of the break. You must never drop a pitcher near a sink. In this way, you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Furthermore, even though your mixer can mix frozen foods, you should ensure they aren’t particularly hard. Also, you must avoid filling the pitcher with excessive ice cubes or big chunks of frozen fruit that could ruin it.

3. Arranging the Pitcher Improperly

Ninja blenders could break if they are improperly maintained or stacked on top of one another. Before stacking containers, you must ensure they are all completely cleaned.

You should never arrange dirty items next to clean items. It is because this can result in discoloration and germ growths that could create fractures. Additionally, you should never keep your blender containers inside out! After blending, you must empty the jar if there is any water still inside before storing it.

4. Overfilling the Blender

It is never a smart option to overload the Ninja blender pitcher with any water. As the pitcher is under too much pressure to retain its stability, the additional weight will cause defects or other problems in the future.

When preparing drinks and shakes, you should ensure the pitcher is not over-filled to prevent this from happening.

5. Utilizing the Wrong Cleaner

By properly washing your blender containers, you can prolong the lifespan of your blender. It will stay safe before they begin to show the physical effects of damage.

It could harm the outside if you wipe residue left behind by cheeses or almond butter with an aggressive product. These products can be steel wool or items like this.

Additionally, you must try to avoid cleaning your rotors and canisters with any form of dangerous chemicals, such as vinegar or chlorine. You can use these products unless the items are dishwasher-safe. Besides that, the improper cleanser could cause plastic parts to crack and “quietly” fracture.

Is it Possible to fix the Cracked Ninja Blender?

Is it Possible to fix the Cracked Ninja Blender

The pitchers of Ninja blenders are composed of sturdy and BPA-free polycarbonate. It is among the most durable and reliable manufacturers. They might be capable of withstanding a few falls and pressures. But once the canister is fractured, it is no longer functional.

This is because the fractures which could damage you will only become worse when the Ninja blender container will be utilized. Plastic fragments that get into your blended beverages could strangle you or harm the top of your mouth.

If the vessel doesn’t appear to have any fractures but is not sealed tightly, water spills out even though nothing has been mixed. This indicates a crack below the surface that could not be worth fixing.

You can seek a new vessel from the producer if the vessel is less than one year old. If it is not then you will need to purchase a brand-new Ninja blender pitcher.

How can I fix my Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracks?

Ninja blender containers are normally robust and durable. They are appropriate and harmless to use because they are constructed of plastic that doesn’t contain BPA. The materials used for the pitcher can withstand some compression. But a fractured pitcher is no longer suitable for usage.

Additionally, the issue can worsen if you keep using the fractured pitcher with the motor. A fractured pitcher will leak and liquid might get into the motor and can cause the Ninja blender to smoke or even burn. You might even get small pieces of cracked plastic in your mixed products. This presents a risk to your safety and well-being.

If you are one of those individuals who have a Ninja blender container that is severely fractured, you might be wondering whether you can repair it or not. Some people try to utilize plastic glue, but it is not as simple as you might assume.

In case of this, it is advised to stop using the fractured pitcher and choose to change it. This is a much more reasonable and secure choice that saves you from going into health-related difficulties with a damaged pitcher.

What does the Ninja Blender Warranty Cover?

The pitcher, rotors component, and motor base of the Ninja blender are covered by a one-year warranty. By contacting or emailing client support, you can get a replacement Ninja blender without paying if it fractures.

You don’t need to concern if you lose your invoice. You can simply visit the company’s site to check your date of manufacturing of yours. So that they can address your claim more quickly.

Also, you must be aware that Ninja only sends repairs to clients who have already bought it. Shipment expenses will be incurred unless the client has already bought the new item from Amazon or another store. For this, consumers must present proof of purchase before getting their replacement products.

Ninja Blender Pitcher Replacement

There are a few options to take into account when replacing the pitcher on a Ninja blender. If you need new components, you can either visit Ninja blender’s online store or websites like Amazon, Walmart, and so on.

Also, if you still have your purchase receipt, you can contact Ninja and get a refund without needing to pay delivery charges. Additionally, it is recommended to ask them if the problem is addressed by the guarantee.

In short, you would need to purchase a new pitcher once you are assured that the first one is fractured and unusable. A repaired blender is less expensive than a new blender with a motor.

So how you will be sure that your pitcher has to be replaced?

Some people feel that minor fractures are all that require replacement. Or some people think they have to replace their blender when liquid is spilling out of the integrated item and the fractures are present but hidden. This indicates that your pitcher is fractured but it is not a serious issue.

If your pitcher has fractures that you can see, there must be a big problem going on. This is especially the case when the water goes in and out of the jar with ease. When the problem has been there for a while, it is difficult to fix.

In these cases, you will have to replace your pitcher with a blender.

Can I avoid Cracks in the Ninja Blender?

By taking proper care of your Ninja blender container, you can prevent fractures. You must avoid letting it slide to the floor, don’t strive to take out water too fast, and always grip onto both edges when spilling or mixing to avoid accidentally spilling it over.

New Ninja Blender containers won’t be required to replace for a year after purchase. It is because this will stop any fractures from becoming prominent.

Besides that, if they are still covered by guarantee and show no visible indications of damage, you might choose to change them.


Yes, if you are noticing cracks in your blender’s pitcher, you must have to replace or repair it. You can go for the online store or the market from where you purchased it. If it has a warranty available, you can ask for a replacement or repair.

No, it is dangerous for you and your machine to use a cracked pitcher. It is because a cracked pitcher can damage the motor of the blender which could result in serious issues. That is the reason; you should not use cracked or fractured pitchers to avoid any risks and damages.

If you want to get the components or ninja blender and pitcher, you can search from amazon and another authentic online website. If you have a receipt of the purchase, you can ask for a replacement from the company easily without paying an extra cost.


Ninja blenders are generally very sturdy and won’t fracture quickly. They can endure for a very long period. But if you see a crack in the container of your Ninja blender, you might be worried.

To overcome this issue, I have explained the potential causes of your Ninja Blender’s fracture, if the guarantee will protect it, and what you can do to fix the ninja blender pitcher cracking. You can utilize this article and find better ways to resolve your issue of cracking with the blender.

If you have found your solutions through this article, do promote it!

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