What does Pulse mean on a Blender? How to Use It!

Blender is among the best cooking tools to improve your food preparation methods. You can prepare a smoothie, protein drink, curry sauce, or fresh salsa at different speed levels on the blender. But the majority of individuals are unaware of how to maximize the utilization of their blenders.

Also, many people don’t know what does pulse mean on a blender. Well, most blenders have a tiny button or key that is known as a pulse button or pulse toggle. This button is specified to operate the blender at the maximum speed as long as you will continue holding this button.

I’ll explain to you what the pulse buttons do and how to use them accurately. Let’s start talking about it.

What does a Pulse Button mean on a Blender?

What does a Pulse Button mean on a Blender

A blender’s pulse feature is a speed setting that let your blender start blending instantly at maximum speed. Food can be blended with a few quick and high-speed “pulses” as it is a useful feature. Instead of completely blending or pureeing the materials, this enables you to cut them.

Yes, if you only want to cut or chop fruits and vegetables, you can use this feature. Also, the food items will be chopped and ground to a smooth consistency when using a blender as directed. The consistency will be smoother the more your blender is working.

You want a smooth texture with the majority of blender operations. But if you would like something with a unique touch, the pulse button can be helpful.

When you push down the “pulse” or just the “P” key on most blenders, the speed will increase to its highest setting. The machine can maintain its power constantly if the trigger is kept pressed. And the speed will greatly reduce and the blender quit blending when you stop pressing it.

When your blender is in process, you can also push the pulse button and utilize it. With some blenders, you can even adjust the speed of the pulse function to get the exact results you want from the appliance.

When you should use the Pulse Feature?

When you want to prepare something without doing too much, you should use this functionality on the blenders. For example, it is appropriate to use the pulse function if you have to cut all of your vegetables but don’t want to blend them.

When should you use the pulse function?

Once your desired consistency has been achieved with your veggies after blending, you can quit it. For instance, when you have to make salsa, it will be a great option.

Your veggies can turn into a smoothie if you keep utilizing the “Pulse” option or another speed option. Also, when you need to mix frozen materials or thaw the components, you should press the “Pulse” button.

What are the best uses of Pulse Function?

What are the best uses of Pulse Function

Below are the best and great uses of the pulse function:

Good to get Thick Consistency

You can avoid over-blending by using this option to assist you to strike and pause at the correct smoothness and appearance.

For example, your salsa needs to have some consistency after processing if you would like to prepare lumpy salsa and desire some tomato chunks. It will be simple for you to get due to the pulsing function, which prevents it from overflowing.

Handle Rough Ingredients

You can use the pulse setting because it is best for blending and preventing spillage when blending larger items and hard materials.

Pulse to get Crumbs

With the help of this function, you can quickly and simply turn toast buns into croutons and bread crumbs. So, you can use this quick and simple function any time you need to make crumbs.

Create Bits and Chunks

It is possible to add components to a milkshake or other beverage. In this way, they will have a bit-like texture rather than a liquid one.

Soften Frozen Items  

When you defrost frozen items before mixing them, blenders with a pulse function can manage them with ease. You can easily blend frozen items in the blender and get the desired consistency according to your choice.

In any other case, using a high speed with frozen ingredients could make the blender’s motors work harder and use more power.

In addition, you can manage your beverages effectively if you pulse your frozen items before mixing.

Which Blenders have a Pulse Setting?

In recent blenders, the pulse option is very popular and common. In addition, this feature will always be on by default in the majority of higher-end blenders. More than that some of the most inexpensive smoothie blenders on the market today have this function.

So, you can say that it is a unique function that you will find in all the latest blenders available in the market.

Along with other helpful mixing functions on the blender, the pulsating function will be found on the majority of Vitamix and Blendtec blenders. You can go for the Blendtec Designer 625 and Vitamix A3500, both of which offer the pulse setting.

Which Blenders have a Pulse Setting

Is Pulse Function useful?

While preparing meals, chopping up numerous items is among the most difficult tasks involved in food preparation. Your blender’s pulse system can make chopping 10 times simpler than before.

You do not need to be concerned about hand-slicing your food items such as onions. So, you can cut the onions into the largest pieces and leave the cabbage whole using this feature of the blender.

The pulse feature will always cut the items evenly and properly, so you can rely on blenders with a pulse function. You can cut all types of soft and hard materials such as fruits, vegetables, and other food items.


No, the pulse is not the same as puree. Your meal is not pureed when it has been pulsed. The purpose of the pulse key is to give your meal various textures. On the other hand, a puree should be as smooth as possible.

According to many professionals, a three-speed blender must be able to handle any operation. It can have high, medium, and low settings. Thus, many versions have up to ten settings in addition to pre-programmed features. They offer you the option of liquefying, crushing, or pureeing.

When slicing or quickly kneading dough, the “pulse” function will work well. The truth is that it will enable you to quickly control speed on the spot. Clustered meals will also be allowed to drip down by this feature. So, this ensures that it is helpful to manage everything.

Yes, it is useful to use a blender with a pulse feature. You can have more flexibility and power over the consistency of the dish by using the pulse function to assist slice or chopping the contents according to your choice.

Final Words

This article is all about what does pulse mean on a blender. As there are many speed settings on the blender that are helpful to maximize or minimize the speeds. The pulse button is among the settings that can help the blender to blend at the maximum speed.

For as long as you continue holding the pulse button, your blender will operate at its maximum speed settings. As you prepare your meal using this button, this provides you with more flexibility.

If it was informative, do share your remarks!

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