What is a Vacuum Blender? How it is different from Normal Blender

Do you know what is a vacuum blender? How does it work? Many people think that a vacuum blender integrates mixing and cleaning into one machine because of its name. Instead, it is a blender with an extra feature that drains the canister of oxygen before the mixing process has started.

Also, these blenders are not very difficult to use. The designers of these blenders claim that the vacuum function preserves micronutrients while also delivering less frothy, smoother shakes, soups, and stews. So, you can say that it is the advanced version of standard blenders for healthy and nutritious meals.

So, if you want to know why these blenders are famous and how they work, you have to move forward. Below you will get a complete guide about it.

What is a Vacuum Blender?

What is a Vacuum Blender?

You will see that a vacuum blender has the same form and structure as a typical blender. But it performs differently to provide superior results, particularly when preparing juices or smoothies.

If you have never utilized a vacuum blender before, you might be surprised by how effectively it functions, why it is so much better than other blenders, and what a vacuum blender is. When making milkshakes, a vacuum blender is a special kind of preferable blending machine with an exceptionally airtight cover.

When you will blend your drinks or shakes in the vacuum blender, your milkshake will be smoother and free of a frothy surface. So, this will keep them fresh for a longer duration of time.

The drink and shakes keep their beautiful color and the nutrients will be well maintained after blending in this machine.

The strong cover of the blender is excellent to avoid spillage of liquids from the jug. You can safely and conveniently prepare your preferred drinks such as shakes, smoothies, and juices.

How does a Vacuum Blender work?

Generally, a vacuum blender performs the same tasks as a standard blender. You can start by adding all of your preferred components to the container. Then you will have to shut the cover and press the trigger.

On the other side, the vacuum blender extends the blending procedure with one step. The vacuum blender eliminates all of the air from the container before combining the ingredients. This will make chopping and blending more efficient and even.

The reason is that a vacuum blender has mechanisms that will remove oxygen in the vacuum while quickly mixing. This will preserve fiber and nutrients in your blended beverage.

Finally, the vacuum blender’s mixing process uses the compressor to extract gases from the vessel. By doing this, you can lessen the amount of froth that typically magnifies the fresh juices when you mix.

Why are Vacuum Blenders different?

Why are Vacuum Blenders different

Below are some reasons, why vacuum blenders are different from other blenders:

1. It prevents the oxidizing process

When you extract air bubbles from a milkshake, you also eliminate oxygen molecules to prevent oxidation. Oxidation can be caused by oxygen. It is a process that causes corrosion and helps remove spots from carpets. Thus, it occurs everywhere in the environment.

Fresh fruits and veggies tend to start degrading and getting brown rapidly. It is the attraction behind all of this. Overall, people dislike it when their fruits and vegetables turn brown. To speed up this procedure, you must remove the air from the blender.

2. This improves the nutritional value of your drink or shake

In this case, experts claim that oxidation turns milkshakes less beneficial by eliminating antioxidants. But it can help to increase the nutritional value of the drinks and shakes.

3. It enhances the taste of the drink

When you will blend in the vacuum blender, it will chop or blend the ingredients more firmly and provide less froth. In this way, it will release a more potent flavor which improves the flavor of your smoothies. This is advantageous for flavorful milkshakes, but perhaps not so good for kale juice.

Vacuum blender vs Normal blender

Vacuum blender vs Normal blender

The method of blending and mixing is what sets a vacuum blender distinct from a standard blender. They are almost the same in the process but speed can be different in both blenders.

A standard blender uses fast speeds to mix or puree various fruits and veggies. Vitamins and minerals are destroyed by the heat created during blending.

Blending in a vacuum prevents this thermal decomposition. The fruit mass moves more smoothly around the container and does not oxidize as much when you blend without adding air or oxygen. This method of vitamin and nutrient preservation is excellent.

In this way, vacuum blending is preferable as compared to normal blenders. If you are health conscious, you must choose vacuum blenders.

What are the specifications of a Vacuum Blender?

If you would like to pick the ideal vacuum blender for you, you must be aware of its qualities and all the elements to function flawlessly. Also, you must check the price range.

To achieve this, I have compiled essential information on the traits of a good vacuum blender and how to choose one to purchase.

a. The capacity of the Blender

The capacity of your blender will specify how many food items the container can hold. It is essential to take into account the blender’s size. It is because it affects how much foodstuff you can prepare at once and how much time you can save.

You will find several vacuum blenders with plenty of capacity. You must purchase a vacuum blender with a large jar if you want to use it to create milkshakes for the entire family every day. Also, some recent vacuum blenders have a blender with tray holding that is very beneficial.

b. Motor’s Power of the Blender

You must be aware that why it is crucial to select a vacuum blender with a strong motor. It describes how cool the motor will stay during operation and demonstrates how effective and powerful it will be for blending.

You must be aware of the value of high-caliber motor blenders if you possess a blender. If you will select a vacuum blender with 800 Watts, it will be entirely fine. Also, some motors are 1,700 watts strong. So, you should choose blenders with a minimum of 500 watts of output.

c. Price of the Blender

While certain vacuum blenders are reasonably priced, you should also think about sticking to your budget limit. It is because the best models usually cost more but are still worthwhile purchases.

Moreover, cheap vacuum blenders will have downsides, such as reduced power. You must select vacuum blenders that cost less than $100 if you don’t trust utilizing a blending but want to give it a try.

d. Speed of the Blender

If your vacuum blender has additional speed settings, you will have more power control over the items you are mixing. It is preferable to pick a vacuum blender with a variety of speed settings.

You can get the finest flavor and color of anything you mix by using a vacuum blender that has many speed settings from low to medium to extreme.

e. Material and Construction Quality

Vacuum blenders are the greatest type of blender on the market now. They are manufactured with high-quality and long-lasting components that create an ideal blender.

You must choose a vacuum blender with stainless-steel blades and sturdy plastics. It will be good if you want to utilize a blender that can be used for a long time.

f. Design and Structure

Most vacuum blenders match regular blenders in appearance. But when choosing a pattern and style, you should look for ones that are both attractive and simple to clean.

Some vacuum blenders can completely clean easily but some are difficult to clean. So, you must be careful while choosing a blender. Additionally, it will be preferable for you if your blenders are simple to handle.

What are the best Vacuum Blenders?

When it comes to high-quality vacuum blenders, there are some qualities that you must consider. But it can be confusing for you to find the best one. So, below I am going to mention some high-quality and best vacuum blenders to choose from.

Ninja Smart Screen Duo Vacuum Blender

Ninja Smart Screen

This modern blender is a fantastic option for people who are trying to extract a little more nutrients from their fruit and vegetable milkshakes and cold beverages. It is because it boasts a 1400-watt engine, an intuitive display, pre-programmed intelligent mixing options, and an accessible, battery-powered air compressor.

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Nuwave Moxie Vacuum Blender

Nuwave Moxie Vacuum Blender

This is also the best choice to blend fruits and veggies for different drinks. BPA-free tampering, tamper cover, vacuum cover, cookbook, and a variety of other components and tools are included with this adaptable vacuum blender.

It has a powerful 2.5 hp engine that provides it with lots of power for blending different items. To blend fruit and vegetable mixtures smoothly, making nut butter, making ice into snow cones, disintegrant grains and oils, and dissolving green vegetables, this is the best choice.

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Klarstein Vacuum Blender


On this well-designed vacuum blender, the setting and vacuum functionality are effectively integrated into a stylish and simple display screen.

Silicone sealing that fits perfectly, aids in keeping the vacuum and avoiding spillage. The machine uses stainless-steel blades and produces 1300 watts of power. You must check out this blender if you are looking for the best one for frozen beverages.

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“What is a vacuum blender” is a question asked by many people. So, a vacuum blender is not a tool for mixing things by cleaning them. Instead, it is a blender with an additional setting that aids in reducing oxygen in the container before blending.

The vacuum blender preserves the micronutrients in stews, shakes, and recipes while delivering them up less foamy and smoother. Well, you must follow all the instructions and precautions given in this article. You will get maximum results in this way.

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Vacuum blending is the technique of removing air from the container before or during the blending process using a vacuum pump. Juices, milkshakes, and other mixed drinks can be made smoother and tastier with its assistance. Additionally, it gives milkshakes a more enticing consistency and increases their storage life.

The vacuum blending technique can provide more tempting blended beverages. It will be the best choice if you enjoy mixing milkshakes or drinks quickly and storing them in the refrigerator. Also, a vacuum blender slows the oxidation of vitamins and minerals by eliminating the oxygen from the plastic container.

You must go for a commercial-grade blender with well-designed covers and thick metal rotors. It will be the best choice if you need a blender that can handle continuous and intensive operations. The self-cleaning function is also beneficial to consider.

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