How to Use a Magic Bullet Blender? – Things to Remember

Magic bullet blenders are modern blenders that are very compact and portable. You must be aware that this appliance is smaller than tabletop blenders and has lesser energy output. So, it is essential to use it accurately and carefully because a small mistake can make your drink thicker.

How to use a magic bullet blender safely? Well, it is not very complex to use this blender as you will have to follow a few instructions. Along with this blender, you will have effective features to combine and mix drinks whether traveling or going camping with buddies.

What are the instructions to follow and how to make drinks using this blender? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

How to Use a Magic Bullet Blender

What are the magic bullet blenders?

Magic bullet blenders are amazing blenders to use for different blending tasks. There are several uses for Magic Bullet. Besides, preparing drinks, it can also produce delectable milkshakes. Additionally, it supports different meal preparations.

All types of foods can create juice when using the beverage extractor. But you might have some trouble getting carrot juice out of them. The juice extractor will produce less juice if using carrots.

You will have to remount the machine after cutting the fruit into tiny chunks. Then you will connect the machine’s connectors completely. After that, you will have to attach the crossover blade next to it.

With this magic bullet blender, you can get a delicious drink by adding the materials to the machine. How you can prepare them? On the lower portion of the blender, four blades will help to blend the materials evenly. To ensure safety, you must be careful to rotate the blender. It will be correctly positioned if done according to the instructions.

Furthermore, a polyester scrubbing brush is available for a good cleaning. The pad with the handlebar can reach deep within the blender for deep cleaning. Additionally, you can immerse the edges in a solution of lukewarm water and vinegar. Before utilizing the pieces again, you will have to dry them completely.

Magic Bullet Blender’s Accessories:

Magic Bullet Blender’s Accessories

Although magic bullet blenders are small in size, you will get a lot of accessories with this bullet blender. Along with these blenders, you can quicken the blending process for preparing different drinks and beverages.

Let’s have a look at the multiple attachments that you will receive with this blender:

  • Power Base

The blender is powered by a 250-Watt motor with it. The power supply will be connected through a connector.

  • Cups

There are various cups provided with this bullet blender. You can utilize the little cups to crush or mince vegetables. Additionally, you can make milkshakes or drinks in a larger-sized container.

  • Robust Blades

There are two blades with this machine. One has a flat cut and the other has a cross cut with four hooks. There are only two strong hooks included.

  • Lids

To ensure safety, the container has two replaceable covers. The foodstuff will remain fresh in the blender. The tops of the mixer caps have openings in them. Also, you can reheat the meal in a stirring cup.

  • Recipe Book

You will get a 100-page cookbook with a machine that offers a variety of recipes. You can try out the various recipes to explore different new dishes.

  • Accessories

You will get some additional attachments with these blenders. Along with the same surface and additional extractor, you can make it a smoothie machine as well.

How to use a Magic Bullet Blender?

steps to remember when using a Magic Bullet

A Magic Bullet blender can do a variety of mixing operations. You will simply have to know the fundamentals of using this machine from the user guide. It includes how to fill the canister correctly and manage the mixing capability.

Here are a few essential steps to remember when using a Magic Bullet to prepare any food or beverage.

1. Attach the Attachments you Require

This step is very simple because it is comparable to use like a regular food processor or mixer. You won’t have to attach all the attachments that are included with your Magic Bullet blender. You only need the base machine, the desired mixing cup, and the extracting cutter for this step.

2. Prepare your Ingredients

You will now get the materials for the dish you would like to create after getting the blender prepared. To prevent overloading the machine, this also requires cleaning the fresh fruits and veggies before cutting them into small pieces. If it is ice, you can either use tiny ice pieces from a Little Ice Tray or shatter the big blocks into smaller pieces.

3. Fill the Blender Cup with Ingredients

Now it’s time to load the blender cups with your selected components. The elements should be arranged vertically, as opposed to a standard blender. You set the hardest elements at the bottom and the softer ones at the upper end.

Additionally, you will have to keep the “Maximum” line in order so that the materials have some space to shake while preparing.

4. Mount the Blender Cup on the Base

Once the food has been loaded, then you will have to tighten the seal by twisting the extractor blade mechanism. After that, you will flip the bullet cup over and set it on the motor base.

5. Connect the Blending Cup to start Blending

The Magic Bullet blender features a “start” button in the shape of plastic prongs. It is placed under the rim of the support base, just like the Nutribullet 600 and 900. So, you will push the mixer cup to activate the buttons and turn on the machine.

To prevent over-processing the ingredients into slush, you should mix in short pauses. It will be helpful if your recipe requires something fragile, like chutney.

You should quickly push down on the container and then free it to get the “flash” mixing of a Magic Bullet. Until you have the required smoothness, you will have to continue the procedure.

6. Give the Cup Handy Shakes while Blending

The components on the upper end of the container typically have a lot of difficulties dropping into the rotors. They will get difficulty when making a dish that requires a dense blend, such as butter and Hawaiian smoothies.

As a result, you will have to remove the mixer cup from the base and thoroughly spin it. You will spin it in a way just like you would do with a blending bottle. Once the materials are on the blades, you will have to place the container again on the bottom and begin mixing.

If required, you must carry out the procedure once more to get the smooth texture you required. Then stop the machine and present your food or beverage.

What you can prepare in this Blender?

You can make different drinks and shakes using this blender. Let’s have a look at them;

  • Smoothies
  • Baby Food
  • Avocado Banana Mask
  • Cocktails
  • Salsa and Dips
  • Fresh Almond Milk
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Butter


All that I have explained in this article is about how to use a magic bullet blender. With the help of this article, you can quickly utilize this blender and prepare your favorite drinks, juices, shakes, smoothies, and purees.

You should know that you can easily make minor mistakes while using this bullet blender. So, you must use it according to the given recommendations to avoid blunders.

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The Magic Bullet has many interesting features that allow you to make a variety of things using this machine. Besides, slicing and chopping, pureeing is another useful technique that you can try with this bullet blender.  

The blade pair is provided in this mixer for cutting things. It is capable of handling functions like cutting and shredding. But blending ice or solid vegetables is a massive challenge with this blender.

This bullet blender functions as a food processor due to its various accessories. It includes cutting, crushing, and chopping tools. You must utilize every attachment on the magic bullet to maximize its efficiency. So, yes, you can call it a food processor.

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