Ninja Blender Smoking Causes and Their Fixes

Due to their versatility, blenders have become the most essential tool in every kitchen nowadays. Along with their multiple features, they also have some issues that have become common. Some people claim that their Ninja blender is smoking.

Thus, it is not a good indication if smoke is coming out from your Ninja blender. There can be various causes of Ninja blender smoking. It includes overheating, excessive power, overfilled blender container, weak rotors of the blender, or your blender is not cleaned. So, it is essential to check and detect the exact problem of your blender’s smoking.

In this regard, I am going to make things easy for you by providing all the causes and solutions of smoking in your Ninja blender in this article. Just go ahead!

Why is my Ninja Blender Smoking?

Why is my Ninja Blender Smoking

There are several causes for your Ninja blender to smoke. The most significant causes of your Ninja blender smoking while using are listed below:

  • Overheating
  • Oil in the Motor
  • Overfilled Blender
  • Uncleaned Blender
  • Excessive Voltage or Power
  • Incorrect Rotation of the Blades

1. Cooling Problem

Small blowers that blow colder air within blenders are used to keep them cool. The machine can overheat and begin to smoke if the blower quits operating or becomes clogged with dirt.

As it is challenging to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen because of the dust and debris, blenders and other comparable items get this issue.

Due to this, your blender’s circulation system needs to work harder to keep it operating. It causes more pressure on the motor and causes smoking.

2. Overheating

The motor of your blender will be overheated if it is smoking. This can happen when the product tries to mix something that simply cannot be mixed.

Also, if you blend too many frozen foods at once, the machine will get overloaded and overheated. As liquids require more strength than softer ingredients to transform them into a beverage or milkshake, it might also make your blender overheat.

3. Oil in the Motor

Oil in the motor can be the reason your Ninja blender is smoking because you have utilized something greasy or oily in it. When it heats up, small amounts of grease can enter the motor. In this way, the smoke it produces feels like burning oil.

4. Overfilled Blender

Overfilled blender can cause it to smoke!

If you overload the blender container with components before blending, the ninja blender can leak and liquid can enter the base part of the blender. So, when the blender becomes excessively hot, this liquid will generate smoke.

5. Uncleaned Blender

The reason your Ninja blender is smoking could be that you haven’t maintained and cleaned it after using it. After some time, foodstuff and grease will start accumulating in the motor and rotors. This will cause smoke when it becomes sufficiently hot to burn these fluids or liquids.

6. Excessive Voltage or Power

Have you bought your Ninja blender in the US and are utilizing it abroad? If yes then the power might be too high there for it to manage. As standard voltage in the USA is 110 volts and there are many countries where the standard voltage is 220 volts. If you will keep using it at a higher voltage for a prolonged period, the machine will start to smoke and become damaged. In this way, the smoke can come out from your blender.

7. Incorrect Rotation of the Blades

Incorrect rotation of the blades of the blenders can be another reason for smoking. Sometimes your blender stops working and when you try to operate the blender, it causes smoking. It indicates that your blender has some technical issue that you need to fix.

Why is there a Burning Smell in my Blender?

You are not the first one who faces the issue of the Ninja blender burning smell while using it. Generally, blenders get overheated, and when that occurs, they emit a burnt-smelling odor. The issue typically leads to overheating and it can lead to more severe damage.

A blender is an electronic appliance with a motor in the bottom. With the use of keys on the blender’s settings menu, you can adjust the speed at which the rotor rotates.

The motor rotates in the opposite direction from the way the blades rotate. Thus, when the motor gets too hot, it keeps moving in a reverse direction. When that happens, you will feel the smell of smoking.

Sometimes, a food piece lodged in the blender’s blades can be the source of the burning odor. You should use a spoon or spatula to scrape as many food pieces from the rotors as you can to resolve this issue.

After that, you can add a few ice cubes to the blender or food mixer container and pulse them. This will prevent it from getting hot and assist remove any leftover dirt created by pressure between the rotors.

How can I fix my Blender to stop Smoking?

It is essential to remember that using a Ninja blender can result in some smoke when blending hot liquids like stew or soups. But operating your blender at a reduced speed would resolve any issue with your blender.

However, it can be problematic if your blender has unexpected odors emitting from it. After disconnecting your Ninja blender, you will have to switch off all power sources instantly if you smell anything burning.

If your Ninja is burning or smoking, there are a few simple things you can do to rapidly repair it to maintain good condition. This is how you can fix the issues with your blender:

Allow your Blender to Cool Down

Before doing something else, your blender should be cooled down if it is burning or overheating. You can remove the cover, discharge all the smoke, and then allow it to cool down. In this way, you can fix the issue of smoking with your blender.

Avoid overfilling the Blender

When your Ninja blender begins to warm up excessively and you put too much food into it, it will start releasing smoke. You must decrease the number of elements in the blender to give the rotors very little pace to mix. Not only this but also you should let the mixture settle before utilizing it again.

Utilize Blender at lower Speed

If you want to avoid smoking in your blender, you must use it at a lower speed. Also, you can blend the items in the blender for a longer period at low speed.

This will aid in preventing burning, which could cause your blender to start smoking. As you use the Ninja to mix hot soup, you would also have to think about pouring more water. This will let your blender work accurately without any flaws.

Clean Your Ninja Blender

To maintain your blender in fine condition for a longer period, you should cleanse it after using it. If you don’t clean it regularly, debris and oil will accumulate over time. In this way, it will produce smoking when the rotors become sufficiently hot to burn this accumulation.

Furthermore, the majority of Ninja blenders commonly come with maintenance guidelines. So, you can follow the instructions and let your blender work flawlessly.

Replace the Blade Assembly

If you have attempted all other options and your Ninja is still smoking, it would be time for the replacement of the rotor. The majority of Ninja blenders can handle this easily and inexpensively.

The blades can also be rusted or worn out, particularly with older blenders. Due to this, they won’t be able to move freely, and the motor will become too hot. This will cause smoking from your Ninja blender.

Analyze the Voltage Requirements

You must ensure that either voltage is suitable for your Ninja blender before using it outside of the United States or not. If not, the motor might start to smoke, which could produce permanent harm if kept on for too long. So, you must check the voltage that would be suitable for your blender.

Should I replace the parts of the blender if it smokes?

Even after taking the all-previous instructions, oil problems could arise. This issue can occur because putting hot foods in the blender could result in grease accumulating in various areas of the appliance.

In this condition, you must look to replace a component of your Ninja blender. The components include the rotors or the canisters. This could help to resolve this issue and ensure that no further oil enters the machine, which could result in smoking once more.


Sometimes, your Ninja blender stop working accurately and it could have different causes. If you will fill your blender overly, the rotors won’t rotate properly and start smoking. So, you must avoid overloading your blender.

If there is a scorching or smoking smell coming from the blenders, this means that there will be several problems. It can happen if your Ninja blender will work excessively without break. So, you must let your blender cool after using it once.

Yes, it is essential to clean your blender every time after using it. If you will not clean it, the food and dust will start collecting and cause your blender to stop working. It can also lead to smoking in your blender.


Ninja blender smoking has become a common issue that people address. It can happen due to multiple reasons, especially if you are not cleaning your blender accurately. It is essential to clean your blender accurately according to the instructions in the user manual.

Also, you can try the fixes that I have mentioned in this article. But if your blender is still smoking, you should contact the company and ask about your issue.

If you have read out this article thoroughly, let me know if something is missing!

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