How to make Shaved Ice with a Blender? Very Easy Way

Do you know that homemade shaved ice is among the delightful midsummer treats that are very simple to prepare? So, how to make shaved ice with a blender? To make thin, frothy, and chewable shards of ice, the outer part of the ice cubes will be shaved. For this, a food mixer or blender can be used safely.

You can add any colors or flavors you wish to add to your shaved ice with some ice and sweetener. Shaved ice is the ideal way to stay calm during summertime. So, go for it whether you are searching for a cold treat or a luscious treat.

If you are interested to know how you can use different methods to prepare shaved ice at home, keep going through this article till the end.

Can you make shaved ice in a blender

Can you make shaved ice in a blender?

Yes, you can crush or shave ice in a blender. For this, you can choose any blender available at your home. But if you will prefer a blender with sharp blades, the results will be more wonderful. It is because sharp rotors can give you the texture and consistency of the ice that you will be expecting.

You should keep in mind that you cannot overfill the blender with ice water because there must be enough space for the ice cubes to rotate or spin in the blender for finer results.

Besides that, if you want to enhance the flavor and taste of your shaved ice treat, you can mix other items in it such as any sweetener or color. But if your chosen item is full of flavor, you should try to use less quantity additives to maintain the original taste of your dish.

How to make Shaved Ice with a blender?

How to make Shaved Ice with a blender

You won’t require additional tools to prepare shaved ice using a blender. For this, you have to make sure you are using a powerful blender. You must have strong blades on the blender you are utilizing to chop ice, as well as blender jar should also be durable enough.

Although the final output will be bulkier, weaker blades can still shatter the ice. It is feasible to make shaved ice that is flawlessly clear and fluffy with only the sharp blades of the blender.

For this, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you must freeze some water in a serving tray or container to make the ice. You can use them as ice cubes. You must use smaller ice cubes rather than big ones if you would like smoother and quicker-melting shaved ice.
  2. After that, you will have to put it in your blender when the ice is ready. The technique is to just load the blender jar halfway. It is because you will have to leave some space for the materials to move around.
  3. Now you will have to put the ice in the container and then carefully close the cap of the blender. Based on how hard or soft you need your finished product to be, you will have to start the blender at its highest speed and let it run for 1 to 3 minutes. You should keep a close eye on blending things to prevent the machine from overflowing.
  4. You must maintain constant checks on the shaved ice’s texture. You will have to add extra ice cubes if the mixture is too watery. If it is too thick, you can blend and mix it again and again until you get the ideal and desired thickness.

Adding Flavors:

It is time to put in your preferred flavorings now. You can choose from sweeteners and beverages to fruits and nuts that can be used in this. You must keep in mind that you will require fewer items if they are flavorful.

You must put the flavored shaved ice into the cup container if you are using a snow cone maker, and then indulge. If not, you can also simply serve it in a pitcher or mug and take a sip.

How to make Snow Cones with a blender?

How to make Snow Cones step by step

To make the snow cones with a blender, you will have to follow the method that I am going to explain below. First of all, you should collect the following items before starting blending:

  • Plastic Cup/Cone
  • Powerful Blender
  • Ice Cubes, Syrup, or Juice
  • Step 1

You must use the blender to chop the ice after washing it. The common method for producing snow cones at home makes sure that the blender set can chop ice. For this, the rotors must be sharp and strong.

The maker of various blender models advises avoiding mixing tough or dense materials. It is because doing so could wear out the blade or even ruin the appliance. After choosing the right blender, you can connect the electrical wire to a socket.

  • Step 2

In a blender, you must mix the ice and water. For maximum performance, around one-third of the blender’s volume should be comprised of ice. Then, to stop spills, you must shut the blender’s cover.

Depending on the size of your cone cup and the thickness of the ice you compress, you will need more or less ice. You will have to choose the “grind” button.

To check if the ice has achieved the proper thickness, you should check it through the glass container. Never remove the blender’s cover while it is functioning.

  • Step 3

To turn off the gadget, you must click the off switch. Then you will have to remove the cover and pour the mixture into paper cones.

  • Step 4

You can choose your favorite corn syrup, pour them over the ice, and then enjoy them instantly. You must be aware that a snow cone that has too much flavor can rapidly melt and turn into a slushy cone.

  • Step 5

When using this simple technique to make snow cones at home, you can easily and simply maintain and cleanse your blender. You will have to disconnect the blender from the socket, after removing it give it a clean water rinse, then dry it off and store it in a dry place.

What is the finest Blender for Shaving Ice?

Usually, the best method to get shaved ice at home or at a professional level is using specialized ice-shaving equipment. Along with these blending machines, you can even shave or crush various ice patterns, such as fine, broad crystals.

So, if you enjoy frozen desserts, getting one shaving machine can be enjoyable. But if you don’t have the money or space to utilize an ice-shaving appliance, you can consider a food processor or blender for shaving ice.

Additionally, a blender acts as a food processor, so preparing shaved ice will also be simple. To get the necessary white consistency without any pieces, you will need to get a good blender for cubes and freezing fruit.

It doesn’t need to be a $500 blender because entry-level models such as Oster and Ninja can do the job very well. But once more, the ice cubes or pieces used to make your handmade shaved ice would typically be quite solid and difficult to break.

So, a powerful blender like a Blendtec, Breville Super Q, or Vitamix will work best over a prolonged period.

Is Vitamix Blender Good to Make Shaved Ice?

Is Vitamix Good to make Shaved Ice

Although the blades of Vitamix blenders are a little coarse, they are effective in shattering and melting ice. By adding the water to ice cubes in a Vitamix blender container, you can produce shaved ice. The ice will remain floating due to the water, and the swirling will draw it downwards to the blades.

Ice powder that is practically uniform but a little bit crunchy will be the outcome. So, you can utilize the powdered ice separately after straining the jar of extra water.


Now that I have clearly explained how to make shaved ice with a blender. You will only have to follow some steps that have been given above. You should keep in mind that you only have to use small pieces of ice cubes in the blender.

If you will use large pieces of ice in your blender, they will take more time to shave. Also, it will increase the chance of damaging or harming your blender.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shaving ice has a lot of advantages. Your mouth feels calmer after each bite since the consistency is extremely different from that of conventional crushed ice. Consuming some tasty shaved ice will also assist you in boosting your energy and decreasing sleeplessness.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blender; making shaved ice only requires a little manual work. You can utilize a shredder, which generates ice that is fluffier and works much better with larger bits of ice. Grate a sizable chunk of ice to obtain a fine consistency.

No, it is not essential to blend sugar syrup before making shaved ice. But it makes the shaving process a little simpler. It guarantees that the ice you get will be properly shaved rather than rough.

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