Ninja Blender Leaking from Bottom? – Here’s How to Fix It!

For blending drinks, stews, and other dishes, Ninja blenders are excellent. But sometimes your Ninja blender starts leaking out. It can be annoying when you are preparing your favorite beverage or meal. But why Ninja blender leaking from the bottom?

When you overfill your Ninja blender or if there is too much water within it, it starts leaking. Incorrect placement of a Ninja blender on its bottom can also cause it to spill. It results in water flowing up and out of the jar cover.

You shouldn’t be concerned if your Ninja blender leaks because Ninja has developed its record on quality. A quick repair is available to prevent your blender from spilling from the company. Let’s talk about its further details.

Why is my Ninja Blender Leaking from the Bottom

Why is my Ninja Blender Leaking from the Bottom?

Ninja blenders are commonly found in every home kitchen and hotel due to the variety of functions they can have. But Ninja Blender jars have one persistent issue to leak that can be irritating.

However, the issue cannot always be with the containment sealing. The issue can also be with how well the containers are mounted on the motor, which could lead to jar leakage.

Another possibility is that the pitcher is cracked or damaged in some place and needs to be replaced. Before choosing a new container, you must make sure you complete an extensive analysis of what the issue is.

Due to the following reasons, your Ninja blender can start leaking from the bottom.

1. Overfilling the Cup of the Blender

When the blender cup overfills, it can be the main cause of your Ninja blender spilling. The bottom of your blender cover begins to leak water when the blending container is filled. This occurs because the blender’s container will not have enough space to adjust all of the water or other liquid.

Pre-chopping any big meals before placing them into your Ninja Blender Cup can enhance the capacity for more materials. Due to this, you won’t face difficulty in controlling the extra liquid and food you pour into your blender at once. This will make them fit well within the container.

Also, you must wait until you have added some water to the top part before adding more materials as necessary. This will ensure that everything blends well smoothly and without problems.

2. Incorrect Placement of the Blender on the Base

If the Ninja blender isn’t set up correctly on its bottom, this can also result in leaks. Due to this , your blender can start spilling out water. Water will leak out from the tiny holes at the base where your blade component attaches. This will happen if you don’t properly adjust the blender’s rotors with the bottom side.

To avoid leakage problems if this occurs, you should check that everything is perfectly aligned. This issue is indicated by the ninja blender red light blinking. You must also check that no beverage or food is clogging any portion of the connecting region between the container and bottom areas. You will have to finish all the checking before switching on your blender.

3. Uncleaned Gasket

If your Ninja Blender was operating without a problem at the start, the cause of the issue is a dirty gasket. This gasket might not be wiped for a long. Food particles become lodged in the blender’s gasket, which occurs in all blenders.

The worst part is that these meal particles accumulate over time and jam the entire gasket. The blockage then gets thicker, decomposes, escapes the connections, and pours under the mixer as an unpleasant, viscous liquid.

Such excessive blockage will also affect the rotors. It could slow them down or cause them to be rough. This can also be the reason for the blender’s leakage in the bottom.

4. Over-Used Gasket

An over-used gasket can also be the major reason for the blender’s leakage. The gasket is made of latex and these gaskets come in a variety of grades. The longevity of this rubber is typically limited, and it can degrade over time.

No matter what type of material or drink you add to the mixer, worn-out seals will stop functioning. Due to this, spilling will begin to come out of the bottom. Even higher-quality seals will not last long before they start to lose their flexibility or strength. As a result of this, your blender can start leaking in the bottom.

5. Wrong Way of Blending

The wrong way of blending can also be the cause of the blender’s leakage. This commonly happens when something lodged in your blender’s rotors due to any reason.

The Ninja Blender will have trouble blending materials properly if something is stuck within the blender. It will lead to water spilling out of the bottom hole.

When using your Ninja blender to prepare stew or a milkshake, you can see that liquids are spilling. This water can be spilled out from beneath where the blade system is mounted. Then you must check to see whether there are any pieces lodged between the rotors before shutting off the appliance.

So, you must gently remove anything that might be creating trouble by hand after turning off the electricity supply. This will help to ensure that everything will mix again without leakage.

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How can I stop Ninja Blender from leaking?

How can I stop Ninja Blender from leaking

If you assess your blender and discover any of the issues mentioned above, you will need to resolve them. You can use different methods or precautions to fix the issue of leakage in the blenders.

So, you can use the instructions listed below to diagnose and fix your Ninja Blender’s issue.

1. Clean the Gasket

Cleaning the gasket and removing any debris on it is the first approach to stopping your Ninja Blender from spilling. For this, you will need to cleanse your blender with dishwashing soap and warm water.

For simple cleaning, you will have to mix the blender’s pitcher or container with the cleaning water solution. Then you will have to switch on the appliance for a while on the moderate level.

By using this method, you can thoroughly clean the blender’s interior part and remove the seal. Once you have cleaned it, let it settle for a while. After that, you must repeat the same steps numerous times.

In this way, the washing solution will remove all the unpleasant buildup on the gaskets and stop your blender from leakage. Every time you utilize the blender, it is preferable that you cleanse it using this method.

Cleaning the uncleaned gasket of blender

2. Install a New Gasket

If your blender is leaking and not working properly, you must change the gasket of the blender. Also, a replacement of gasket for your blender brand is available online.

You might be aware that Ninja utilizes high-quality materials to create the seals for its blenders. But if they are utilized excessively, they will exceed their limit and stop functioning. This can also cause spilling in the blenders. As a result, it is preferable to purchase a new seal and discard the old one after some time.

This will allow you to blend your desired items accurately and without any issues.

3. Avoid Overfilling the Blender

To begin blending, you must keep in mind that your Ninja Blender Cup is only half full of the water or food you intend to mix. You should not overfill it or fill it till the end of the blender. This can easily spill out the liquid when you will start the blender.

After filling the blender, you will have to switch on the blender and continue until you get the desired thickness. By filling half the blender, you can stop the blender from leaking as well as you will get accurately blended items.

4. Make Sure the Correct Placement of the Blender

Before switching on your blender, you must be sure to carefully set it on its bottom so that it aligns up properly. The alignment of the blender is very important before start blending the material.

Water will begin leaking out from the bottom region under them if anything gets stuck between these two parts of your blender. It is because they are to linked properly.

So, you should always thoroughly monitor this portion if any problems arise after preparing something with liquids in your blender.

Potential issues that can arise from a leaking Blender

Leaking can cause several problems such as:

  1. Damage to the Motor: If liquid leaks into the motor, it can cause electrical shorts, leading to smoking or burning of the motor, which can affect the blender’s performance and lifespan.
  2. Messy Cleanup: A leaking blender can make a big mess, which can be challenging to clean up, particularly if the liquid has spilled onto other appliances or surfaces.
  3. Safety Concerns: If the liquid leaks onto the base of the blender or onto the electrical cord, it can create safety hazards, including electrical shock or fire.

Therefore, it’s crucial to address any leaking issues with your Ninja Blender as soon as possible to avoid potential safety hazards and prevent any long-term damage to the appliance.


The Ninja blenders that are only a few years old can have this issue. Whatever you are mixing and whatever enters the blender’s interior can form a dark liquid. The overflow will cause leakage if significant debris collects inside the blender.

How long your blender will last depends upon the different factors such as how commonly you operate them and how well they work. If you follow the user manual guide, your Ninja blender can last for a very long time.

If a Ninja blender is bought from an authorized retailer like Amazon, it will have a limited warranty of one year. This guarantee is only valid for the manufacturer’s first user. So, if the owner changes during the warranty’s validity, it cannot be changed.


Now that I have clearly explained why might be the Ninja blender leaking from the bottom. There can be multiple reasons for the blender’s spilling out. But I have provided you the best instructions to avoid any leakage issue with your blender.

If you will avoid overfilling your blender, clean your blender after every usage, replace the gasket if it is broken, and place it accurately, you can avoid all types of issues with your Ninja blender.

If this information was effective, do share your remarks with me!

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